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I have found through my characters a way to hope from too much done to try to get to hope.

I am flying through life though I have gotten good at resting. My bed and armchair get more attention than the ocean whom I love. Surely this will not last long though. I am full of hope though I really do not want to hope because I'll get disappointed, but I really want to hope.

I found the Internet:

I like how this story is happening:

Prologue: How things have come to change for a Werecow Riggins of the Proud Werecow Lands & A Very Patient Magician who is a shapeshifter of the gender-shifting and stuffed-animal to human shifting type. All their powers could not work against people who just cause all kinds of trouble to outdo others who caused all kinds of trouble. So much hope for a people those who had came across so many obstacles for so long that they abandoned hope and felt they had to do dark deeds or told each other all kinds of things that NEED done now - pointless things that are nice snd polite though not NECESSARY things to do. Sometimes the stuff felt needed to do to make up was worse.

Story Here: http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/mountainkat

How I Live: It is like going scuba diving for me to go out. I wear my mask and enjoy the Florida beach life.
Some times it is easier on my health just to live online or in video games.

Until Then...

We are in a house that is in the middle of needing fixed up. That means things are like in a typical house being fixed up and it is fun. There is a lot of fun to be had when a room is cleared out to be fixed and then can't be for some reason. Skating and hula hooping!





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