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How the summer goes, in England.
Eight months of winter.

Here it is -
Our two week summer;
The heat rolling in,
Fans whirring through the night.
The mercury rising -
"It's so hot!"
The Daily Mail, as usual,
Is shocked.
My World is complete,
Shorts and bare feet
On the grass,
In my element
Whilst others lament.
Beer gardens overflow
With maxi dresses and Magners
Crammed with ice,
Conversations brimming with
And this weather's wake:
A bikini graveyard in Primark,
A Ben and Jerry's drought.

Two weeks of summer!

Here it is -
The grey sky darkening,
Thick with drizzle,
Heavy on my heart.
Cold brown toes
Peep from sandals
At the bus stop,
Thunder rolling in -
As I pull my jacket tight
Against the late July wind.

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