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lois's lane dies suffocates in her car superman can't save her.

once upon a time there was a woman named lois lane she was driving slowingly down a path cause her car was dying. the gas station had blew up after she left it. her radio was telling her about a town was going through a terrible destruction and earthquake. so she was rolling till her car had completely stopped. she had turned the key a thousand times to try to get it to start. "please come on turn on come on." but it would not start. in back of her car a thin crack moved up behind and below her car. inside the car Lois was still trying to start the car but it would go. just then she heard something. she looked up into her mirror and saw the crack. she looked back to see if there really was a crack. it was real. she started screaming. all the sudden the crack got wider and pulled her car down in. lois felt herself and the car fall into the crack. she looked back and saw a dark space. "ahhh. ohh ahhh auuh ouu ouu ohh." rocks were falling down and breaking and falling into her car as little pieces. she was still sitting in her seat looking out the window screaming. climbing to holding onto things and holding onto her steering wheel. "help me help me no please no." she cried climbing up towards the window but tons more earth came in pushing her down back into the car. she was covered in dirt soil and earth. it was burying her alive. where was superman.
back in a town superman was flying letting the water chase him. the water destroyed some houses and bridges. superman pushed some huge boulders down and they broke and started to make a pile. he then pushed a bigger boulder and pushed it down and it completes the pile of dirt.
back in the car lois was still struggling to stay alive. she was having a hard time holding onto things. the dirt and soil just kept coming in. she held out her arm but it pushed it down. the rocks her damaging her car. windows were broken the car was even getting squashed. the car was squishing and squashing lois. "auhh auhh
back at the lake superman was happy at first that he stopped the town from getting hurt. but then he had a bad feeling and realized someone else was introuble. he heard a woman coughing and getting buried. it was lois. he had to get to her. he flew off.
lois's car headlight broke. lois was still in the car. she had her hand on the side. the dirt tried to pushing her down but she held on. "ohhh ohhh." dirt poured into the car. lois was holding her hand over mouth and coughing. then her head fell back and she was still holding her mouth and coughing.
superman was on his way to find lois flying over cliffs and over trees. he was going to find lois.
"ouuu. auu." she yelped out. it was covering her head and face. she tried to block it with her hand but it kept coming. it was suffocating her. she was getting buried a lot. she kept moving her arms around and trying to hold on to something and she couldn't. and she kept waving and shaking and moving her arm around. then she let out the final word. "auu." the dirt was at her neck. it was at her face. she shook her hand and had her mouth open but then closed it with her hand still shaking. her hand was on a cushion. her hand was covered in dirt. it fell off the cushion and into the dirt. then the rest of the dirt fell onto the car burying it. then it cover lois. seeing her face for a second then buried her whole head. she was suffocated to death. she was dead. it completely buried her.
flying around a corner superman turned his head and saw something disturbing. he stopped and jerked back. he looked closer. it was lois's car. he was in shock and horror she lois's car there.
lois was sitting dead in her car. the dirt was up past her mouth and nose only the eyes were shown. her hand was sitting on top of the dirt that had suffocated her.
superman pulled out her car. he sat it on the ground. he looked through the front window. he was in shock and disbelief cause sitting in the front seat was lois not moving. he ran to the side and tore the door off. he knelt down on one knee still looking in shock and disbelief see her there not knowing if she was dead or not. he reached out a hand hand stroked her check. she did not stir or move. he looked back up her. eyes were still closed. he stroked her hair and cheek. he knew now that she was dead. he leaned back and started getting upset. he leaned back in and put his hand in the dirt and grabbed her. he had her shoulder on his shoulder. he was up. lois's head was lying back. he was holding her body from the back and under her knees. he looked at her upset then looked down feeling terrible. then he looked up confused backing up. then he looked back down at her. then he looked at her body seeing that she was covered in dirt and that her clothes were dirty. then he went down on one knee and was looking back at her face. he laid her legs down on the ground. even though she was dead her neck and head were in a uncomfortable way. he brought his hand up and stroked her chin then her fore head then back to the chin. he looked looked at her again then bent down to kiss her. he was heartbroken. the woman he loved died and he just found her in life. her body fell to the ground. "ouu." he cried when he grabbed it and let and fall. his hand under her face. then helping it turn by stroking it. he took his other hand from underneath her head. he stayed there for hours. then he stroked her face again. "what do I do now lois. I had just found you in life. I just found the woman I love and now. now your dead. I don't want to face life without you lois." he cried. he laid his head down and cried. "no no no no. ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." it echoed through the sky. he then picked her body up. he flew off and took her to the ice hideout that he had. he went over to the bed and laid her down. he went over to a area that had crystals and every. he picked up a red and green crystal and put it in a hole. all the sudden his kryptonian parents showed up. "you summoned us son?" "i would like to know how to bring that woman back to life." "son. I wish we could help you. she's lovely but she's not kryptonian son." "please I just met her and fell in love with her. i'd do anything to bring her back anything. please I love her. I can't loose her now." "son. we didn't send you here to fall in love my son. i'm afraid we can't help." "then is there a way that you can give me something or take my powers away so I can join her in death. I won't live without her I won't. either you give her back to me or i'll find some kryptonite and kill myself and lay with her body dead." "there is one thing we can do son and your not going to like it." "anything." "we can let her come back to life for an hour each day. that's all. when you want to see her you kiss." "would she go back to being dead if I kissed her again before the time is up?" "no. but when time is up she'll just fall dead wherever she is. is this what you really want my son." "i love her mom." then she went over to the body and waved her hands over the body and the power of the return thing was there. "thank you mom dad." "but remember my son its only for one hour each day. no more than a hour." "i will remember." then his parents disappeared and he took out the crystal. he put it back to where it was. he looked over to where lois was. he then flew off. he went to take lex and Otis to jail. he then went and got jimmy and took him to the office. "superman I never saw lois." "that's why I brought you back to perry's office I have something to say. but did something happen after I left you?" "yah I was waiting for miss lane then all the sudden the ground started to shake and big rocks came falling down why." "perry jimmy I found lois dead." "lois is dead." "apparently when I was saving the dam a crack opened up behind her car and swallowed her and the car. dirt had gone into her car choking and suffocating her. then after I saved the damn I heard her screaming and coughing. so I flew off to save her but I was minutes to late." "is she still there." "no she's at my hideout. I know you guys want to bury her or whatever but I can't she's to beautiful to bury. but my mom gave me a power that when I kiss her she'll come back to life for an hour each day. i'm afraid she wouldn't be able to work with that long. but I wanted you guys to know two things." "two?" he put his glasses on. "oh my god clark your superman." "yes I only kept it a secret from you three to keep you three safe but I couldn't keep her safe. lex luthor sent two rockets down there. when he did he had me in his pool with kryptonite around my neck which can kill me. then his girlfriend made me promise to save one of them before the other one. then I went and fixed up the danger stuff. that why it had an earthquake. does she have any family to contact." "no. and superman. clark. we will keep the secret and you can keep the body. well tell the truth about the death and that's it and that you have the body and it will be a closed coffin." "thanks chief. when i'm not with her i'll be here." "superman chief I feel responsible for her death. I should of stayed where she was when it happened or I would of been able to help her." "jimmy you were also in trouble. you did what you thought was best to get to a better area where you'd be safe. I don't doubt you could of saved her but you did the best thing. i'll bring her by once in a while so you can see her." then he went to change into clark kent. perry had given him a small job since he was grieving and they understood cause they were all friends with lois. but he was happy cause he got to see her alive again even though it was only for an hour each day but he was happy. later he decided that he would go and buy her a ring later even though she's dead. he went to the grocery store that had been robbed and asked the guys some questions for the story that perry gave him. when he was done he went back to the office and got on his typewriter and start to get to work. when he got puzzle he looked over to lois's desk. every time he'd look he'd start crying but he'd always stop after a few minutes and get back to work.
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