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by Laddy
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A simple life gone wrong. Mary had the perfect life ,but one day it all went downhill.
Mary was a sweet girl. Had excellent manners,always got straight A's in school. Born into a wealthy family,Mary was used to getting whatever she wanted. In fact she always got what she wanted,and if someone didn't give it to her she found a way to get it herself .

At about age 16 Mary met who would soon become her best friend,a male by the name of Mark. They quickly formed a deep bond and had been inseparable ever since .
For every major event of her life Mark was there. Her first time buying a apartment,going to college,graduating,her first permanent job,moving to a new city,even the different identify phases of her life,Mark was there.
And she loved that.

He was her lion. Her strength when she had none,her pride when she was ashamed,her affection when the world was cold. He was always so kind. His green eyes were always gentle and never judging,his red hair curling and looping around his heart shaped face, his sun-kissed skin.. He was perfect.
Absolutely perfect compared to herself,with her boring black hair,typical brown eyes,and fair skin. She was just a generic prep. But Mark,Mark was special.
She was sure that Mark was the love of her life,but unfortunately for her,Mark was gay.

As time went on watching Mark leave to go on dates,and interact with other males stirred a deep unsettling feeling in Mary.
One of rage and jealously.
Why should Mark get to be happy when Mary wasn't? Why should she have to suffer while he got to have a love life?
It was unfair! It was cruel! Surely he knew how she felt,and yet he flaunted his sexual orientation in her face. Made her feel like a fool every time he eyed a cute boy,or had a great time on a date.

He was taking advantage of their friendship.
He was playing with her feelings so she would play with his.
Mary began sabotaging his dates. Turning off his alarms if he had to meet someone,telling guys who came to pick him up that his wasn't home,blocking all numbers of potential love interest. He deserved it,for what he did to her. For what he was doing to her.
He would feel his heart constantly break,over and over, the way hers did every time she saw him with someone else.

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