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Roger was feeling a little defeated until he was reassured that God takes care of His own.
“Hi, Mom,” Roger greeted as he walked through the door she had opened for him.

“Hi, son,” Mom replied, closing the door, “how was school?”

“It was okay,” he said, sitting on the stool in the hallway to take off his shoes.

“Then what’s the matter, why are you sad,” she said, stooping down next to him.

Roger sighed.

Mom looked at him sadly as she pushed out her lower lip.

Roger smiled, and she returned his smile.

“Okay,” he said, “I’ll tell you.”

“Okay,” she said, sitting on the brown and cream vinyl tiled floor.

“It’s Oswin. You know how I’ve been sharing Jesus with him and inviting him out to Sunday School?”

“Yes,” Mom said.

“Well, just now, he told me that there’s no point in serving a God who cannot even protect His people.”

Mom waited for him to continue.

“And to prove his point, he said that he just found out that his Dad purposely repairs customer’s computers to last for only a short time so that they will keep coming back to him. He said that that’s why our computer broke down again last week.”

Roger pulled off his right shoe.

“He said that since we are Christians, Jesus should have kept our computer from breaking down,” he continued.

Mom smiled broadly at him as she shook her head from side to side.

“When Oswin’s Dad repaired our computer, this time, he added more storage and software to it. Today they hired me for the online job I’d applied for, but I didn’t realize that I’d need certain software when I’d applied for it. The software he added are the ones that I need for the job, and the additional space is just right too.”

“Wait... wow,” Roger said.

“You see, God has used this for our good,” Mom added.

A huge smile spread across his face, and he flung his arms around Mom’s neck.

“Thanks, Mom. I can’t wait to tell Oswin about this, and maybe now he’ll say yes to Sunday School and congrats on getting the job.”

“Thanks, son,” Mom said, returning his hug.

The End
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