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Some people love themselves so much, that the presence of another has very little meaning.
We need to have a talk
About the things you do,
You push yourself
As noiseless elf
Into my life! I'm through!

You say I have a say,
That is not what I see
You say, "I'm best!"
Without a test
And never shall it be!

Your face is in my face
I have no place to flee!
You make me look
My freedom took
And gave sad life to me!

Please go away from here
And let another come,
The truth is seen
You're really mean
The whole, not just the sum!

Whatever shall I do?
For no defense is mine
The rules will let
You make the bet
And steal the truth in line!

But one thing I do know,
That when the time is right
I have a friend
Who will yet win
I'll need not ever fight!

"Do tell how this can be?"
I will not tell you, yet,
For when the time
Is in its prime
You'll know without a bet!

"How did you become mad?"
I'll bet you'd like to know,
I lose and lose
Without my choose,
And still you will not go!

"You're grammar is unhinged!"
Is that the only part?
I see your face
Without a trace
Of leaving from the start!

You think I should love you!
You really are convinced!
Mosquitoes poke!
It's not a joke!
Your stare has never winced!

But one day I'll be gone!
I doubt that you will know!
Your mirrored face
all o'er the place
Will love you then, I trow!

The love you have, it seems
Is really just yourself,
For I am here,
But it is clear,
I'm just your noiseless elf!

by Jay O'Toole
on August 4, 2016

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