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There is a graveyard where the time you miss is buried, wailing like ghost
Thousands of minutes, hours, and years
laid in this barren land,
some visible, some sublime,
buried in the graveyard of time.

Some as fragile as a wrinkles of an old woman,
ready to turn to dust at one touch,
left alone for years on:
the missed lifetimes of dreams,
lost long hours of hesitation.

Some as small as a newborn baby,
a smile still frozen on their face,
lifeless yet ticking slowly
in excitement which never became theirs:
the shrugged off chance,
forgotten away that charged glance.

And some mutilated and scarred,
their faces beaten beyond recognition,
still not broken into submission:
the hope that you tried to change,
the passion that you hid everyday.

The inscription tattooed on them
altering with memories.
All minutes, hours, and years
still lay in wake, wondering
what was their crime?
Why have they been dumped
in that gory graveyard of time?

Written for "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest
Line Count: 27

DDPC Round 19 Prompt

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