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Something new I wrote a long time ago, so I decided to show you dudes so yeah enjoy!
"Pepperoni, cheese and baloney..." Staring at the crumpled piece of paper in my hand, I walked onto the street. A girl was ahead, bouncing to the beats from her headphone. She was near me when the large black car sped forward. So quickly I grabbed her by the arm, pulling her backwards with me.
The next few minutes was a blur, but I did feel the whooshing wind sweeping past, and hearing the thud when my back hit concrete
The weights above me quickly disappear, and then instantly a gasp took her breathe away. The girl sat beside me, eyes fixated on my lower body, hot flush started to form on my face. Then those amber eyes were on mine, her rosy lips parted up slightly, where her tanned face was red too. "Your foot!"
"What?" Realizing I was still lying down, I started getting up, when a sharp pain took my breathe away. Looking down I saw my left foot lying brokenly facing my right while, my legs were set down normally.
"Oh my gosh! I'll call the ambulance! I'm sorry!" She was flustered fumbling with her phone, tears started to form from those shiny eyes, as she dialed 911.
Everything started to blur while darkness closed around us, me and her. Her curly, coffee like hair flowing over her shoulders. 4 words popped into my mind before I lost conscious... She's so stunning.

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