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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Mystery · #2091924
A mystery told through internet chat
DL069: Did you hear about what's been going on in the neighborhood lately? There is so much to catch up on.

CindyC: I've been away on vacation. Did you know that in some communities they don't rely on the internet to talk to their neighbors? They actually hang out!

DL069 Are you done with the boring story? You know that WebFair was set up to be exclusively a gated, networked community. That's part of the reason, we all wanted houses here. Getting to know your neighbors is so 2000. This is the here and now. Do you want to hear the gossip or not.

CindyC: You know I do. It's just sometimes I wish that we could hang out and do this over a cup of coffee. Anyways, tell me what you know.

DL069: Well the police were phoned about Klondike859. His wife hadn't been seen in forever and nobody knew why. Then there was a horrible smell. So Whit456 called the police to complain about it and they found Klondike859's body.

CindyC: So who did it? They must have some clue as to who is responsible.

DL069: That's the thing. The police have no freaking idea who it could be. Because of the way that our houses are set up, and since none of us pay attention to what happens with our neighbors, they have no idea who could have done it.

CindyC: OMG I can't believe that there could be a murderer in the neighborhood but we'll never know who it is. Doesn't that scare you a little?

DL069: No because they would never know when I was home or out.

Yolo663: Hey guys. Did you hear the latest about KlonDike859? I so cannot believe it but Mayor667 told me and he always knows what's going on. Who's all around?

DL069: Right now, just CindyC and me. I thought Poke099 would be here but she has her away message up.

CindyC: Hey Yolo. What's going on?

Yolo663: So my husband works down at the police station and he just heard a good piece of gossip. Apparently Klondike859 was having an affair with someone in the neighborhood. His wife found out and flipped out. The cops really want to find her because they think she did it.

DL069: They should be looking for whoever he was messing around with. I mean think about it, the wife is the easy answer but what if the person he messed around with was the person who did it?

CindyC: Good point but finding the mistress would be next to impossible, given how this neighborhood is set up. It's crazy to think that someone might get away with murder. There has to be some way to find out who it is.

Yolo663: Well according to my husband, the fact that we are all so secluded is helping the investigation. He says that they have dusted the house for prints and found three sets that didn't belong there. One of them have to be connected to the murder.

DL069: They had people in their house? How dumb was Klondike859? First of all, if you're going to have an affair you don't do it in your house. Second, you don't have any from around here over to your house!

CindyC: KitKat just signed on. I wonder if she knows anything.

KitKat: Are you guys talking about Klondike's murder? Because I know for a fact that he was cheating with someone very close.

Yolo663: And he had them over his house.

KitKat: Here's the thing, apparently it wasn't a woman that he was having the affair with. It was a man.

CindyC: How do you know that? Did you tell the police?

KitKat: If they just looked in his private message box, they would see that. I've seen the messages and let me tell you, they are dirty.

Yolo663: How did you see them? Also you should turn them over to the police.

DL069: How did you get his password to see them? I bet you did something illegal. Nobody is supposed to be able to see them.

CindyC: What's wrong DL069? I know you don't like it when our privacy is invaded but this is important.

KitKat: I can tell you why he doesn't like it but...

DL069: Don't you dare! What happened is nobody's business but mine and Klondike's!

CindyC: OMG you were the one having an affair with Klondike? I always thought DL were you initials but they mean down low, as in you are gay but pretend to be straight. You have sex with men!

Yolo0663: Does that mean I have to worry about you sleeping with my husband? I really like talking to you DL but I would not be OK with you having sex with my husband.

DL069: I am signing off, I don't have to answer these crazy questions.

CindyC: Someone should find a way to get those turned over to the cops. What if he's the killer? I mean I never thought of him as anything other than a good neighbor but I guess you never know.

KitKat: Well I don't know how to tell the cops that I saw them, because technically I hacked into his computer and saw them. I could get into a lot of trouble.

Yolo0663: Just say that he showed them to you. I mean he's dead, he can't say that you're lying and it's not like CindyC or I will say anything about it.

CindyC: Yea I agree. The police need to see the conversations, especially if they can help catch the killer.

KitKat: Signed off.

Yolo0663: So I'm going to take the network down after this but I have to tell you something CindyC. DL069 didn't kill Klondike, I did. Him and my husband were making eyes at one another and planned on going away for them weekend. My husband has already cheated once and I swore I wouldn't forgive him again. And divorce is not an option.

CindyC: Signed off.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2091924