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by Jen
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I wrote this when I was distressed about humanity.
July 3rd, 2016
I'm scared for us, as a civilization, and for our future. (you would be scared too, if you are aware of what's going on in our cruel, cruel world.)

People overall don't seem to be nice anymore. The sad part, that gets me the most, is that the people who are mean seem like they are okay with how they treat other people.

People are turning into robots. When was it not okay to feel emotions? Why are we so scared of getting hurt that we don't allow ourselves to have attachments to other people? I understand that pain is awful and negative emotions are awful, but without the awful it cannot be amazing. Without awful nothing can be amazing. If you had to balance your emotions out, would you want them to be marvelously amazing and horrendously gruesome or stagnant, not really going anywhere?

Why is it remotely okay for younger generations to nonchalantly sing songs that talk about killing people? Or songs that talk about boobs, butts, and sex as if that's what girls are here for, or that's all that we have to offer? (if you listen to music like this, I will try not to be disgusted by you). I saw something the other day that said, "we have a generation where music is on repeat, so if you are making music, you are a hypnotist." Don't say that the media or music you take in DOESN'T affect you. If you listen to negative things with bad intentions and bring upon bad messages, it will get into your head. If you don't agree, I consider you extremely ignorant. Yeah, rap music is extremely catchy because of the beats, correct? That's what it's there for... to be catchy so it gets stuck in your head so you can keep playing them over and over. These are just things I have experienced and things that make me go crazy.

Be nice to people and treat them how you would like to be treated. What you give out to other people, you get back. Have you ever had a god-awful feeling after being nice, kind, or friendly towards strangers, friends, or loved ones? I sure AS HELL haven't. I feel good, and I hope the other person does to.

Be aware of what you think, how you think, and how you treat others. Try to find the positive in everything and everyone, and you will see how much your life will change. I think a lot of our problems will be solved if we are aware of our intentions towards everything and do things with emotion-stop being afraid of other people. Make eye contact, open the door for others, act a fool and make people laugh.

All I'm asking is for my brothers and sisters to come together and realize who we are. We are powerful. We are the hope for the future. If things don't change then consider everything dead. I'm running out of hope, and it's a gut-wrenching feeling. Your God/Higher Power/whatever is not going to save you. They made you during this time period to work through you. Save yourself. We have a rocky road in front of us and they always said "it's darkest before the dawn".

(If YOU don't change, who will?)
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