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Politics feels like a mule chasing a carrot, that is always out of reach. Now, no carrots.
How do I lean upon my hope,
that leadership exists?
How do I vote and try to grope
with lies that do persist?

When but a youth my daddy taught,
"All citizens must vote!"
But sadly only vote is sought,
few stand behind their quote.

In many campaigns of my Day
a candidate was here
Who gave me hope, that Truth had play
and best could still shine clear.

Those seasons held my vote in reach
and gave me hope to walk,
E'en when it lost, my vote could teach
a truth and we could talk.

...And now we're out of carrots it seems
for November 2016
The words of those, who run, waste reams
with nothing on the string for me.

Some person will the day yet win,
great cheering in the land,
But when the new term doth begin
will average hearts join band?

The carrots are no more today,
my vote is merely moot.
Yet, vote I shall if but display
for those who brought me to it.

The carrots may be the draw for some,
but carrots given or none
Will not dissuade this stalwart son,
who stands for those who've gone!

by Jay O'Toole
on July 27, 2016

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