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Collecting the results of Game 1 in Mix and Match! 44 super short weight gain stories!


Since Alice got her own story, what do you think her old friends and roommate could be up to now that they've graduated...?

- - -

Megan Mahoney...moved back in with her parents, and has become a lazy jobless millennial!


Pale doughy arms lifted high towards the ceiling at high noon, rolling and folding over themselves as they slowly fell back to rest on either side of her belly, spread-eagled and pooling on top of the sheets. She smacked her lips lazily, the taste of last night's Taco Bell binge still lingering on the tip of her tongue. Her green eyes drooped, lids heavy, as she greeted the day—


—Oof. That one hurt.

She felt blindly for her phone, idly falling into her morning routine of facebooking and buzzfeeding before breakfast. Her doughy digits pressing against her mattress as she struggled against her growing girth. Not over here, not over there. Where could...?

"MOM!" Meg shouted, clamoring to a propped-up position on one wobbly elbow, "HAVE YOU SEEN MY PHONE?"

After a few more tries, it finally came back that, no, she hadn't. Because of course she hadn't; but she didn't have to be such a bitch about it.

"Chriiiiist..." Meg burped again, slowly coaxing herself towards the edge of the bed, "Guess I'll just get up and find it my damn self..."

Meg slowly worked herself into a standing position, it having become a slow and arduous process that in all honesty she didn't enjoy very much. The great slope of her belly came to rest over her sex, falling further and further until it flopped against her padded ivory thighs. As she stood up, she gave another yawn and stretch, thrusting her heaving chest out and making her aching back crack oh-so-satisfactorily. Her thick double chin creased as she yawned, her back arched as she settled into a standing position. With one hand she cupped one of her massive breasts, feeling its great weight as it pooled in her palm like a fleshy watermelon.

"My hooters must have gotten even bigger—my back is killing me." she noted with no small amount of pride, "Fuggin' A, I already sleep braless. What more can I—oh!"

There was her phone!

With the speed of a girl one third of her size, Megan snatched her phone up from the great outline that her sleeping form had left. She must have rolled over on it in her sleep!

"I knew I hadn't put on that much weight." the rotund redhead snorted as she scrolled down her newsfeed

She put on a t-shirt and some panties, her phone never out of her peripheral even as she slide her head through the straining neck hole. She thumbed at her phone blindly as she lumbered into the living room and plopped herself down on the groaning couch. Her titty-tastic tonnage quivered and quaked with the sudden collision with the ground, coaxing another soft, beefy-five-layered burp.

"MOM?" she belted as she turned on the TV, "WHEN'S BREAKFAST?"

Lunch, her mother corrected her.

"Well when's lunch then?" she asked again, a little quieter once she realized that her mother was within earshot, "On second thought, what's lunch? I can order something if you're eating, like, Paleo whatever..."

In an hour, burgers, and don't put your feet up on the coffee table.

"Ugh... fine, I guess." Meg pouted, "I'm still pretty hungry though."

Meg's attention came to rest on the Facebook status of one of her old classmates from Buttercombe, posting a picture of the friggin' rock that her boyfriend had squeezed onto her fat little fingers. She rolled her eyes as she lowered her feet from the coffee table, her belly oozing out that much further between her now angled legs. Fat bitch was probably in, like, Tahiti or something. Why was it always the stupid preppy rich girls who got the good ones?

Megan scratched the lower roll of her tummy idly as a deep churning began beneath her pale freckled flesh.





Ronnie Wilson...has finally accomplished her dream, but at the cost of her waistline!


"So Ronnie, you know that I always appreciate you being so willing to taste-test our products before we sell them..." Penny paused, biting on her lower lip. She had to choose her next words carefully, Ronnie was still her friend after all! "But I feel like it's gotten a bit... excessive."

"What? No way!" Ronnie made a face behind her glasses, "I mean, we've got to make sure they're perfect, right? I have a very refined palate when it comes to this kind of thing."

"I know, I know! Believe me I know." Penny chuckled awkwardly; God, this was awkward, "It's just... you know, you're kind've... cutting into our profits? Just a smidge."

"Just a little thing, really..."

Ronnie blinked, seemingly unphased by such a detrimental statement. It could have been, perhaps, the fact that she was currently clutching a cupcake like a handfruit in one of her fluffy hands that was making her so unresponsive. Frosting dotted the corners of her mouth, her cheeks swollen to the size of cupcakes themselves! Her fat, uncaring face seemed to rest on a great double chin that pooled against her chest.

"So... make more?" Ronnie snorted, "What's the problem?"

Unbelievable. Unbelievable! Her big pig of a boss just expected her to... make more? She was the one eating it all! And with her employee discount, that meant a serious portion of profit was coming out of their pockets, and right into that big fat gut of hers!

"Well Ronnie, sweetie, you know as well as I do that it's not that simple to just make more." Penny began gently, "You have to have more resources, which means we have to make more money, which means we have to sell the product that we already have to someone who doesn't have an employee discount."

Beneath the pink smock that was their uniform, Ronnie's great gut gurgled. Instinctively, she mowed down on her cupcake. It was easily the most prominent thing about her now, that belly of hers. In the sense that it was a dangerously wide and doughy thing that often knocked over appliances and utensils that stood in the way of the big brunette buffalo, but also in the sense that it was her main processor these days! Ever since they had gone into business together, Ronnie would just snack snack snack, all day long!

"I see your point." Ronnie stroked her swaddling second chin thoughtfully, "So ask those parents of yours for another loan! We can't afford to fall behind now, we just got started!"

With that, Ronnie struggled to rise to her feet. It was a task nearly impossible to do on her own anymore, but she could usually manage to avoid a conversation that she didn't exactly want to have. The big bespectacled baker stood from her seat and waddled towards the office.

"Or you could just not eat everything in sight!" Penny snapped, "Ronnie, I think it's time to cut you off."

"What? No way!" Ronnie said dismissively, making her slow ponderous way to the office, her belly brushing against it before she was within two steps of the doorway, "I opened my own bakery because I've always wanted to make sweets! Not so I could not eat them. Penny, I think you're being—oof!"

Ronnie suddenly stopped, dead in her tracks. She had gotten halfway through the doorway, when suddenly she'd felt a catch.

"Okay... maybe you're right." Ronnie said without turning around, "I think I may have to... cut back. Just a little."

"I'm glad you see it my way." Penny said with a smile, holding her arms out for a hug, "C'mere."

"I can't." Ronnie said sheepishly, "I... I'm stuck..."


Sam Wilsey...struck it rich and won the lottery, and has become incredibly spoiled and fat!


"Hey fuckers!" Sam hollered, "It's about time for another martini!"

One of the overly buffed, bronzed men looked to the other. Silently they played a game of rock paper scissors to see who would be waiting on their mistress next. After all, Julio had gone first, but Miguel had been on break when she asked for a back massage. It was only fair that—


Both men nearly jumped out of their skins, and scurried over to their designated areas.

It had been the weirdest thing—four lotteries, all at their highest in years. The power ball, the education lottery, and two other (comparatively) smaller pots that had reached their heights. Everyone had been playing, but nobody won! And on Sam's eighteenth birthday, the day after her graduation from Buttercombe, she had gone out and spent literally all of her birthday money on lotto tickets. And she'd won! All of them!

Plus two scratchoffs.

Ever since then, Sam's life had been nothing but easy! In fact, it wouldn't even be justice to call it that. With Sam's money, she'd been playing on Beginner difficulty! No more scrimping, no more saving, no more dealing with bounced child support checks from her deadbeat dad. She had become a literal trillionaire overnight—and that was after taxes! Sam could live life to the fullest, the biggest, the richest of rich that money could buy! Not only could she outshine all those twats back at Buttercombe, she was practically richer than God! She could do anything!

And it... may have gone to her head a little.

And her stomach.

As well as the rest of her figure, after it digested.

"There you are." Sam shifted her immensity so as to get a better look at the fucbois in front of her. She pointed to Julio, "You, get me another martini." she pointed to Miguel, "You, get the suntan lotion."

With two puffy, overinflated hands, Sam grabbed at the big billowing belly that pinned her to the ground and gave it a good shake. The oceanous enormity wobbled and shook thickly, causing a nip slip of epic proportions as one of her tits rolled right out of her bikini top. Using one of her wobbling, comparatively tiny arms, Sam undid the damage, but not before she threw a sultry wink Miguel's way.

"Whoops." she burbled, "Better hurry, or I'll start to burn."

The two men darted off, knowing all too well not to displease their mistress.

Yup, this was the life. Literally no struggle whatsoever. She'd been dipping her chubby little fingers in various business, some stocks, to keep all this going. Best part? She paid other people to do it for her! She hadn't even known that was a thing until about a year ago (and a million or two dollars or so, who was counting?)

All she had to do was lay back, relax, and get fondled by her manmaids...

Suddenly the great enormousness that was her stomach began to churn and growl. It must have been all that shaking she did earlier. It was easily the most exercise she got in any given day, now that she'd started paying people to carry her around sultan-style. Her lips quivered and her mouth began to whet. It had been a good twenty minutes since her last meal...

"HEY ASSHOLES, SEND CARMELLA MY WAY!" Sam called out, her three chins spreading as she hollered, "M'WASTIN' AWAY OVER HERE!"

Ah, the good life.

Well, it'd be better once she got a sandwich or two in her.

But still, comparatively, pretty good.

- - -


These ladies are really popular in the stories they star in now; but what if their worlds got a little weird?
What do you think would happen if...

- - -

Hannah Hammond...made a literal deal with a devil to achieve her wildest fantasy; but at a high price?


“—her agent claims that Ms. Perry is making a full recovery after an incident last night in Dallas where the stage literally gave out beneath her after, what she claims, was a particularly heavy 'pre-show snack'—”

“—Swift took to Twitter, criticizing the famous fast-food franchise for its quote-unquote undersized doorways—”

“—star of NBC’s 2 Broke Girls, is threatening to leave the show unless her long list of demands are met. Starting, hopefully, with 'a bigger fridge for my dressing room'—"

Hannah sat in her office, the blinds drawn and the lights dimmed. The soft blue glow of her television flickered with every push of a button, utilizing the picture in picture capabilities of the high-end flat screen mounted above the fireplace as she ogled fat anchors, super-sized celebrity guests, and tubby talk show personalities. She gnawed on her bottom lip, her polished white teeth nearly drawing blood. She crossed her arms and tapped her feet, expensive heels clicking against the softly lit tile of her office.

The hotel mogul checked her phone; seven minutes after 7.

She was late.

Suddenly, with a puff of black smoke and an odorous assault of sulfur, Devlin had announced her arrival. Hannah needed only blink before it dissipated; leaving only her contract holder, lazing on the office couch.

"Enjoying yourself?"

She looked to have put on just as much weight as the rest of the world. Gone was her slim busty physique, having been buried under pound after pound of delicious, enticing flab. Devlin's pale, flawless skin had swelled and swelled outwards, resting heavily on the cushions she laid on and threatening to pour right over them, towards the floor. With one thick, squeezably thick arm she propped up her head of curly red hair, her smile fought against the fold of her fluffy cheek as it nevertheless twisted into a ruby-red smirk of devlish delight. In one hand, she held a slice of chocolate cake.

"I know I've been."

Hannah fumed. Seeing her... like this was enough to drive her insane with lust. Ever since she'd made this stupid deal, Devlin had made it apparent that she was a tease. But now, after not having seen her in so long... to see her all plump and juicy like this? It just wasn't fair!

"This isn't what I wanted, Devlin!" Hannah exclaimed, stomping her foot, "Everyone's just... getting fat!"

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Devlin blinked her brown eyes innocently, taking a big bite of her cake, "Men and women everywhere are BIG and BEAUTIFUL—your wildest fantasy, is it not?"

Devlin took a moment to chew, her chubby cheeks swelling up with cake.

"And it's all because of you, my sweet!" the devil gave a hearty pat to her tummy, "Honestly, if you ask me, the World's never been more interesting."

"But they're not... nobody wants me!" Hannah suddenly roared, gesturing to her still smokin' hot body beneath her business suit, "What good is having everyone around me blimp up if none of them want to... to..."

"Screw you?" the double-bellied devil's smirk grew more pronounced, "Well, I mean, can you blame them? Look at you! You're so... scrawny and breakable. Really, sweetie, you should really at least try to take care of yourself."

"Wh-What are you saying...?" Hannah trembled, feeling genuine fear for the first time since she entered this little arrangement

"The whole world's gone large, darling! Everyone whose anyone weighs at least two... three hundred pounds now." Devlin suckled on a pudgy pinky finger, dabbled in chocolate, "I could be convinced to put you on a... proper diet."

Devlin looked her client up and down, her horns shimmering against the backlight of the television.

"For the right price, of course."


Ashley Knight...was abducted by aliens? (I know it doesn't SOUND fattening at first, buuut...)


"Welcome back to our very special episode of Star-Crossed Lovers: Where Are They Now?"

The studio audience, a diverse gathering of being from across and beyond the galaxy, released an excited roar. As Xrelp Xeacrest held up his three-fingered hands, basking in their adoration, he slowly called for them to come to a stall. Once everyone in the pit was silent, he continued on. Clearly, the runtime for this episode would have to be edited for syndication.

"As you all know I've been doing this show for a long time now (though hopefully it doesn't look like its been that long, haha!) and I will be the first to say this: I have favorite couples." the audience laughed, "I know, I know, I shouldn't say that. But honestly, sometimes a couple just... grab you, y'know? Which is why I'd like to introduce...reintroduce you all to one of my very favorite couples—Keltzar and Ashley H'aalshfetch of Octavia Prime!"

The crowd cheered as the stage went dark, the screen above their host lighting up...

"I'll admit that this isn't how I pictured my life turning out."

The screen showed their names, written in Galactic Standard, in front of the planet from which the couple (or rather, half of the couple) hailed from. The screen swiped to show a decidedly humanoid man, with deep purple skin and four arms, dressed in white. It showed various candid shots of him in a kitchen, preparing various tantalizing Octavian dishes.

"My buddies signed me up for this show as a goof. You know; I'd tried dating sites, nothing worked. Why not? I never would have guessed that I would have met the love of my life... on a TeleNet show, for Faith's sake."

The image showed a screencap (shot in decidedly worse resolution) from their debut season. The scene where Xrelp plucked the unsuspecting eeyarthling from her morning exercise regimend in the mountainous region of her home planet. She looked radiant even bathed in the sickly green glow of the tractor beam.

"Ashley and I... didn't get along at first." Keltzar chuckled, one of his arms rubbing behind his head, "She called me all kinds of nasty, nasty eeyarthling cuss words. F[BOOP]k you this, a[BOOP]e that, she called me a d[BOOP]khead all the time."

The next image was taken moments later, as a crazed Ashley H'aalshfetch (nee Knight) tried to cut Keltzar's face, and another still that depicted her successfully assaulting Xeacrest.

"But once she settled down... we really hit it off! We talked for entire rotations, she told me about Eeyarth, and I told her how I wanted to be a chef! And thanks to her overwhelming support, and the publicity that this show has gotten me, I've been able to keep her... well, moderately happy."

The camera switched to a vastly different, vastly vast Ashley; her enormousness propped up in the center of their modern Octavian home by many pillows. Her elephantine legs spread far to accommodate the great inflation of her stomach as it swelled outwards onto the carpeted floor, pooling and quivering in the low-grav environment of their home. There was no doubt without it, Ashley wouldn't have been able to live as comfortably as she did.

"Yeah, I wasn't too happy when that f[BOOP]khead Xeacrest up and abducted me." Ashley said gruffly, her swaddling three chins and meaty jowls quivering as she spoke, "But at least I got to meet Kel. Figures it'd take going to f[BOOP]king space to find a man who could make me happy."

The screen went on to show candid scenes of Ashley enjoying her husband's alien dishes, being waited on by the staff that Keltzar had hired to tend to his wife while he was at work. Her enoromous pillows of armfat wobbled and shook as it showed her shoveling plate after plate into her hungry maw.

"He's a great cook. I never knew how important that was until I met him." Ashley's fat face quivered in what seemed to be a mixture of arousal and amusement, "Mmm... the things that alien does with food..."

There was another small montage of the happy H'aalshfetches together, with Keltzar cooking and doting over his enormous wife. He used three of his arms to carry various dishes for his bride, and another to caress her billowing belly as it spread out and pinned her to the ground. He tickled underneath her chins, cupping the solid ring of fat around her neck with purple fingers. The humongous human giggled in response, her mouth opening anxiously as he spooned a helping of Octavian desh into her gaping maw.

"I was going nowhere with my life. I was in a dead-end job at some crappy school back on Eeyar... Earth. And I was starving myself and... gawd I was such a b[BOOP]ch to everybody."

"You still kinda are." Keltzar said with a proud smile as he turned to his wife, rubbing a portion of her expanse with one of his arms "And that's only gonna get worse once the cravings kick in."

"Gawd, pregnancy." Ashley rolled her eyes and blew one of her brown bangs from in front of her face, "I'm gonna get so f[BOOP]kin' fat..."

They shared a loving glance at one another before turning back to the camera.

"But I'd be abducted over and over again if it meant I could... you know, be with my husband." Ashley's green eyes started to tear up slightly, "Thanks to Star-Crossed Lovers, me being with Kel... it makes me feel... full. Complete! S[BOOP]t! I meant complete! Can we do a reshoot?"


Piper Black...was stranded on a dessert island? Like, an island made of desserts. Or something.


Piper Black may have never learned how to surf like she'd intended on that fateful day when she was carried out to sea, but she had learned a lot living on this island.

Survival skills were important out in the wild, and when you were living smack-dab in the middle of nature, untouched by man, away from all the modern amenities of life that you took for granted, like an animal... you had to know how to eat.

Most importantly, you had to know what to eat.

After an unprecedented amount of time spent living in hell, Piper had become very, very versed in the piss-poor excuse that this island passed for cuisine.

The trees' hard graham cracker crust was difficult to break through, but not impossible. Piper had learned this the hard way after too many attempts that yielded nothing but failure. But if you could manage to break through it, the sweet maple syrup tree sap made an excellent topping with the berries from the marshmallow bushes. Don't even try to eat them without it. They're plain and gross. It's just sugar, no substance. That had been Piper's first meal on the island, but thanks to her survival skills it wouldn't be the last.

Piper was a survivor! Any other teen would have been dead in the water when they washed up on shore, but not Piper Black!

Soon she was finding meals everywhere. Ants on a Log for protein, hunting pigs in a blanket for meat, ripping swedish fish right out of the water! She set up camp near the lemonade waterfall, and drink heartily from its sugary-sour waters so that she might grow strong with the spirit of the island. During low-tide, Piper would scour the beach for crabcakes scurrying for the water, or tuna rolls that had washed up on shore, just like her all those fateful months ago. When all else failed, Piper could gnaw on the black licorice trees for sustenance, even though she really, really hated licorice. It was hard and tough and gross and... it was just... disgusting!

But Piper persevered, and spent her every waking moment scouring the island. In the name of survival.

Back in Daven's Port she had known the lay of the land; a streetrat's lifeblood was her willingness to go places where she ought not to go! So she ventured high and low all over the island dining on nothing but monkeybread and zebracakes along the way, as she charted her journey. From the sugary shores to the hot fudge volcano directly in the center of her new home, Piper knew every inch. She had lived there, slept there, and managed to keep herself fed on every part of the island. It was her home.

And although with every passing day her journeys seemed to weigh on her more and more, every step becoming more arduous and laborious, Piper continued to survive...


Until one day, the sound of helicopters overhead roused the daring survivalist from her well-earned slumber. Her eyelids opened, growing wide with joy, as the helicopter touched down on the green grass of her home for countless months.


A distantly familiar voice, her mother's, called out to her. And at once, Piper knew that she was going home.

"Mom!" she called out, too weary to rise on her own. She tried and tried, but her muscles were just too weak. Merely surviving after all this time... it must have sapped her of her strength.

She felt the embrace of her mother's arms as she clung and clung, squeezing tighter and tighter on her daughter's waist.


She seemed so much bigger when they'd last met. Now she could barely wrap her arms around her little girl.

"Piper, you're... you're..." her mother stepped back, looking at her daughter, all grown up, for the first time in... years? Had it been years?

"Naked?" Piper attempted to joke, maybe to help lighten the mood, she ran a hand through her hair, but found that even her arms had grown too weak,

"No you're..." her mother's face twisted in confusion, "...FAT!"

All across the country, reports were in of the missing Piper Black, presumed dead, as she'd been found in the middle of the ocean on a previously uncharted island. An island made entirely of food, lending little to the imagination as to how this daring survivor had gotten so rotund over the past two years.

Piper had to be airlifted to the nearest Navy ship, as she had grown far too large to fit in the cockpit comfortably. Her naked immensity swung pendulously by the rope, her enormous breasts swaying with every motion as she fought the urge to vomit. Eventually, they got her onboard a naval ship with a mode of transportation... equipped enough to take the long-lost Black home.

Her great stomach gurgled as she eyed the hull of the ship longingly. In the right lighting, it looked like it could have been the dark chocolate of the bark on the trees that grew closer to Hot Fudge Mtn...

"Don't worry sweetie, we're gonna get you home." her mother cooed, stroking her generous armfat, "And...maybe, on a diet. But we'll talk about that later! I'm just so glad you're coming home!"


Piper would never be home.

Living on the land like that? It had changed her. Fundamentally. She was a different girl now. A woman. No longer some spoiled kid, content to play adventure in the city. No, she had grown. Changed.

And she was hungry...

- - -


This round goes out to Pink-Lightning , who pointed out how underutilized my adult characters can be!
Now, bear with me here, what if...?

- - -

Ms. Polluck...was set to inherit a large sum of money! If she could meet the weight requirement!



Had become the opportune word in the office of Shannon Polluck, especially as of late. She sat wedged behind her desk, sweating bullets as she damped anxiously in anticipation of her next course. The fleshy folds of her chin caught against the heft of her chest, moist with perspiration as beads of sweat trickled down from the hairline of her tight blonde bun. Her jaw ached and her arms were sore from a day of eating, but she required more, more food!

At once, one member of her hand-picked waiting staff lowered the next dish onto her desk while the other whisked the plate away to be washed, refilled, and brought back out to the hefty headmistress. It was seeing how much she was eating that slowed her down; she firmly believed that. By ensuring that her desk was always kept clean of the debris that her dietary demolition wrought, Shannon was sure that she could consume plenty more calories before the sensation of a full stomach dissuaded her from continuing.

However, true fullness was becoming only a distant memory.

As this farce drew out longer and longer, Shannon was beginning to feel somewhat... overwhelmed by all this.

But as the next dish was brought to her, the silver lid lifted as a heavenly aroma of food and sauces whetted her tastebuds, Shannon began to feel her concerns melt away like so many butter packets on this delectable lobster.

After many months of feasting at her dying mother's behest, Shannon was sure to become the biggest of the potential Polluck heiresses. It was hard to believe that Carol had the gumption to gorge herself with the gusto that she had, or that Penelope had the gall to grow to the heights that she had vowed to vamp herself up towards.

"Perhaps, since I can't decide..." her mother had coughed on what all three of her daughters had begun to see as her deathbed, her great girth quivering, "I'll bequeath the entirety of my fortune to my... fattest daughter!"

Surely, she'd thought, it had been a joke. But then she had noticed Carol's suits getting tighter, and little flakes of sugar dotting the corners of Penelope's mouth. Within mere months her sisters had become fat pigs, outweighing their more sedentary sister by nearly twenty pounds each! Well, Shannon had decided, she would be having none of that! If her mother really was as sick as the doctors claimed, her vast fortune had to go somewhere, right? It should go to the most responsible Polluck! The one she entrusted the Academy to!

Ever since, Shannon had been on a mission to put on as much weight as possible before her dear mother's departure. She had grown. And grown. And grown exponentially, until she had grown nearly three times over!

As she took a particularly deep breath before diving back into her seafood smorgasbord, Shannon's chest inflated outwards; one butter-yellow button rocketing off of her blouse and across her office. It ricocheted off the wall, the ceiling, and embedded itself in the molding on the opposite wall, just above the portrait of her mother.

"No matter." Shannon burbled thickly as she wiped her chins with one thick arm, "I'll be able to have it fixed...mm...once I inherit Mother's fortune..."

And so Shannon ate.

And ate.

And ate.

Until one day, news reached her of her poor mother's passing. She was an inconsolable wreck that entire evening, and must have gone through an entire shipment of chocolates in hopes of calming herself down.

And another when she realized that she had grown too corpulent to get to the will reading in time to claim her fortune.

"No more, no more!" she'd wailed in desperation, "I've got to slim down if I want to be able to get out of my office!"


Aunt Rhonda...swapped bodies with a family member/coworker? And a particularly plump one at that!


Okay, you've seen this movie, right?

A mother and a daughter, they love each other but they don't really know how to show it. They get in a stupid fight, and they say that the other's life is sooo much easier, and they're at an offensively stereotypical Chinese restaurant and the waitress curses them or something. Then they wake up and they switched bodies.

Right? You've seen that.

Well it happened sort of like that.

"What have you {i]done to my body?!"

Except it wasn't a mother-daughter duo. It was, however, and Aunt/Niece pair. And it didn't happen at an offensive yellow-face diner, so much as it had at an equally offensive Pizza Pie! in downtown.

Oh, and it didn't wear off on a Friday.

Rhoda Burkhart stared in agony as her body waddled into the kitchen, thighs wobbling and belly rippling as the whole apartment seemed to quake in her wake. Her face turned sour before letting loose what could only have been an eruption of a burp. Contentedly, her lips smacked as one plump hand to scratch the bulge of her stomach as it flopped uselessly over the waistband of her pajama bottoms.

"What? I'm hungry!" her body snapped back as she opened the fridge, "It's been like... three hours since I ate anything!"

God, the damage was even worse when she bent over. Rhonda's poor ass had exploded in size ever since this stupid switch! It was getting so big, so fast, that she'd had to watch in terror as her hips threatened to scrape against the doorways of her apartment. But every day they grew closer and closer! If this didn't get undone soon, she'd be watching herself waddle in through the doorways sideways!

"You're hungry?!" Rhonda roared, the fat face that wasn't her own wobbling in disgust, "You're not the one who weighs four hundred pounds!"



Of all the people she could have swapped bodies with why, WHY did it have to be her niece? Or even THIS niece?! At least Alice would have treated her body right! Maybe dressed her a little nicer even! But swapping bodies with MEL?! She was treating the place like a trash dump; just pounding back more and more food as she slowly built back up all the lard that she had lost during the transfer.

If this kept up, it wouldn't matter whose body she was in; Rhonda'd be a whale either way!

"Maybe I've still got, like, a psychic link to my body or something?" Mel shrugged her Aunt's now overly meaty shoulders as she patted her inflated tummy, "She says she's hungry."

"Then why am I so hungry all the goddamn time?!" Rhonda slapped Mel's oceanic gut as it pooled between her legs, "I've been eating like a pig ever since I got stuck with your fat ass... and it's never enough!"

"What can I say?" Mel cocked her black eyebrows as she shifted her aunt's weight, puffing out one massive hip, as she came to rest one pudgy hand on the dome of her own gut, "I guess I'm just hungry enough for both our bodies!"


Harper Black...finally found her perfect romantic partner! But her new SO has a secret kink; and it's making her fat!


"Oh Basil, baby, you're spoiling me!" Harper cried out, "If you keep feeding me like this, I won't be able to fit out the front door!"

But her concerns were only met with a firm kiss on her cheek, his pencil moustache tickling the swell of her her soft Armenian skin as he silently dismissed her claims. He picked up the silver fork in front of her, and spooned a generous mouthful of chocolate cake into her awaiting mouth; opened anticipatorily. As Harper chewed, a contented and almost girlish squeal of delight escaped her—everything was just so... perfect!

The girls loved him, the man could cook, his own kids were very well-behaved, he could cook, he made enough money to provide for all of them, he could cook, he was sweet as could be and he was great with Sarah-Beth; but most importantly of all... the man could cook!

Harper had had her fair share of boyfriends in her time—and none of them, none of them, had ever treated her they way that Basil Moreau did.

He cooked her favorite meals, treated her to breakfast in bed, made the girls' lunches, and was pretty much the perfect husband material.

They had only been dating a year now, but Harper was about ready to put a ring on his finger. No way some other hussy was gonna swoop in and steal him away! How he'd remained single for so long despite being one of the Port's most eligible and wealthy bachelors was beyond her! He was so sweet, so kind... so generous!

"Nonsense, mon cherie!" Basil said in that sexy French accent as he gripped her by the shoulders, "Everything I do, I do for you. Now please, eat! You have barely made a dent in your breakfast!"

That much was true—despite the fact that she had been eating for almost an hour now, Harper had only cleared half of the table-wide spread that Basil had prepared for her. She'd eaten countless stacks of pancakes, all slathered in butter and syrup just like she liked them, stuffed down entire henhouses of eggs and whole pigs of bacon ham and sausage. An entire loaf of toast awaited her at the center of the table that she'd been picking off of, at Basil's behest. She'd gotten more or less used to big meals whenever Basil took care of the house for her, but even still, this was a little much!

"But baby, I'm so full..." Harper pouted, sticking out her full lower lip as she lulled her head to brush against her boyfriend's, "If you keep feeding me like this, I'll be a cow by Christmas!"

Basil dismissed her worries yet again, kissing her on the softness of her cheek as one of his talented hands came down to caress the fold of her sizeable spare tire. She jumped slightly in shock, the sensation of touch on an already painfully full stomach caused her to flinch. But she came to find the sensation acceptable, and leaned in for a kiss.

As they swapped spit, Basil's hand traveled further south, rubbing Harper's bloated belly as it staked its claim on her lap. He brushed against her massive mams as they swelled to either side of her gut, tickling them even beneath her nightgown with his hairy arms.

She moaned appreciatively at his touch.

Last night had been amazing.

His food tasted even better in bed.

Where he found the time to cook all of this, Harper might have never known...

But why bother asking questions, right?

She was a single mother of three, dating a man who could take care of an entire household financially, made delicious food day in and day out, and was more than happy to let her lay around all day while he took care of her?

She'd definitely been in worse relationships!

"Ugh, gross." came the typical interruption of her eldest daughter Paker as she descended the stairs, catching them in the act, "Get a room."

She climbed back up the stairs, leaving them alone once more.

"And a treadmill!"


You've know most of these ladies for years, and you love them just like they are! (give or take a few pounds)
But what if things had turned out differently?
What if, instead of how her story originally started...

- - -

Jen Walker...got a job at Gordge Industries? (as seen in Office Fatty)


So the whole teaching thing wasn't really Jen's speed.

It was a thankless job with a flooded market that didn't pay well. There were lots of rules and regulations that she had to follow, and there was so much work involved; even after she was technically done for the day. Things like grading papers, preparing tests, and thinking up ways to go over her subject matter (not even French, what she asked to teach!) without boring her bratty students to tears? Jen had decided right after her first job at good old PS 118 that she would be having absolutely none of that nonsense.

Let Sarah do the teaching—let her go all the way up to Butterbutt Academy or wherever. Jen had better ways to work off her student loans!

Besides, working here at Gordge? She probably made her old rate and a half once she cleared internship!

Not to mention all the perks of working in an office environment...

As Jen wiggled her greedy little fingers, she couldn't help but lick her full pink lips. Staring at her were thirteen donuts, glossed and glazed to perfection. As they caught the glow of the flourescent breakroom lighting, Jennifer's piggy eyes glimmered hopefully. She lowered one ivory pointer finger into the first hole, curled it into a hook, and reeled it in...

"Enjoying the donuts?"

A sudden voice startled her, causing the blimping brunette to whip around with the speed of a woman half her size. Looped around two fingers and one in her palm, Jen had been caught holding three donuts. Well over the limit one-per-employee cap.

"I thought these things were going just a little too quickly."

The woman standing in the doorway was one of similar taste to Jennifer Walker—a round, overindulged office drone. She was particularly belly-heavy, and had curly brown hair. She wore a smile as she sauntered into the breakroom, leaving Jen staring at her like a deer in headlights.

"Omigawd I thought you were Ms. Jenna." Jennifer breathed a heavy sigh of relief as she recognized her coworker Melissa, "Don't scare me like that!"

"Well you probably deserve it! You know I thought Vicky was the one taking the donuts all this time?" Melissa plucked one from the box and leaned her heft against the counter, "That's a bad newbie, Jen-not-Jenna."

"Pleeeease don't tell anybody." Jenny whimpered, "I-I just got this job, I don't want to get in trouble..."

Melissa snorted, her double chin bunching up as she munched on her donuts. It definitely wouldn't have been unheard of for their boss to threaten someone for stealing snacks, but termination? That would have been some serious overkill; especially after all the work everyone had done to get Jen-not-Jenna acclimated to the office lifestyle. The office welcome party, letting her go out to lunch with them, showing her how to get doubles from the vending machine... they'd already broken her in and everything! She was even starting to get a cute little office body—cute little tummy bulge, tightening skirt; she was getting the whole Gordge experience!

"Alright, newbie, but you've gotta knock this off." Melissa said sternly, "Next time it won't be me who catches you, it'll be Courtney. And she'll sit on a bitch."

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou." Jen exhaled, taking a relieved bite of her first (of three) donuts, "I promise, after this no more. It's just... you never really realize how hooked you get on that midday sugar high, y'know?"

"Oh trust me, sweetie we all know what it's like." Melissa pat the top of her gut for emphasis, "But if you want to keep that girlish figure of yours, you might want to stop stealing all our snacks."

"Pssh." Jen rolled her eyes and placed one of her donuts on a napkin so as to pour herself a cup of coffee

"I'm serious sweetie; there's only room for one Jenna in this office. You keep this up, we're gonna have to start greasing you up at the doorways!" Melissa poked her underling's bulging belly for emphasis, causing her to recoil, "I mean, you're already named pretty similarly."

"As if!" Jennifer scoffed at the idea, "I'd never get that big."

"Sure you won't sweetie." Melissa smiled. She'd seen it a hundred times. And sure enough, as she slid her donut within Jennifer's reach, the latest willing victim to the lazy office lifestyle happily scooped it up by accident without missing a beat, "Sure you won't..."


Mel Carlyle...had a different home life, and never had to leave home to start her story?


It wasn't hard to see how Mel Carlyle became... well, Mel Carlyle.

She had been a Buttercombe Academy graduate, placing solely on her performance in the classroom. While she had attended classes, Mel was actively involved in several groups around campus and accrued quite the social standing amongst her classmates. She was popular, funny, smart, and was especially good at making new friends. She was outgoing and passionate, and never let the little things hold her back.

When she announced to her parents that she would be staying home and attending classes online, they were a little disappointed. Jan and Jack Carlyle had long dreamt of her going to an illustrious school like Stuffington U or Abercrombie State, but they were eventually contented in that at least Mel was going to college. And if Mel wanted to do online college, there wouldn't be much hope of talking her out of it anyway. They had always maintained that a strong family needed to support each other no matter what.

And Jan Carlyle had always said that a strong family started at the dinnertable.

"Girls!" came a warm, motherly tone that bounced throughout the house, "Lunch is ready!"

The hearty smell of a home-cooked meal filled the kitchen; the oven's warmth making that whole side of the house feel warm and toasty. Jan Carlyle stood bent over the oven, pulling a tray of biscuits out from inside it.

Within seconds, the house was alive with the thunder of footsteps as the came bounding down the hall. A blonde pudgeball, the younger Carlyle daughter, had whipped herself into the living room as soon as she'd heard her mother's voice. Alice had been smelling lunch cooking for what felt like forever—her poor tummy had been crying out since breakfast!

"About time!" Alice whined, plopping down in her seat, taking a deep breath "What took you so long, Mom?"

Jan wiped the sweat from her brow, a big smile on her face. She'd always enjoyed making meals for her family; a fact which reflected in their figures. All of the Carlyles—she, her husband, and her daughters—were particularly heavyset people. Out of all of them though, none of them was quite as heavyset as...

"I'll... say..." came the heavy huffing and puffing of the bigger Carlyle, "Jeezus did you...friggin kill the cow...?"

Entering the kitchen belly-first was her eldest daughter Mel; finally awake after her post-breakfast siesta. She had been sleeping in the living room on their couch ever since she'd finished off the pancakes, but apparently she'd woken up once she'd heard the magic words "lunch is ready"

Ever since Summer had started and Mel had graduated, she'd gotten... well, she'd gotten pretty lazy. But that was okay, right? It was nice to have both of her daughters home at one time. Mel spent entire semesters over at that Buttercombe Academy, so having them both at home for the first time since Christmas really brought back old memories. It made Jan feel... almost like a Mom again. Not that she wasn't a mom always but...

Okay, so maybe she was spoiling Mel a little.

Cooking all her favorites, letting her lay around all day, not making her get dressed...

But it was for the best, right? Her daughter had just graduated from one of the most prestigious prep schools in America. She was probably more than a little tired! She deserved to have a little treat!

Of course, maybe she should be cutting back on the actual treats...

Mel had always been a little heavy; ever since she was a kid. But lately, especially this Summer, things were getting... a little out of hand.

Jan was sure that Mel had never had three chins before. And she distinctly remembered that old Hillary Heart shirt covering a lot more of her belly than it did. In fact, Mel used to be able to fit pretty comfortably in two chairs. But now... well, suffice it to say that the Carlyle kiester kept its proportion, even at Mel's (apparently) growing size.

Swaying her arms for momentum, the bigger sister sauntered into the kitchen and plopped herself down into two groaning chairs. Her belly swayed with the awkward motions of her body, her legs kicking outward to accomodate her jiggling generousness. Her fat face grew red as she huffed and puffed, finally exhaling gratefully as a sheen of sweat covered her forehead.

"Is that any way to talk to your loving, caring, doting mother?" Jan chastized her daughter lightly as she placed the first (of many) plates in front of her, "Who cooks for you, washes your clothes, and lets you stay here rent free?"

"Love you too, Mom." Mel snorted as she dug into her plate.

This was nice.

Just the three of them.

Pretty soon Alice would go off to Buttercombe, and Mel would surely get a job after a few months being all cooped up in the house. But for now? This was nice.

So what if she was spoiling them a little?

That's what good mothers did.


Dakota Johnson...enrolled in Buttercombe Academy?


Life at Buttercombe Academy wasn't all bad.

Well, it started out pretty bad ("Hey, surprise, we're moving across the country, let's drop you in a prep school while we settle in!") but it got better, little by little every year. Sure it was awkward as hell going home on Christmases and Summers and she wasn't going back to her old house in Texas, but Dakota was... almost beginning to feel like she had a little place carved out for herself. It was hard, considering she felt like she was getting pulled back and forth, but she managed. Somehow.

Her sessions with Ms. Underwood had helped. Find her center, home was where she made it, so on and so forth. At first she had barely been able to make it a week without blathering her whole life story to anyone that would listen. But little by little, with Ms. Underwood's help, she slowly became more comfortable in an entirely new setting.

Eventually her counselling sessions went to every other day, to weekly, and eventually down to monthly! Pretty soon, Dakota was just down to seeing Ms. Underwood whenever she needed to talk or felt particularly homesick. By her Junior year, Dakota and the humongous hippie had become quite close. They often didn't need a reason to meet; Dakota could freely approach her guidance counsellor without fear of judgement or malcontent. About... anything, really.

"Ms. Underwood, I'm fat."

Not an untrue statement—if uncouthly phrased. Over the years, Dakota had steadily swelled into a bottom-heavy Texas bell-bottom and thensome. Her ridiculous badonkadonk was the source of much amusement from some of the meaner-spirited girls in her (and most) classes, as was the particularly amusing 'spread' of her bodyweight. Never had even Mia seen a girl so plump be so... slight in the chest department.

"What? Noooo..." Mia's jowls quivered as she spoke, snacking heartily from her bag of butterscotch candies, "Sister Johnson, why would you ever say that? Don't you know that negativity like that only breeds body-shaming and hate?"

Mia Underwood was not an accurate judge on what fat was. Being one of the heavier staff members herself, she had something of a skewed perception on the matter.

"But I am!" Dakota whined, her chubby cheeks pink with frustration, "I used to be so skinny in middle school! But now I'm just this... big, hippy... tub of lard!"

"Dakota please!" the big hippie tub of lard plead, "You're hardly in any shape to worry about your weight. You're a growing woman, with her entire life ahead of her; what's a little puppy fat? It'll melt away before you know it!"

Dakota's "puppy fat" had been largely accrued through long nights spent lazing around in her dorm room, texting her friends back in Texas and grazing on junk food with her various roommates. Her epic meals in the cafeteria certainly hadn't helped either, nor had her propensity for comfort eating.

All this had leant her a plump figure, barely constrained by the confines of her uniform. Last year's butter-yellow blazer cut deeply into the rolls that her fat created, and one could clearly see the cartoonish swell of her big ol' badonk as it pooled beneath the plaid skirt. Even her socks cut deeply into her fat calves. Heck, her shoes looked tight.

"Ugh... you're right." Dakota sniffled, "I shouldn't let that stupid bitch get to me."

"Hm?" Mia purred inquisitively, "Go on?"

"Well, I was at home this Summer, and I ran into this... transient." Dakota rolled her hand as she searched her head, finding that a dutifully-offered butterscotch candy helped jog her vocabulary, "And she just... I don't know. She called me a whole bunch of names. It's... been bugging me ever since."

"Oh? And who was this hateful sister?" Mia curled one blonde eyebrow

"Ugh. Piper Black." Dakota curled her nostril distastefully, "My Mom says she's like... a street punk or something. I don't know."

"Well you just forget all about Piper Black." Mia pat her friend on the hand, "You've got a big year ahead of you, and you can't afford to let the, uh... 'haters' get to you. Right?"

"Yeah." Dakota chuckled, her double chin jiggling, "You're right."

Daven's Port was a cowtown anyway.

- - -


Part of what makes characters so great is how they interact with one another. The ladies below all have pretty concrete dynamics between them, and that's what makes writing for them so fun!

But what if these characters were put in a situation that challenged or changed that dynamic somehow?
A situation involving...

- - -

Cass Morgan & Marni Smith...where the latter has picked up an unhealthy hobby/habit, and the former confronts her about it!


"Okay Marn, this... isn't exactly what I had in mind when I said I should do more local coverage."

Marni's big green eyes blinked dumbly, catching the flicker off of the harsh white lighting, before her brow furrowed in confusion. The extra padding surrounding her face, folding over the corners of her mouth, just made her dumbfounded expression all the more painful to look at. She opened her mouth in rebuttal, her chin coming to rest and press against the swaddling fold of fat that acted as her second.

"What do you mean Cass? We're right here, and you've got all-access to one of the most heated rounds of Street Fighter in history! This is like... major!" Marni threw her flabby arms towards the small crowd of aforementioned gamers that had come to watch the spectacle, "Seriously, I've been following these guys for months on Youtube? BlackDeathStar is awesome! I had no idea he even lived here until—"

Oh how Cass had regretted letting Marni borrow her little brother's XBox.

But was it really her fault? Cass was just being a good cohost, trying to cheer her friend and former colleague up after a particularly nasty accident in the move to Daven's Port; how could she have possibly known that her friend would have gone so far off the deep end?

Even after Marni's recovery, her long absence meant that she had to leave the show for good, they'd stayed pretty close! She had even helped her get a job at Gamestop, using her aforementioned little brother, even. Sure they didn't get to hang out as much, what with Cass' demanding schedule as a radio talk show host, but... you know, you would have thought that she would have seen this coming.

Marni—one of her oldest, closest friends—had become a big fat couch potato... gamer geek!

All those hours on the couch wasted, stuffing Doritos into her face with what must have been reckless abandon. Her muscles wasting away as she buried them beneath pound after pound of soft, doughy gamer body. She looked to have grown so much, in fact, that even her Gamestop polo looked too tight on her; it left a solid inch of belly blubber peeking right out from underneath the hem of her shirt, rolling over the waistband. And there was no way that shirt didn't at least have two X's.

She'd even stopped wearing her contacts—her fat little face was smooshed by those glasses!

Oh Marni, how could you have done this to yourself?

"M-Marni, I... I don't think..."

"Oh come on Cass, it'll be fun!" Marni pouted, "I went out on a limb for you!"

"Trust me, I don't think I'll have to try too hard to get to stay here." Cass said distastefully as she surveyed some of the pimplier patrons of the store, "Something tells me it'll be a while before that one is in the same room with a girl willingly."

"Who, Jason?" Marni asked, "Nah, he's nice."

"You know him?" Cass scoffed, "Marni, come on! You don't have to..."

"No he's so cool!" Marni jittered excitedly, her jowls wobbling as she spoke, "He's got this character in ESO—so awesome."

"So you... really like all this?" Cass held her hands out wide, gesturing to all the... this that was going on, "All this... gamer stuff?"

"Omigawd yasss!" Marni held her mouth open with a wide smile, her chubby cheeks dimpling excitedly, "I love it! And, you know, since you're still doing the show, I thought maybe you could give us... a little publicity?"

"A little publicity, huh?"

"Pleeeeease?" Marni whimpered, pooching out her lower lip. She squeezed her tits together with her two pillowy arms and clasped her fluffy hands together pitifully, "My boss would really appreciate it..."

"...I want to give coverage." Cass finally relented with a snort of laughter, "Like... live coverage. I'll put it on the KISS website."

"Awesome~" Marni squealed as she ushered her friend to the prepared media seating, "I'll get you some Doritos, don't you move!"

It wasn't all bad, she supposed...

That blonde guy was pretty hot.

The, uh... the character. Not the blonde guy controlling him.


Jan Carlyle & Alice Carlyle...where they find a genie in a bottle, and get into a fight over who gets to be her master!


"Why do you have to be such a... such a bitch all the time, Mother?!" Alice snapped, ignoring the present third party as she and her mother stood arguing in the living room, "You always do this! You always bring up my weight—even when it has absolutely nothing to do with the argument at hand!"

"I do not always bring up your weight!" Jan snapped back, "Alice, I swear you sound more and more like your sister each day—"

"You do! You totally do!" Alice spat, "Gawd, I wish you were as fat as you are mean; that way you'd finally shut up about my weight and listen to me!"

Jan gasped, inhaling dramatically.

"How dare you." she began, oblivious to the softening of her face and the shake to her step, "I am your mother, young lady! And as long as you live under my roof, you'll—...what?"

Alice stopped her rebuttal. Not out of shame or out of fear, as she had stopped herself in so many times before, but out of... shock! Her mother... her mother was getting fat! Like, right before her very eyes! And jan seemed to notice it now too, staring in wide-eyed terror as her hands began to soften and her arms began to thicken, her wrists slowly disaapearing beneath an inflation of... of fat!

All eyes turned to the third party in the room—Aziza, the self-proclaimed genie of the lamp. Where she had been mostly stoic, if not somewhat sarcastic, throughout most of their encounter (as it had quickly become another increasingly common Jan vs. Alice shouting match), the slender cinnamon-colored woman looked to have been in the middle of some sort of dance number. The red viels draped around her swirled and fluttered as she clapped her hands and shook her hips alluringly. And as she danced longer and longer, Alice's mother only continued to get fatter and fatter, until...

"What did you do?!" the newly obese woman roared, her jowls wobbling in a fury, "A-Alice, y-you made a wish!"

"I-I did...?" Alice took a step back in terror, horrified by what she had done, "I-I made a wish..."

"Yup." Aziza said flatly, her nasal tone reaching past the face veil as she crossed her arms, unimpressed, "One down, two to go."

Jan took a moment to survey her body, as did her daughter. The perfectly slim, tiny tyrant had nearly tripled in size, until she was almost... no, matching her youngest daughter in weight! They had been cursed with similar figures, even! Jan's belly had grown and grown until it flopped right over her jeans (having been magically stretched to fit, apparently). It folded into two distinct belly rolls, and was so thick and meaty that she lost her fingers knuckle-deep in her excavation of her big blubbery body.

"I-I am so sorr—"

"No you're not!" Jan whipped back, "Admit it! This is what you've always wanted—a big fat mother so you... so you and that awful sister of yours can eat whatever you want and you think I won't judge you! You bunch of... you bunch of fatties!"

Alice's gut curdled like soured milk. Her Mom had been mean before, but this... this was a new low.

"A-And what's the first thing—the very first thing that you wish for?" Jan grabbed her big jelly belly and shook it, "You make me a house!"

"Mother, I didn't—"

"She really didn't." Aziza snarked, "If she wanted to make you a house, you'd have a chimney right now."

Jan fumed, her fat face turning bright red. Alice had seen this look before, right before her mother was about to explode. Usually it was directed at Mel, and there wasn't a magical genie involved. Surely, if they could just talk this out...

"I wish you were twice as fat as you made me!"

At once, Aziza began to dance, and Alice began to inflate. Suddenly, and shockingly. It wasn't a slow, steady spread like her mother's had been. Alice was taken aback by all the changes happening in her body.

Her gut grew and grew, lurching out from around her waist and sagging towards the floor, spreading her inflating arms out farther and farther outward as her figure continued to swell. Alice's head sunk into her second, then third chin, her knees buckling as their newly fattened shape struggled to support her climbing weight. Four, five, six hundred pounds of fat finally settled onto Alice's frame, and it had left her exhausted. Her huge chest heaved and ho'd, struggling to catch her breath as Aziza's dance came to a close.

"Mother!" Alice wheezed, pointing an accusatory but doughy arm at the accused, "How could you... you could have just wished yourself back to normal!"

"A petty wish, but a wish still." Aziza filed her nails with an emory board, "One more and it's back to basic cable in my lamp."

"That wouldn't have taught you your lesson!" her mother spat back, as she took a big jiggly handful of her hugeness "I can work this fat off! All by myself! You? You'll probably just keep ballooning up until you can't get off the couch!"

"So you make me HUGE?!" Alice roared, "Mother that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!"

"Oh, you think so?" Jan spat back, a crazed twinkle in her eye, "I've still got one wish left sweetie. Since I'm so disciplined and could totally lose all this junk in my trunk that you so lovingly gave me all by myself; I could use it for something else, if you'd like!"

"Mother... no..." Alice gulped

"Oh yes, sweetie." Jan smiled darkly, "I just wish that I could show you the sheer size that I’m about to make you, just so you'd know just how badly you screwed up when you decided to wish ill on your mother!"


"There it is!" Aziza clapped her hands, "Three wishes down. I'll be done with my dance in time for Maury."

"No!" Jan whispered, "I-I didn't mean it! Alice, I-I—WOOPMH!”


Mia Underwood & Courtney Farron...where the former has entered a relationship, and has put on a lot of comfort weight because of it!


The Flatterly-Underwood abode was a cozy one.

There was something about the down-to-earth, home-grown approach to Eri’s decor scheme that mixed so well with Mia’s overtly hippie approach. It wasn’t a seamless blend by any means; it was still plainly obvious that Mia had done the moving in, judging by her apparent lack of family photos hung up along the walls of the cabin, but it worked.

Courtney had heard tale of the cabin being renovated for some time now, and she assumed that it had been in anticipation of housing two such... statuesque members of the facutly together. Wider doorways, bigger bathrooms, et cetera. Once Mia and Eri had begun openly dating Ms. Polluck had been nothing but supportive. And when they had taken this big step and wanted to move in together all those months ago, no one was happier for them than Courtney.

It was just... a little thing.

Well, not so little.

“Mm-mmm that’s good eatin’!” Mia declared cutely as she pat her gut for emphasis, sending the massive ocean of oozing flab into high tide, “Isn’t Eri just the best chef, Sister Farron?”

“Please, call me Courtney.” Assistant Coach Farron said with an uncomfortable giggle as she watched Mia’s massiveness move on its own

“Yeah c’mon sweetheart. Y’ain’t with the girls anymore. No need fer all that “sister” nonsense.”

Eri Flatterly, the head chef of Buttercombe Academy, came into view from her trip to the bathroom. Her large frame filled the doorways, even of their cabin. Her belly bobbed from side to side with every step, her fat arms waving at the sides. Even her chins bounced as she waddled over to the kitchen to wrap one squishy arm around the shoulders of her girlfriend.

“I guess so...” Mia relented, pushing past her chubby cheek to kiss Eri’s hand

“Atta girl.” Eri said with an appreciative pat of the top of Mia’s overgrown gut as it sat triumphantly in front of her; rolling off the chair, and filled to the brim with the night’s epic dinner. Mia squealed at Eri’s approval, her fat little toes trying to clench.

“I’m gonna go get dessert ready.” Eri said after she knelt down, with a grunt, and kissed Mia on her sagging cheek, “Courtney, you up for some pie?”

“Uh...” Courtney eyed Mia’s massiveness cautiously, watching her push and press idly into her overstuffed stomach like it was nothing, “No thanks!”

“Suit yourself!” Eri called out as she headed back into the kitchen, massive ass swaying with every labored step, “More for us, right Mimi?”

“Right!” Mia giggled girlishly, taking long appreciative looks as her tough-as-nails Texan girlfriend waddled away

“It really is your loss.” Mia said with a smile as she turned back to Courtney, “Er-bear makes a great pie.”

“I can see that.” Courtney answered back flatly.

Could she not see what this relationship was doing to her? Did Mia just... not care that she was slowly blimping up into the size of a small automobile?

Mia had never been exactly small but... it was pretty obvious to everyone that Mia Underwood’s days as even just mildly obese were long gone!

Seated in a special reinforced bench, one that Courtney recognized as the ones that the SSS reserved for only the heaviest of the heaviest girls on campus, Mia’s generous spread easily encompassed the entire length, width and depth of her seat. Her ass was so big that she could see it pouring out from the opening that the seat left, her backfat clogging the slots left by the wood. Her belly sagged low to the ground, bouncing and scraping against the floor every so often. With wide, wobbling arms, Mia cupped her enormous belly lovingly, cooing happily to herself as her stomach yearned for an easier digestion.

How could she be so...

Happy? Like this!

“Oh I know.” Mia said abashedly, one sausage-fingered hand coming to brush against her cheek in embarassment, “She spoils me.”

“Uh, yeah...?” Courtney ventured

“But it’s just so... perfect! All of this! You know, I never thought I’d wind up with someone like Eri. She’s so loud and boistrous. And she gets all mad at the drop of a hat, her aura’s all... murky and I don’t like that. But together, all wrapped up... it just works!”

“Good, uh... good for you?” Courtney smiled awkwardly, “I’m glad you two are... happy.”

“Oh don’t be so obvious, Sisterrr... er, Courtney!” Mia giggled slyly, “You can have a relationship just like mine! If you and Ashley ever want some advice, I’d be more than happy to—”

“A-Ashley and I are not—” Courtney felt her face grow flush and her cheeks redden, her mind grew cluody as her thoughts became steamy, “—A-Anything! Ashley and I aren’t anything okay?”

“Mm-hmm...” Mia chuckled, her big body bouncing, “Whatever you tell yourself sweetie. Far be it from me to say you’re in denial.”

- - -

- - -


At the end of every game of Mix & Match, it's essential to move forward with the ideas you've created. I hosted a poll, and the voters selected these five as their favorites

- - -

By popular demand...
we rejoin Big Baker Ronnie, as she proves to the readers and Penny that she has no intention of cutting back!


“I’m beginning to think that you don’t know what the phrase ‘cut back’ means.” Penny steepled her fingers, perfectly manicured fingers clicking against one another as she paused for effect, “When I said ‘I think you should cut back’, I didn’t mean that you should have continued at the exact same pace, slowly increasing your intake over the course of several months.”

“Because I’m... pretty sure that’d be the opposite of ‘cutting back’—that’s cutting forward, Ronnie.” Penny sucked in her lower lip pausing for (what she hoped) was dramatic effect, “In fact, it’s not even cutting. You’re just... making more paper.”

“Wouldn’t the opposite of scissors be rock instead of paper?” Ronnie interjected, holding up a sausagey pointer finger, “I mean, since rock beats paper and all.”

“What? No. Paper is the opposite of scissors. Like scissors beats paper.”

“But rock beats scissors—so wouldn’t that mean that I’m rocking this whole bakery thing?”

“What? No—I’m using a metaphor, Ronnie! You’re missing the point!” Penny growled as she palmed her face, long ivory fingers sliding down her cheek, “Ronnie... do you remember when we had our little talk about you cutting back?”


“And how you tried to dismiss me, and then immediately got stuck in the doorway?”

“I do.”

“And do you recall—and I cannot stress this enough because it is incredibly important to the future posterity of our business together—do you recall saying the words ‘I think I should cut back?’”

“Hmmm...” Ronnie cupped her jowls with all four of her fatty fingers, rubbing the swell of her second chin thoughtfully, “Nope. Not ringing any bells.”

“You cannot be serious.”

“Am I ever anything but?”

Penny shot up from her end of the corner booth, pushing the table further out into the dining area, and let out a well-practiced and patented huff that she could acquire only after working with someone so thick-headed and gluttonous as Ronnie Wilson. She threw her hands up in the air, her baggy pink sleeves swishing this way and that, as she began a tight and furious pace around the circumference of Ronnie’s belly.

Her big pile of a business partner just stared, innocently, as the smaller and skinnier of the two began to mutter to herself about this thing and that. Strangle this, choke that, shove this up-slash-down there. Honestly, Ronnie couldn’t quite see where all the anger was coming from! For as long as they’d known each other Penny had been something of a pill, but lately she’d just seemed so angry all the time. At her! Honestly, who could ever have stayed mad at her?

“Look, I think I know where this is coming from.” Ronnie said with a sagely nod, which caused her chins to swell and pool against her immense chest

Do you?” Penny suddenly whipped around on her no-slip shoes, “Because I’m getting the distinct impression that you have no idea why I’m so upset with you.”

“This is about me eating the last profiterole, isn’t it?” Ronnie held out an arm thicker than most women's waists, “You can admit it, I’m not that dense. And I’m not too big to admit when I’m wrong.”

“I somehow doubt that.”

“So, I tell you what, I’m sorry I ate your snacks.” Ronnie paused before her head tilted to the side, her signature smile returning, “Better?”

“No! Not better!” Penny roared, “Ronnie, what did we open this bakery for?”

“So I could live out my childhood dream of owning a bakery.” Ronnie answered matter-of-factly, plucking cookies from a nearby plate placed on the back of the booth

“And to make money.” Penny held out her hands in front of her face, “Ronnie, we need to make money if we want to stay in business! And keeping you fed and this place renovated so you can come to work is literally eating up all of our profits!”

There was another pause, this time one with much more weight to it. The only sounds were Ronnie’s as she instinctively snacked on the freshly baked cookies that she’d placed within arm’s length. Crumbs fell from the corners of her mouth, falling into the vast canyon of cleavage formed by her sloping, pillowy breasts or catching between her chins. With her free hand, Ronnie almost seemed to idly grab several inches of her immensity, filling a handful and a half with what could have been a few drops in her ocean of a figure, and groping it contemplatively.

“I think I see what you’re saying here.” Ronnie said finally, swallowing her cookie

“I doubt it, but entertain me.” Penny said with a sarcastic roll of her finger, “Go on. Please. Tell me what you think I’m driving at here.”

“That my role in this whole establishment is probably suited to... outside management.” Ronnie said with a turn of her nose as she jiggled her billowing belly, which pooled lazily on the floor from her seated position in the booth, “Like, from home. In my jammies.”

“Okay, that’s better than nothing.” Penny curled an eyebrow, “I was shooting for putting you on a diet, but I’ll take what I can get.”

“Yeah! I’ll be an idea person!” Ronnie’s fat face lit up exuberantly, “Heck, it was my idea to start a bakery in the first place! I’m already halfway there! I can help you come up ideas to help us keep up with our clientele!”

“Ronnie, you’re our clientele—”

“First idea: how to keep these cupcakes coming.” Ronnie snapped her fat sausagey fingers, “Go!”

“Ronnie, those are... were cookies.”

“Let’s brainstorm: how to make cupcakes and cookies together. And twice as many of them.”

“I’m in hell. This is literally hell.”


By popular demand...
we rejoin Mia and Courtney, as she struggles to deal with her friend's "unhealthy" relationship!


“You want me to... what?

Eri and Mia just sort of looked at each other, as if they had been the ones who had been asked such a question. Their fluffy faces were twisted in a sort of expression that they shouldn’t have been wearing right about now. Eri was smiling awkwardly to the side while Mia had her eyebrows drawn up in that “here we go again” look; and Courtney was certain, certain that they had NO right to look at each other like she was the one who had just asked them to be part of their relationship.

“Well, Sister Farron—”

“No! Don’t give me any of that “Sister” bullshit, Mia!” Courtney snapped, “You can’t just... ask somebody that!”

“Well, it weren’t like it was an accident...” Eri conceded with a shrug of her shoulders, “I mean, there was a list of other folks who we thought would—”

“You have a list?!”

It was no secret that Mia Underwood and Eri flatterly, two of the senior most faculty members at Buttercombe Academy, were into some weird stuff. They sort’ve had to be, given that they were both roughly the size of small elephants. Both wide women had grown increasingly wider since the start of their relationship, and Courtney would have been lying if she said she’d never wondered just what they did as far as intimacy went but... but...

“Well of course, Courtney!” Mia quickly interjected in that airy sort of way that she did, holding her nose up as she held up a pudgy pointer finger, “Most successful relationships are based on trust; and one of the biggest trust-building exercises is being comfortable enough with your lover to make a list of other people that you find attractive.”

“We just happened to have a couple in common.” Eri snorted, her belly quaking jovially, “N’you were number three in both columns, Miss Courtney.”

This was insane! It wasn’t like she had anything against Mia and Eri being together; if they wanted to be two big girls, all open and affectionate, that was great! It was even sort’ve sweet the way that the tonnage of Texan seemed to melt around her gigantic guidance counselor girlfriend! And the fact that Eri wanted to do nothing more than dote on Mia? Adorable! Even as Mia blosssomed further and further into a rampaging obesity, Eri still loved her girlfriend for who she was. Awesome, great, none of her business. And sure she was flattered that they had both thought she was—wait, number three?

“Who were the other two?” Courtney finally asked after a break, “I mean, I know about the whole list thing, and I really don’t think that you’re supposed to include people you work with, but just for curiosity’s sake?”

“Adeline and Polluck.” Eri said in her southern twang, her smile dimpling her chubby cheeks. “I like me a woman who can fill the seat of her pants, if y’know what I mean.”

“Clearly.” Courtney had never felt so self-conscious about the size of her ass—especially when compared to Ms. Holloway’s.

“Mine were Sister Holloway and Sister Wolfe.” Mia said with a cute little giggle, “But you were after them.”

“So... why didn’t you just ask Adeline?” Courtney asked, feeling rather conflicted about not being picked first, “I mean, since you think she’s so attractive.”

“She’s a prude; no way she’d ever come roll around with us.” Eri said thickly, caressing the swell of her stomach

“And since you’re so insistent that you and Sister Knight aren’t in a relationship...” Mia led slyly, “We figured that you’d be open to a little... experimentation.”

As Courtney prepared herself for rebuttal, she heard the distinct ringing of the Underwood-Flatterly oven timer. The pie was done; Courtney had almost completely forgotten that this whole evening in with Mia and Eri was to try and talk some sense into their eating habits. The smaller (comparatively) between the two, Eri, slowly rose to her feet with several pushes and rocks off of the dining room chair. As Courtney sat there in silence, trying not to freak out when she saw Mia steal glances at her girlfriend’s enormous ass. Clearly, Eri wasn’t the only one who liked a woman who could fill the seat of her pants... or several.

“It wouldn’t be anything serious.” Mia continued undaunted, “Just a little... fling! You know, mix our chakras, blend our energies together, live life to the—”

“Sex.” Courtney summarized, “You’re propositioning me for casual lesbian sex.”

“...in a way.”

“No, not in a way. That’s literally what you’re doing.” Courtney said flatly, “You want me to fool around with you and Eri for... nothing!”

“Well, not nuthin’.” Courtney flinched at the sudden sensation of weight being pressed against her back, oozing between the columns on her chair as two thick hands began to massage her shoulders, “We’d feed ya real good.”

“My Er-Bear’s a great chef.” Mia said with a sultry little wink, “She has to be, the way we go through food.”

“Okay! Got it!” Courtney shouted, feeling a different sort of uncomfortable as she fought the tingling sensation between her legs; Eri had the magic touch too, apparently. Even as she held Courtney down, her shoulder muscles felt relaxed. “I’m third-most-attractive and you’re both very horny, gotta—”

“Oh hush now. We ain’t gonna make you do anythin’.” Eri shushed, pressing her weight further against Courtney, causing the chubby blonde to sink further into her belly, “But it wouldn’t just be you takin’ care’a us...”

Mia Underwood leaned her massive bulk forward, extending one elephantine arm outwards. Between her chubby fingers was a fork with a little dollop of orange-brown apple goo on it. As she arched her back and enclosed on Courtney’s personal space, her gargantuan gut coming to brush against Courtney’s knees.

“We’d take care of you too, Sister Farron.” Mia said lowly, inching the fork closer to her face, her eyelids lowered and her voice husky, “Much better than Sister Knight ever has.”

“A-Ashley and I aren’t...” Courtney panted, her breath hot, “We’re not...”

“Good.” Mia smiled as she pushed the fork past Courtney’s lips, “Then you’re free tonight... right?”


By popular demand...
we see what kind a damage a girl like Mel can do to one's body if they're not careful!


“This so isn’t fair.”

“Oh, you think that? You really think that? Please Mel, I implore you, indulge me on why you of all people think that this isn’t a fair situation?”

Mel slumped her aunt’s padded, meaty shoulders, lulling her head back as she let out the entitled and disillusioned moan that only a grade-a milennial like herself could truly muster. Letting her big arms flop uselessly to the sides of her gut, Mel could only sigh in disbelief; unable to comprehend why she had to explain such a situation to someone who was so closely tied to its problem. She shifted on her Aunt’s collosal ass uncomfortably; honestly, were some people just that dense?

“I finally manage to break all my old records. Reach new heights of gluttony! Crack the precarious four-digit glass ceiling!” Mel held up three of her Aunt’s stubby, inflated fingers, “And I did it all in your body!”

Pan out to reveal Aunt Rhonda—or rather, her niece Melanie, currently squeezed into her body. It was one vastly different than how she had left it; her incorrigibly lazy and gluttonous niece had made plenty of renovations to the body she had spent the better part of thirty four years making her own. In a comparatively short amount of time, Mel had very much made her aunt’s body her own!

Aunt Rhonda surveyed the body she had once called her own, now distorted and shaped by Mel’s reign at her helm. Her cute pixie bob had grown into a lob, Mel preferring to keep her hair long. As a consequence, this only served to frame her fatted face. Her huge, swollen cheeks brushed against the black bangs that dangled and hung from the top of her head; occasionally her chins would eat the hairs. Rhonda’s body had changed in a myriad of ways, all falling under the blanket term “grown.” Her hair was the least of her concerns.

Mel reached out with her Aunt’s flabby arms and failed to reach even a fraction of the great gut she had grown, patting it for emphasis. The great growth of girth that was Rhonda’s stomach wobbled and jiggled appreciatively, even letting out a contented growl in anticipation of more food to come.

“Oh my gawd don’t even start with this.” Rhonda rolled Mel’s big blue eyes as she crossed her niece’s meaty arms underneath her heaving chest, “You’ve completely ruined my body. In fact, being in your body is preferrable to what you’ve done to mine.”

It was true; Mel had long made Rhonda’s own body uninhabitable—at least as far as the formerly skinny lawyer was concerned. While Mel’s body was certainly (much, much) bigger than she would have liked, at least it offered some form of mobility. She’d rather gotten used to lugging around Mel’s gut, learned to time her steps with the swaying of the great jiggling belly that swung between her flabby legs. She’d gotten herself a nice haircut, a cute little undercut, and had even found a neat little website that supplied office clothes to women of extra-extra large sizes, as per her niece’s overly generous frame.

And... maybe she’d grown to like having the freedom of being able to eat whatever she wanted.

Ice cream here, pies there, donuts and pizza everywhere... it wasn’t like it was her body, right?

It was a curious thing to not feel fat next to your own body. At least she wasn’t as fat as she could have been, right? At least she wasn’t as fat as Mel.


It was getting harder and harder to refer to herself—as in, her actual self—as “Mel in my body.”

“Oh stop; I’ve made you fabulous.” Mel snorted as she bit into a massive sandwich, crumbs crumbling onto the stretched out surface of the custom-ordered band tee, “You should be thanking me—I’ve really done all the hard work of breaking in your body for you! Plus, I’m pretty sure the Guiness people will totally pay you (me? God this gets confusing sometimes!) once I work my way up to “world’s fattest woman.”

“Omigawd Mel don’t.” Rhonda whined, “The only thing you’ve made me is an unemployed fatass who mooches off the state and her aunt. Please don’t make me go down in history as the World’s Fattest Woman.”

“Well if you’d find a way to reverse this, I’d be happy to work on plumping up my own body, you slacker!” Mel rolled her aunt’s eyes, unable to halt the fondling of herself even when it wasn’t her self that she was fondling, “Gawd I would kill to be this fat.”

“Well I’ll kill you if you make me any fatter than you already have!” Rhonda stomped Mel’s flabby foot, causing a ripple effect throughout her entire body, “Starting this instant, I’m putting you... me... you on a diet!”

“Uuuuugh.” Mel groaned, “Auntie, not this again.”

“I mean it this time!” Rhonda put Mel’s hands on her wide, wide hips and stuck out her belly, noting with disapproval just how easy it was for them to touch guts even this far apart, “If you put one more pound on me, so help me God, I’ll kick you out.”

“Good luck with that.” Mel snorted

“I’m serious!”

“Sooo... is that a no to pizza?” Mel raised her aunt’s eyebrows, waiting for the hungry grumble that sounded her body’s natural response to such a question; one she had instilled in her aunt’s body as well, it seemed, as it quickly became a duet of grumbling guts.

“Well...” Rhonda licked her lips, “It’s not a no exactly...”


By popular demand...
we join Piper Black: Island Survivalist for a return trip to the Dessert Island!


You could take the girl off of the island.

But you couldn’t take the island out of the girl.

Just a few short months ago, Piper Black had been rescued from a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. A strange, fantastic place where everything and anything was edible. She had been out trying to learn how to surf nearly three years ago, when the tide carried her out to uncharted waters. She was gone for two and a half years, and the media had presumed her dead until a rescue team finally found her. And they were right—the girl that had washed up on the sugary shores of that island so long ago had died that night.

And a new woman had taken her place.

Piper wasn’t fit for the easy living of city life anymore. Life back with normal people was too strange, almost a foreign concept to her. She was too used to the island. She often woke up late at night, sweating after particuarly exciting dreams about her adventures. She was reclusive, and she was always so tired. Piper actually began losing weight, her eyes grew sunken and her attitude soured considerably, but nobody around her seemed to notice or care that she was just so... out of it. Not her mother, not her sister, not even her best friends could see that Piper just didn’t feel right. Everyone claimed that it was PTSD, that it would clear up eventually. But Piper knew the truth: she didn’t belong in that world anymore.

Which was why she went back.

Don’t ask her how, and don’t ask her what she did, but Piper eventually found herself back to her island. The place where she’d learned how to survive. The place where she’d finally stopped being a girl, and learned how to be a woman.

And at jut the right time too—the cookies were in season.

Piper ate and ate and ate with reckless abandon, finding her old hunting grounds just as she’d left them. She could still remember the paths that the herds of zebra cakes would take across the more forested regions of the island. So ecstatic to be back in her home, back in her element Piper nearly devoured the entire herd right then and there! The nutter butter bark of the palm trees tasted just as sweet with the Almond Joy milk she would crack open from the coconuts that feel from their tasty green leaves, and was the perfect choice to wash down her neighing, chocolatey, monochrome snack.

Piper plowed through the forested regions of her island home, devouring flora after fauna after flora after fauna. She was unstoppable, overwhelmed by the familiar sensations and tastes that being back in what she considered her true home brought upon her. Piper just ate.

And ate.

And ate...

Fuck walking’s hard.”

Piper Black, Island Survivalist, had grown ill-suited to the harsh edible environment that she found herself in. Her time away... it must have made her soft. Her legs were aching constantly, and every muscle in her body was sore after only a few minutes of exploration. Every day, instead of growing stronger, Piper only seemed to grow weaker and weaker. She could no longer walk as far, or as long. She would sweat buckets by the hour, having to stop constantly as she suckled from the strawberry milkshake river; catching swedish fish as they jumped out of its milky waters.

After only months back in her natural environment, the island survivor had exploded in size. She had swelled and grown to the point where every inch of her was caked in pound upon pound of... well, cake. And french fries. And cookies. Her belly swung pendulously with her every step, her body reverberating at her awkward gait. She had blown up so big, Piper barely resembled herself anymore! Her cheeks were full and fat, her chins swaddling and thick as they ringed around her head. Her eyes had grown squint and piggly. Her great breasts sloped to either side of her stomach, tickled by the easter grass as it flirted with the probably edible ground.

But finally, finally, after what seemed like an eternity of a journey (her speed undoubtedly slowed by her insistence to stop and sample everything) she had come to the center of the island.

Hot Fudge Mountain—an active volcano at the heart of her home.

Piper had planned to climb it; a true feat of any survivalist. She’d be able to see for miles around if she set up camp there. But after such a long, arduous walk, Piper was exhausted.

And hungry.

“Oh shit!” Piper suddenly declared as her eyes lit up with a hoggish glee, “This mountain’s deep-dish crusted!”

And so once more, Piper ate.

And ate.

And ate.

She could, and often would, eat for hours at a time; her stomach having grown strong after living in Hell for such an extended period of time. Piper chipped away at the mountain, shoveling handful after handful into her awaiting maw.

As her stomach swelled and swelled outwards, brushing and eventually sitting on the ground below her. She continued to eat, inching herself deeper and deeper into the mountain. With every passing day, Piper would work her way a little bit further into the mountain. She hollowed out a cave to sleep in, and then expanded. Then her cave had an East Wing, and eventually a west. The Island was giving her everything she needed to live; food and shelter. All in one! And though her arms grew tired and her jaw grew weary after day in and day out of incessant “surviving”, Piper was propelled by one simple notion: life.

A notion that was propelled even further once she managed to reach the hot fudge core of the volcano, and found it to her liking.

For a while.


By popular demand...
we return to Shannon Polluck, the sole heir to the Polluck fortune, as she eats her way through it!


“When did running Buttercombe Academy become a group effort, dear sister?”

Three women had holed themselves up in the office of their beloved alma mater. They had all gone to school there as children, and had all been very well-versed in the workings of the Academy’s administration since they even before they were enrolled. Their mother had been the headmistress before their sister Shannon had inherited it, and had guided them through the Academy’s inner workings since they were all very small, just in case they were the ones to claim the Headmistress title after she retired. Shannon, the middle child, had held that honor for some time before mother’s passing.

But due to a misunderstanding concerning the exact means of distribution between her daughters, Madame Polluck’s lawyers had misconstrued and legitimized something of a joke without her knowledge.

The plumpest Polluck was to inherit the entire fortune of the family—and Shannon had by far become the plumpest.

Laying in the center of the office, on a dais that they had constructed during the initial remodeling of the administrative building, Shannon was still very much the queen of the ‘Combe. But rather than a throne, or a more administrative office chair (as what would have been more appropriate, given the setting) poor Shannon Polluck had to use pillows to prop herself up; located up to and including underneath her suffocating hillside of a back, beneath her big billowing belly as it pooled atop the dais, and beneath her enormous ass.

“When our sweet sister Shannon decided that she was going to become a whale to spite us.”

The middle Polluck cut her sisters a dirty look, her features puffy and round. She had been eating... something, all her meals sort of blurred together at this point. The extra girth beneath her chins made her scowl seem much more like a pout than she had intended.

“I can still fire you, you know.” she hissed, taking self-conscious bites of her snack, “I’m in charge of it all now, Penelope. I can buy new sisters.”

The youngest Polluck bit her lip as she dove back into her work. In order to keep her massive appetite sated, Shannon had enlisted the help of her two still-sour sisters with the promise of payment. To say that they had been helpful was an understatement, given Shannon’s current mobility situation, but they could have at least had better attitudes about it all.

“Of course, dear sister.” Carol said as she waddled past the largest, in-chargest Polluck in the room and pat her cheek lovingly, “I think Penny’s just still a little miffed that she didn’t get the fortune. Of course I’m not, no... never.”

Carol whipped out a box of donuts from behind her.


Shannon started to salivate in a Pavlovian response to food. In order to fatten herself up enough to ensure her inheritance would take, she’d long discarded her inhibitions around anything edible. If there was food in the room, Ms. Polluck had to have it. Even though it had been some time since the passing of their dear mother, some habits were harder to break than others; as evidenced by the continual growth of the Polluck sisters.

Shannon reached for the donut uselessly, pawing for it like a spoiled cat as Carol lowered it to rest on the vast acreage of her sister’s bust. Using her obstructively doughy arms, Shannon stuffed herself readily with the new source of calories.

Penelope shot her sister a dirty look, to which Carol replied with a smarmy smile.

At least half of the weight that their sister had continued to gain was more or less due to Carol. She had been continually spoiling and satisfying her biggest sister in hopes of staying in her good graces; and therefore in good stance to inherit the family fortune if she happened to pass. It wasn’t hard to stay on her good side, either. The easiest way to her sister’s heart was through her stomach, after all. And when her stomach was this big, becoming the favorite sister was easy if one knew how to play the game right.

Penelope just rolled her eyes and snarled, biting bitterly into a donut of her own.

The other Pollucks hadn’t gone untouched by all this madness. Being around their pig of a sister constantly meant that there was a steady stream of calories flooding into their now-joint office. Penelope had only continued to plump up as she sat on her rump, and Carol’s smarmy smile had been crowned that and a time over with an extra chin.

If only there was a way to ensure that she’d be chosen as a possible successor, should her sister suffer any fateful... accidents

“Wh-Who wants lunch?” Penelope suddenly shouted, catching the attention of both of her sisters, “I-I think that we could, um... use some...some lunch...”

Carol snorted. Such a weak effort. But then that had always been her problem then, hadn’t it? Penelope would never have cut it as headmistress. She wouldn’t have cut it as Mother’s CEO. And she’d never be able to weasel her way into the sweet, trusting heart of their sis—

“That sounds like a lovely idea!” Shannon smiled, her cheeks bunching together as her eyes shimmered with greedy glee, “I’ll give Eri Flatterly a jingle and we’ll all get something to munch on!”

“A-Allow me, sweet sister!” Carol grabbed the phone at her desk, “L-Let me do it for you!”

“No need to trouble yourself!” Penelope whipped out her cellphone and held it to her ear, “I-I’ve got it!”

And so the game began once more.

Except instead of filling themselves, it was a game to be spent spoiling their sister...

- - -

- - -


At the end of every game of Mix & Match, it's essential to move forward with the ideas you've created. I hosted a poll to see which of the previous five victors were fan-favorites, and the voters selected these three

- - -

By popular demand...

We explore the further implications of what happens when a girl like Mel switches bodies, and her imagination is her only obstacle...


“Friggin’ A, Mel!” Aunt Rhonda shouted, stomping down on her meaty foot, “This has gone on long enough!”

“What? Who’s Mel?” what had once been her own dark brown voice lilted facetiously, “Nobody here but Rhonda Burkhart—the fattest woman alive!”

The announcement was made with much jiggling. Chins, rolls, folds, everything on Rhonda’s body wobbled and shook with pride as its current driver made her small commemorative speech. With her two useless, pudgy hands Mel reached out as far as her pitiful reach could muster and gave her beaching belly a good shake. She gripped some inches of spare dough, just barely able to manage that with how sausagey her aunt’s fingers were getting, and marveled at the display that followed. Acres, oceans of flab seemed to come to life at her very whim. She was getting so big, so huge and enormous... so fat. She could hardly contain herself!

Mel took a longing, hungry glance at the vast mileage of her massiveness before wrapping her Aunt’s lips around her feeding tube. They’d just installed it last week, and she’d already put on another thirty pounds. It was right there, ready to fill her up with empty calories, thanks to the good people at Yeng-Huan—her biggest sponsors in “Rhonda Burkhart’s” quest to become the world’s fattest woman.

“Knock it off, Mel! I’m serious!” Rhonda tromped over with her niece’s full weight, belly swaying as she stormed over to the northern side of what had once upon a time been her lithe and toned body, “You’ve already made me the biggest friggin’ pig in America. Don’t you think it’s time you cut back on all this eating before something bad happens?”

“To me?” Mel raised one of her black eyebrows questioningly

“To [i}me!” Rhonda raised her arms wildly, “How can you just… suck down all this crap! I’ll bet it doesn’t even taste that good!”

“You’d lose that bet.” Mel grunted, her voice husky with satisfaction, “Those folks at Yeng know how to make a quality meal replacement.”

Mel took a few more gulps on her feeding tube. Ever since she had made her quest to gain as public as it had ever been in her own body, Mel had attracted a lot of media attention. They, of course, just saw Rhonda Burkhart—a successful lawyer who had turned to the world of paysite eating and binging for a mixture of money and pleasure. What was worse, she had attracted a following. People that, for some reason, found what she had done to her aunt’s body attractive and supported her either monetarily or through the implementation of creepy messages on the internet, and even those who were beginning to follow the precedent she’d set as “Ravenous Rhonda”. Once she had snagged the title of world’s fattest woman, and so quickly, however Mel attracted an entirely different sort of attention.

One that seemed intent on indulging all of her worst habits—Corporate Sponsorship.

Once Yeng had entered the picture, all hopes of Rhonda getting her beach body back were beyond atomized. All Mel had to do all day was suck on her tube, drinking in an infinite supply of calories in one day. And they paid her for it! Seriously! Mel was making more money in her body than Rhonda had ever dreamt of, and it was just… for being such a fatass! Signing up to do nothing but eat their slop all day—really!

“So you’re just gonna lay around all day, in my body, making me into a fucking… I don’t even know what to call myself anymore! A cow? A blimp? I’m a gooddamn zeppelin!”

Rhonda watched as her face melted in sick satisfaction. Her smile flattened and her eyelids drooped dreamily. A low grunt of satisfaction escaped her niece, her hands traveling to what little of her enormity that was within still arm’s reach, and began to caress the many rolls and folds that had piled up. She suckled eagerly on her Yeng Feed, jiggling and bouncing her body (that wasn’t even her body) around like jello on a plate. Her fat little toes clenched as she fondled herself unabashedly.

“Look—the point is that… you know, I’ve only made your life better since we switched.” Rhonda put her hands on Mel’s wide (wide wide) hips, “And all you’ve done is turn me into this… this… fatass!”

“I have so made your life better.” Mel came back snarkily, “For one, you’re fucking loaded. Two, you’re a celebrity—“


“—Celebrity.” Mel countered, “You lay around all day, get pampered and adored by millions. And you’re about to get your own reality TV show.”

Rhonda pushed her face into her palm. How was she supposed to explain to someone as inherently lazy and gluttonous as Mel that this wasn’t a good thing? Laying around all day, blimping out until she was… what, twelve, thirteen hundred pounds? It wasn’t normal! Most people didn’t aspire to be gigantic fatasses too friggin’ huge to leave their—


“A reality show?” Rhonda bawked, “Mel are you kidding me? You signed on for a Reality Show?”

A sly smile crept onto Rhonda’s face, her huge cheeks dimpling with delight as Mel watched her aunt squirm in confusion. She had been wanting to save the surprise, considering that her Aunt was such a buzzkill about stuff like this. But there was no use hiding it now! With her big fat mouth, there was no use trying to keep the cat in the bag any longer.

“Weell~” Mel said in a sing-songy tone, “Kinda.”

Unbelievable!” Rhonda erupted, “So now the whole country gets to see what a colossal fatass you’ve turned me into? A-All my exes, my former coworkers… your mom? God, can you even imagine what Jan’s going to say when… when…”

“Surprise!” Mel laughed weakly, having realized that she misread the room on that remark, “I, uh… yeah…”


“Yeah, yeah, I know, unbelievable.” Mel rolled her aunt’s eyes, “But the crew’ll be here by tomorrow. Make myself look presentable—have a pizza or something.”


Back by popular demand...

We peer into the future of Courtney, Mia and Eri after Mia's proposition...


“I blame you for this.”

With two doughy hands, Courtney reached out and gave the belly in front of her a good squeeze at the flanks. It was her own stomach, oddly enough. No longer did she have to grab onto Mia or Eri’s for support—her own widening waist was becoming substantial enough on its own now that she would be hard-pressed to find an angle she couldn’t reach it at. She was getting so big around, it was getting harder and harder to find gear to outfit her in. Courtney might have to start teaching Gym in the nude if she couldn’t get a handle on her hankerings…

The feel of her soft flesh as she squeezed it between her fingers though; the still exhaled sharply as a rush of excitement flushed through her entire system at the touch of her comparatively cold corpulence. She was so big! And while it was a pain when it came to getting to and from class or getting in and out of chairs, there was something about all of this flesh that made her… it made her hot!

“L’il ol me?” Eri snorted, her ring of chins wobbling as the rest of her shook in a deep belly laugh, “Sugar, I don’t rightfully have any idea what yer drivin’ at!”

Eri’s footsteps thundered throughout the cabin as the enormous Asian woman sauntered over (as best she could manage at her weight) to one of her two girlfriends. It was becoming an exhausting endeavor now for her to even lug that big belly of hers across the room—let alone the kitchen. She got by with her sous chefs and her various assistants, but it was becoming clearer and clearer to those who knew Eri Flatterly personally (very, very personally in Courtney’s case) that her days as a mobile member of the Academy’s staff were numbered.

Watching all of Eri’s… self quiver and shake from side to side like that, it made Courtney bite her bottom lip. She knew it was weird. That she shouldn’t be turned on by all of this… this. But all the food and fat that had been flying around ever since she joined Eri and Mia in their not-so-little love affair, it had… changed her.

Gone were the days of Courtney struggling to diet. Trying to keep that little potbelly from blossoming into something bigger, bolder. Better.

Under the guidance of her girlfriends, Courtney had become hooked on eating. Eating everything. The skill with which Eri and Mia had managed to blend their love making with their gastronomic habits were incredibly skillful. Masterful, even, as the continued gaining and deeper connection between all three women developed. There was no jealousy, no bitterness, no thoughts of favoritism. Somehow there was just the three of them, and it worked.

And a lot of food.

“Don’t tell me you don’t like this.” Eri puffed breathlessly as she managed to squeeze a handful of Courtney’s succulent belly slab for herself, eliciting a yelp from the shorter, blonder woman

“E-Eri!” Courtney whimpered and winced, “Not so rough! My tummy’s sensitive!”

“Is… is it?” Eri gasped, still exhausted from her trip across the room; but not so much as to keep her from kneading Courtney’s exposed swell of stomach flesh like a cat, “Oh then… then you’ll really hate this…”

The Assistant Coach bit her bottom lip in agony as she suppressed a stimulated moan of pleasure. She had no clue what this was. Or even why it turned her on so much. But it did. It made her so wet to feel Eri weighing down on her, squishing her stomach, telling her what a fatty she’d let herself turn into. And the fact that Eri was so much bigger than her, so much more to grab onto, it just… it made her…


“Er-Bear?” came a distressed, breathy voice from the bedroom, “Courtney-kins? You’re not… you guys aren’t kanoodling without me, are you?”

The two of them rolled their eyes in a sort of playful, loving way. It was no secret that Mia had become the neediest out of their tremendous trio. She had managed to get by being the guidance counsellor via facetime and Skype, but her recently acquired immobility had made her a bit clingy. Laying in bed all day, snacking on whatever Eri had laying around, being doted on all day by Ms. Polluck’s personal assistants… it was a little much to keep up with her demands sometimes!

“Of course not Mimi!” Eri said with another laugh, “Help me up, wouldja? She’ll be cryin’ all night if we don’t go in there.”

“I hear that.” Courtney rocked herself off of Eri and helped hoist her to her feet.

Inside their bedroom, Mia’s permanent dwelling area now that she had officially outgrown the need for legs, was an area dedicated entirely to their love affair. Fitting, then, that the one most affected by their love would be the one stuck there constantly. She had become incapable of standing under her own power some months ago, and her increased time spent laying back and allowing Eri or various hired attendants to dote over her had done little to tide the rampant expansion that had overcome her.

Propped up by pillows, the pile that was Mia Underwood couldn’t have looked happier if she were a pig in slop. Allowing her enormous expanse to flow freely onto the bed, unconstrained by clothes as her massive mams sloped to either side of her avalanche of adipose, Mia was content to just eat eat eat, all day long. Whenever she wasn’t in “session” with one of her students, Mia’s mouth was much better suited to the constant stream of snacking that Eri’s company had accustomed it to. As her two soulmates sauntered into the room, various anatomies quivering and wobbling wildly, a smile crept onto her fat face as she shrunk into her chins and shoulders.

They had made the right call, obviously—getting Courtney involved.


Due to the incredible amount of support that I've gotten from fans and players, I decided to do a bonus round. Listed below are some silly stories involving some fan-favorite characters in situations that they suggested.

So how about a story with...

- - -

Alice, Mel, and Jan Carlyle...reeling from the effects of the third’s marriage as they all gain more than a little comfort weight?


It was a quiet morning the in Carlyle home. It was early, and the girls hadn't quite woken up yet. The soft light of the sun caught against the curtains, bathing the living room and the halls in soft blue trails of morning glow. Bedroom doors were shut as the sisters Carlyle eagerly slept the day away, snuggled into their covers as their soft snores filled their quarters. It was a lazy Saturday morning for all, a tradition that had found new life and meaning in the Carlyle home in the many months since that home had become complete. The only thing powerful enough to disturb this uncommon peace was the slight clamor in the kitchen; the scraping of pots, whisks against glass bowls, pancakes bubbling til brown on one eye and bacon sizzling on the other.

"Make way for the bacon!" Michael Holmes-Carlyle announced happily as he interrupted his wife's meal by scooting the plate of sausage links aside and nestling the newest addition to breakfast next to the bowl of eggs, "How many strips do you want?"

All of them she found herself thinking as the greasy, fatty strips of meat glistened in the overhead light. Her tongue nearly lolled out right then and there as she ogled her husband's sweet, maple-cooked breakfast meat.

"Just, um... three to start out with." Jan smiled politely, secretly begrudging the small kindling of strips she'd requested.

She just didn't know what was wrong with her lately; she had never had these problems before! Her wardrobe issues, her appetite spiraling out of control, the midnight snacking... her weight...

But staring down the barrel of all this delicious food that her sweet, loving husband made for her... it was all just so good! Poor Jan couldn't help but suck down every morsel like she'd been doing it her entire life! The bacon, the waffles, the sausage, the eggs, the toast, the french toast, the chocolate chip pancakes? Ooh~

Jan bit into a forkful of cheesy eggs, her toes curling in excitement as her face grew pink with appreciation.

Ever since her second marraige, Jan had really let herself go! Since Michael was wealthy enough to support her and her daughters independently, Jan wasn't really pressed to get a job. And now that all she had to do was lay around and be spoiled by the man she loved, well...

She was getting a little plump.

Just... just a little.

Her marraige to Jack had never been so open! So affectionate! Michael just loved to buy her all these things and give her soothing massages after he got home from work and cook her romantic meals for no real reason at all other than he loved her and wanted her to feel special! You couldn't beat husbandry like that. And Jan's newfound appreciation of being a housewife was evident in her newly domesticated figure. A soft, round face with a cute little double chin. Thick arms meant for channel-changing and candy-crushing. A full bust that spilled over even her newest bras (and lingerie) and a wide set of hips to cushion her many sedentary hours seated on the couch. And most importantly, a big round tummy that seemed to grow bigger and rounder by the day.

As Jan suckled on the syrup-covered prongs of her fork, her stomach churned appreciatively from her lap.

And a happy tummy meant a happy Jan.


As the tell-tale sound of thundering footsteps signalled the arrival of her daughters, Jan's mood almost instantly turned sour. They ruined everything.

"Something smells good!" came the boistrous bellowing of her oldest, Melanie, as she waddled through the living room, "Y'smell that?"

"Aww, Michael you made breakfast again?" her youngest, Alice, crooned as she bounded belly-heavily behind her super-sized sister, "You didn't have to do that!"

"What? No way; I don't mind." Michael said dismissively from his place at the oven, quickly coming over to place plates in front of his stepdaughters as they took their respective places at the table, "I've got more coming ladies, so don't be shy."

"Great husbanding." Mel snarked as she picked up her fork, "10 out of 10. Would marry."

Jan's expression curdled at the sight of her greedy daughters, gobbling up her breakfast. Michael had made this for her; who were they to stuff their fat faces uninvited like this? If Jan had a mind to, she would have shooed her children away from the table with a few scathing remarks. It wasn't like they needed all her food anyway, the cows!

But Michael had been very clear about his feelings regarding how she handled the girls...

And the last thing she wanted to do was lose another husband.

Jan could only watch as her greedy daughters descended on her breakfast, a mixture of anguish and anger (angruish?) settling in as she got a front row seat to her daughters pigging out on her food.

Mel, already such a cow to begin with, had managed to get even fatter in the coming months. Ever since she graduated from that awful Academy, Mel had been a lazy tick, content to such her dry. And now she was doing the same thing to Michael; poor thing! And she sure was blowing up like one. Melanie's belly had never been bigger, and her butt had never been wider. Just last week, Mel had gotten her hips wedged in the doorway after a particularly heavy meal. Luckily Michael was generous enough to have the doorways widened. But that would be a week from now at least, and that mouth of hers wasn't exactly going empty. If anything, she'd picked up her eating pace!

And Alice wasn't too far behind her! When Jan had left her at Buttercombe, she had strictly instructed her not to put on any weight like her sister had before her. But come the summer of her sophomore year, and she looked to have nearly doubled in size! She was a big, buddha-bellied blimp, just like her sister before her. And poor Michael was so nice, he couldn't refuse any of her spoiled little daughter's requests! Imagine, taking advantage of him like that. Jan had raised them better!

But that...

That wasn't important right now.

As Jan sunk further into her breakfast, her conscious mind devolving into a slew of gluttony and anger, she contented herself with the knowledge that Alice would be out of the house soon enough. And hopefully Mel with her; maybe she'd ship her off to her sister in South Carolina?

Then that would leave she and her husband alone, for once.

And she wouldn't have to share with anybody...


Adeline Holloway, Mia Underwood, and Maria Espanosa...find themselves living quite comfortably when they’re signed up as Yeng employees/test subjects?


Things changed once Ms. Polluck stepped down.

After Shannon left, it was her sister Carol who took the reigns. For what it was worth, Carol wasn't exactly awful. Just new and inexperienced in the ways of running Buttercombe Academy, and ill-fit to manage its faculty. She had gotten better, they'd heard, but they had long burned down that bridge. Among the handful that actually had the gumption to leave after the changing of the Pollucks, only a select few actually remained in teaching. It was a thankless job, and most found that they could make better pay with fewer hassles elsewhere.

And when you worked for a company like Yeng, there were just as many benefits as there were to working at Buttercombe Academy.

Or at least, that's what Fukuda had insisted upon hiring them when she recruited the former teachers. And she hadn't lied either; Yeng provided full health-care, dental, stock options, and a healthy end-of-year review that almost undoubtedly involved a pay raise.

Of course what she hadn't told them, and what she tended not to tell anybody during the interviewing process, that there was a small matter of covert experimentation.

A small matter, really.

And in varying respects, even. There were lots of different kinds of experimentation that she was instructed, as Supervisor of the YFP division, to conduct regularly. She was just doing her job. And there wasn't anything inheritly malignant about the trials she ran on some (just some!) of her employees.

In fact, they usually treated them just a hair's length better!

Take Adeline Holloway, former Mathematics instructor. At Buttercombe Academy, she had been forced to recite and recount lessons for underappreciative and uninterested students, despite her great interest in the matter. Mr. Yeng felt that, given her great talent for structure and orderliness, Ms. Holloway would have a wonderful head for supervising the shipping department. Rather than starting her out on the line, with most of the other men and women who just started out, Adeline's credentials allowed her to soar right up to an office-holding position; literally above all the other workers.

Fukuda had placed her high in an office built into the side of the wall, allowing her to look down and watch on all those who she came to see (well, saw initially honestly) as below her. She had no issues reporting slow employees, was incredibly organized, and actually improved efficiency by .5%

Perhaps, if it weren't for the psychological portion of the experiment, Adeline's efficiency rate would have been even higher.

But as she watched the subject BA-1 crush the chair beneath her, enormous lower half oozing over the sides of her seat as she sucked down snacks courtesy of the vending machine located in her office, Fukuda could see, now, that Adeline's success in her experiment was temporary. If they could not find a way to incentize her to keep her productivity up, the controlled variable would wind up causing her to actually decrease.

"Miss Fukuda!" Adeline said suddenly, her chins bouncing as she sucked the cheese off of her chubby fingers, "I-I had no idea that you were!"

"Relax, Miss Holloway." Fukuda said in her way, her thick accent creating a somewhat soothing effect as she held up her hand. She couldn't bear to watch her employee fail (again) to stand up from her seated position, "I am just passing through."

Contented, Adeline slowly went back to "work."

Fukuda scribbled on her notepad, and continued towards the elevator.

In the R&D center, she had placed Maria Espanosa, the Psychology teacher.

Wary of placing her in a more mental experiment as she had Adeline, Fukuda had insisted to Mr. Yeng that she be assigned to the Testing Center; to which he agreed eventually. Maria's background in psychology made her a liability, so isolating her was the best route to go.

Subject BA-2 was something of a more mild success. As she was young, trendy, and a first-generation American, Maria Espanosa's involvement in the testing of their products meant that she fit several demographics that the Yeng Corp. liked to target. Add in her latina heritage, and her propensity for speaking Spanish, and she was a very valuable member to the team.

Fukuda had been keeping her on the other end of a production line for some months now, reading her reviews and notes about the products very intently. She favored sweet things, like prepackaged breakfast pastries and cakes. For lunch she liked rich hearty meals, and it was through her that the R&D department was able to revitalize their approach to Hispanic foods. As a reward, Maria had been given a Yeng Recliner to sit in as she ate, along with her Y-Pad to fiddle with between snacks and meals. An American Top 40 station played softly through the radio speakers overhead in her designated area, and Maria was happily at work.

She had been a small thing when Fukuda had recruited her, but her position at Yeng had changed that. Subject BA-2 was now fat, and particularly prone to hunger pangs. Her cinnamon softness had poured outwards, her breasts having grown exponentially (Fukuda liked to think that her preference for Yeng brand ice cream had nothing to do with it). The big brown balloons rested heavily on either side of her distended stomach, her wide hips wedged into the recliner as she lay back, tapping away at her tablet. She was so engrossed by her game, she barely even noticed Fukuda's arrival. Tubby fingers tapped away, as Fukuda click-clacked out of the area.

More scribbles on her board.

Finally, as Fukuda stepped onto the elevator, there came the issue of what to do with Subject BA-3.

Mia Underwood had been vastly unqualified to be the guidance counsellor at her old job. In fact, she didn't really have any particular skills that were useful. Or any that were particularly harmful to Yeng's experiments. She was just sort've... there. She applied when Adeline and Maria did, and Fukuda had thought that surely a woman fresh from a presitgious school like Buttercombe Academy would be useful to the people at Yeng.

But no.

So, rather than turn her away, Mr. Yeng decided that there were other uses for a woman like Mia Underwood. Placing her below, in one of the many sub-basements of the complex, Mr. Yeng assigned Fukuda to run a few very special experiments on what appeared to be their most unwitting test subject yet.

Mia had been given her own living quarters, a sort of small apartment. There was no evidence of it being anything other than a well-crafted, comfortable home. The cameras were small and unnoticeable, and there were LED lights placed in the otherwise empty windows to simulate the typical day/night cycle. Mia was to be given every basic necessity, including cable, and Fukuda was instructed to see what... prolonged exposure to nothing Yeng's devices, appliances, and foodstuffs may or may not do to the consumer.

Mia was given two Y-Maids, access to a prototype of the still-in-development Y-Couch as well as a recliner, and several Y-Vision televisions were mounted in almost every room of her apartment. Her meals were available on-request through a sort of hydraulic dumbwaiter that the boys in the lab had developed just for this assignment.

The results were... shocking, to say the least.

Subject BA-3 had become a pile of a woman, completely dominated by the rolls and folds of her figure. She had somehow grown to the point where she required the entire Y-Couch for seating arrangements, her great gut pouring off of the cushions and onto the carpeted floor. Her fingers tapped idly on her Y-Pad, measuring her response to the stimulus of her television set and her snacks. Her long blonde hair poured down on her meaty shoulders, her chins cascading downwards as they pooled on her flabby chest. Her enormous arms rested on her flanks as she mindlessly soaked in stimuli after stimuli.

Curiously, thanks to the incomplete nature of the Y-Maids' lingual centers, lack of additional interaction with other people, and the subliminal messages coming from the speakers of her many televisions (Fukuda had been assured there wasn't anything sinister about those), Mia now almost exclusively spoke Japanese. Probably without even realizing it!

Which was, honestly, probably the least shocking transformation given the track record set by her gluttonous coworkers.

But the sheer size of her...

Was she, Fukuda wondered, the future of Yeng's consumers?

"もっと必要..." Mia called out in Japanese, rubbing and groping her vastness of flab, "お腹が空きました!"

Fukuda made some very detailed notes on her clipboard.

Mr. Yeng would surely want to hear about this...


Shannon, Carol, and Penelope Polluck...are in a weight war where the first and second conspire to fatten the third, for some reason?


"Here she comes, here she comes."

All activity in the Headmistress' office came to a sudden standstill. Two women, both in their late thirties, sat silently as they awaited the arrival of their younger sister. One, a woman dressed in a deep mustard-colored three-piece suit with a short 'do that left one with the image of sophistication and style. The other, seated at the desk, was a plump woman squeezed into a honey-colored blazer. Beneath her desk, she curled her toes excitedly and shifted her wide legs in her tight black skirt. The younger woman chewed her bottom lip excitedly, her gaze alternating between the older one and the door.

Despite her attempts to look serious, Shannon couldn't keep the corners of her mouth untucked. She had found so much joy in playing with Penelope like this.

Oh, was that a terrible thing to say?

No, of course not. She was doing it at Mother's behest after all. And Carol too, she had voulenteered to help with what had quickly come to be referred to as the "Penelope Problem." And honestly, this was the closest that the Polluck sisters had come to actually bonding since their time as students at Buttercombe Academy. It had been rather nice having all three sisters living under one roof again; even if there was a decidedly ulterior motive behind it.

It was all for a good cause, at least. Mother had assured her, and Carol, that this marraige between the Pollucks and the Vales. But if that was ever going to happen, Penelope was going to have to be able to catch the eye of Benjamen; the only suitable Vale heir. Benjy and Penelope had been friends as children, as he had been with all the Polluck girls, but it would take more than rekindling a childhood friendship to ensure any nuptuals between them, given his... preferrences.

But it had to be Penelope. Shannon was married to the Academy; she wouldn't let anyone get between her and her job.

And Carol... didn't swing that way.

Plus, Penelope still lived in the area. Both Shannon and Carol had relocated, while Penelope stayed home to take care of their mother's local duties. With these factors in mind, it pretty much had to be Penelope. Unless Mother wanted Penelope to take over where one of the other sisters left off in order to come home and marry Benjy Vale; and Penelope had made it painfully clear that she didn't quite have the gall to handle any big business or an Academy filled with demanding students.

Which was why Shannon and Carol both agreed that it was probably best... if she knew nothing of the whole arrangement.

Make that reconnection seem more natural.

The handle on the office door began to jiggle, and both Polluck sisters raised ever so slightly in their seats. Once they heard the old hinges squeak, both Shannon and Carol were on their feet; risen and ready to strike.

The door opened to reveal Penelope, the youngest but now officially the biggest Polluck. She had spent the better part of the last two years bouncing between sisters while her mother temporarily took the reigns back for her local affairs. Her first year was spent abroad, meticulously placed in a string of newly-purchased summer homes that were all located conspicuously close to eateries, pastry shops and the like. Penelope was always accompanied by maids and butlers, who had been ordered to take care of her every whim during her time spent in Europe, and she had been sad to see them go once she made the switch over to Carol.

For the six months she had spent with Penelope under her charge, Carol had gone to great lengths to spoil her sister rotten. From what Shannon had heard, Penelope hadn't had to lift a finger once during the entire time. Facials, manicures, massages, spa treatments, dining out at fancy restaurants like SoCo every other day under the guise of showing their younger sister what it was like as a rich woman in the city. Penelope had apparently taken very well to the lifestyle.

Penelope had grown quite large in the intervening time since Shannon had seen her last. How much of it was Europe and how much of it was Carol, she had no way of knowing. But she was quite the different woman than the one Shannon remembered.

Her waist had grown thick and swollen, with a belly that hung far over the waist of her skirt. Her bosom heaved with laborious breathing as she huffed and puffed her way into the office. Her face was fat, her eyes piggly and small as they were swaddled by her chubby cheeks. Carol and Shannon had kept her distracted with a "tour" of the kitchens, guided by her head chef, and she looked to have had a good time. Her stomach was swollen and distended, she cradeled it with two chubby hands.

And now it was Shannon's turn. She would be the final nail in the coffin, Shannon was sure. She had an entire culinary team ready and primed (read: bribed with pay raises) to cook the most succulent, tantalizing meals to tempt Penelope with at every hour. Her own rather generous figure was a direct result of all these luxuries, and she was hoping that with Eri Flatterly at the helm, a woman responsible of at least twenty pounds on Shannon's supple shape, Penelope would be ill-equipped to resist stuffing herself like a pig all the way until Christmas.

"Oh Penelope, it's so good to see you!" Shannon shot up from her seat and, along with Carol, walked her sister to the couch where the latter had been seated, "How was Europe."

"Wonderful." Penelope smiled weakly, "I have some souvenirs for you, um... somewhere..."

"Nevermind nevermind, sit sit!" Shannon laid it on sickly sweet as she and her older sister laid the bloated beauty on the couch, "Tell me, what did you think of Ms. Flatterly?"

"Oh she was... very nice." Penelope puffed, "She told me if I ever needed anything to eat that I should call her."

"And right she was to say!" Carol interjected, "You're a guest here in Shannon's school; I'm sure her staff will most assuredly be happy to take care of you."

Shannon saw the relieved expression flash over Penelope's face. She had been taken care of for more than a year and a half now; she was clearly used to the luxury of having people wait on her. That was a good instinct to have, given that Carol and her mother had been trying to pile a lifetime of weight onto what had once been a very slight woman. Given that the Penelope Problem was almost at its due date, Shannon would have to work to ensure that not only did her sister grow fatter, but more demure and eager to be spoiled. Her mother had insisted that Penelope be made Benjy's perfect bride; and a perfect bride for Benjy she would become.

"Well, I was thinking that, since all three of us are under the same roof for the first time in ages..." Shannon tapped at Penelope's shoulder lovingly, "That I would order a great, big chocolate cake. Hm? Sound good?"

"Oh, I don't know..." Penelope burbled, "I just had lunch! And I ate so much during my tour with your chef, Shay Shay..."

"I'm down." Carol interjected, "Nothing like a good chocolate cake to cure a tummyache, am I right?"

"Well, if you two are okay with it..." Penelope's eyes brightened as her lips began to moisten, "I suppose I could have just a... little piece. I'd like to be able to fit through the door when I move back home, you know!"


Piper, Parker, and Harper Black...after the second moves to Abercrombie, and finally comes back for a visit after way too long?


Everyone had been surprised when Parker actually moved out.

The baby had come, and there were just too many mouths to feed. Since Parker refused to get a job, or even look like she was trying to get one, her mother gave her two options: move out, or go back to college.

And given all the drama that happened in that house in the first place, it was no surprise that Parker did both at the same time. She had a whole lot of colorful words to say on the matter; mostly insults pertaining to the sheer number of Blacks there were in the house, how her mother should have done such and such, and how it wasn't fair that Piper didn't have to go back to school, even though Piper had been working pretty steadily ever since she graduated high school. It wasn't a pretty departure, and the spoiled senior sister was sure to blow up about it all over Facebook.

But they had a little one to take care of now. Sarah-Beth Black wasn't going to go anywhere just because Parker was a lazy brat. Both Piper and Harper knew that, which was why it was so easy to shrug off all her yelling and screaming.

But in all honesty, they had really figured that Parker would have moved, like... down the street or something. That way when she eventually flunked out of school, it would make it all the easier to come crawling back home crying crocodile tears.

Nobody ever believed that she would actually move. Like, move move.

All the way to Abercrombie.

For the first six months, Piper and Harper actually looked for her. They didn't believe that this spoiled city girl had decided to move all the way out to the middle of the country. Photoshop was a thing; she could have been editing all her pictures on Facebook just to make it look like she had moved that far away. It wouldn't be the first time she put her Graphic Design skills to good use.

But eventually, it became clear that Parker had actually done the unthinkable and friggin' relocated because of a petty slight.

She took out some loans, enrolled in ASU, and actually stayed there long enough to get her degree. Needless to say, her mother was speechless! Parker had never shown this much ambition before... ever. To say she was surpised was an understatement—Harper was fucking flabbergasted!

Even moreso when she recinded the kicking out, and invited Parker to move back in with them, only to be turned down!

"I've kinda got my own thing going right now." Parker had said over the phone, "But... I mean, I've got a few weeks before I can move into my new place. I guess I could come down there for, like, a visit or something."

And so Harper demanded that the house was to be cleaned. Piper took two days off work, one to clean and one for the first day, and even sweet little Sarah Beth was eager to help. The house was spotless, probably cleaner than it had ever been when Parker had lived there. It was equal parts "welcome home" and "we don't want to give you anything to bitch about", but the sentiment was more or less positive. After more than four years of cooling off, Harper had more or less forgotten why she was so unhappy when Parker lived with them.

It was going to be a nice, cozy Black family reunion.

So they got all gussied up. Harper put on her waist trainer and put on her Sunday best. Piper wore her push-up bra and a cute little blouse with jeans. They even put Sarah-Beth in a dress and a bow in her hair.

Again, equal parts.

And they all stood there in the living room, and clenched a little at the sound of a taxi pulling up. Footsteps on the door, deep breaths all around, when finally the doorknob started to rustle and the hinges began to squeak.

And marveled as a big burgundy blimp seemed to float right into the doorway, 'ASU' scrawled across the smaller balloons riding on top.

Everyone's eyes widened as they watched the curious spectacle of this fat woman, this... {i]obscenely fat woman trying to wrestle her way into the doorway. She was so big around the belly that, despite all her grunting and twisting and cussing, it was made abundantly clear that she was just too fat to come through the front door! Her face, swaddled in chins and jowls, turned bright pink in anger and exertion as she began to pour sweat, which glistened in the Summer sun. Why she had been wearing a hoodie, nobody stopped to ask as they watched her struggle futiley against the unyielding doorway.

"Uh, guys?" a distinctly familiar voice beckoned, "A little help here?"

Harper snapped into action, handing Sarah-Beth off to Piper as she went to help the woman through the doorway. Two impossibly thick, thigh-sized arms were thrust into the house as Harper tried to grab them, pressing herself against the enormous belly that came in tow. But it was no use!

"The, uh... the back doors?" Piper suggested idly, "Maybe you could, um..."

"R-Right!" Harper sounded more confused than sure, "U-Uh, why don't you go around back and use the... back doors... sweetie?"

And so she did. There was much waiting as they heard lots of cussing and huffing, and eventually thundering footsteps that threatened to splinter the deck beneath her. But eventually, Parker Black had returned home.

"Well... don't just... stand there..." Parker huffed, her double-chins quivering, "Come gimme a hug!"

And it was the most awkward hug ever.

Parker Black had somehow managed to triple... quadruple in size since she had moved out!

She was enormous, the most enormous woman that any of the Black family had ever seen face-to-face. She looked like she belonged on the Marni Blake show. She looked like she belonged in a circus. She looked like... she shouldn't have been walking! It had only been four years! How had she managed to put on four... maybe five hundred pounds?!

"So whaddaya got to eat?" Parker demanded as she scratched the foot or so of ample Armenian flesh that bubbled out from underneath her hoodie, "M'starving. I forgot there's like, no restaurants here."

And so, ignoring her patented rude manners in favor of being shocked at just how fat she was, Harper led her daughter to the dinner table, where she required two groaning chairs just to support her giant shelf of an ass. It was colossal, easily as wide as Harper, Piper, and maybe another Harper standing beside each other. And it was so big—it stuck out nearly a foot behind her, just wobbling out of sync with the rest of her body.

Even as she sat, Parker's great gut needed support. It pooled on the dinner table, her fluffy hands coming to rest on her upper swell of her stomach. Her tits sloped to either side of her stomach, giant melons that rose and fell with her labored breathing. Even her face was unrecognizeable; she had two giant double chins that jiggled and quivered with her every word, step or breath. Her head actually looked to be sinking into them as she sat, the meat of her shoulders pushing them upwards as they came to rest on her flabby chest.

But her belly, god her belly was big.

It was easy to see how she had gotten stuck. Parker's paunch was the biggest, fattest thing about her . It was huge, triply-rolled with a spare tire that could fit a monster truck. She had it tucked into her sweatpants, but neither it nor her ASU hoodie seemed to be enough to keep it contained. There was just this portion of stomach, probably forty or fifty pounds of it, just bobbling out in front of her completely unprotected.

She was wearing flip-flops—even her damn toes were fat!

"So, uh... Parker..." Harper said the name almost hesitantly, hoping that she had accidentally let in some incredibly obese stranger than think that her daughter had blimped out so much in such a short amount of time, "How long will you be staying with us?"

"Few weeks." Parker puffed as she shoveled some mashed potatoes into her maw, "Just long enough 'til I can get my apartment shit cleared up."

"So... you'll be needing a room." Piper grimaced, already seeing where this was going, "Unless you want to try fitting—uh, renting a hotel?"

"Nah, I'll stay with you guys." Parker's chins wobbled as she filled her jowls with her designated portion of the dinner, and began working on Piper's, "Might be nice to catch up a little. You guys missed a lot."



Megan Mahoney, Ronnie Wilson, and Sam Wilsey...where the first inexplicably wakes up in a world where she’s always been the fattest out of all three?


Megan awoke with a fright.

She had been having the weirdest dream—it was the one where she was fat again.

It must have harkened back to her fear of regaining her old Buttercombe weight, but Megan had been having that particular dream a lot lately. That made the third time this month, and the rent wasn't even due yet. It must have been all the eating she'd been doing lately. Those sweets Ronnie'd been making for her and Sam must be taking a toll on her subconscious. Probably worried about blowing back up again, like she had back in high school.

Ugh, memories of being a teenaged blimp. She had been such a cow. Eighteen and nearly three hundred pounds, almost all of it having settled in her back-breaking hooters. It had taken her nearly four years of being out of that place for her to drop the weight, and even then there was a particularly stubborn layer of belly fat that she couldn't quite get rid of. But sitting at a thick one sixty was better than tipping the scales at the unthinkable weight of two ninety, and at least she had kept most of her tits. She may have kept herself a little big around the middle, but after being a total heifer with udders to match? Maintaining a weight anything under the two hundred pound mark was a godsend.

Megan figured, idly as she rubbed her eyes, that she'd better stop with all the midnight snacking. Not only would she keep having these awful nightmares, but she might start porking out again. And god knows that wouldn't have been pretty.

Well that was easy. No more brownies before bed; all her problems were solved.

But as Megan went to roll herself off the bed, she was met with a curious resistence. She motioned, but did not move. She felt... puffy. Bloated. She tried to move her legs, but they were so heavy! Like someone was holding them down!

It wasn't until she actually started kicking her legs did Megan begin to realize that something was off. There was something resting on her upper thighs. Like something was sleeping on her or something. Something big, and jiggly. She reached down to feel what it was; only to recoil at the touch. Her own touch. Whatever was laying on her... was her!

But that was impossible. It was so... big! So squishy and doughy. As Megan's fingers gripped tightly onto the pliable pudge, she felt her own skin stretch and give in her grip. She pressed and kneaded and squeezed against the strangely familiar sack. It brung back memories; sensations of a time that she couldn't quite put her finger on...

Until suddenly, Megan's eyes shot open in fright again.

Rocking and rolling herself off of the bed, Megan came down to the floor with a thud. Beneath her, the floorboards of her bedroom creaked and groaned as she coaxed herself to the full-length mirror she kept in her bedroom. Walking was so hard, so arduous due to the familiar heaviness of her legs. And her back was killing her! She was already exhausted, and she had just barely gotten out of bed! Only one way to settle this.

Find the lightswitch, find the lightswitch.

Suddenly and with a flash of light, Megan's mystery was solved.

She had gotten fat.

As she let out a blood-curdling scream, Megan tried to process the shape in the mirror, undoubtedly hers after much poking and prodding to test otherwise. With every poke of her doughy digits, the sagging freckled blob in front of her would just give and wobble at the stimulus. Her giant gazongas pooled to either side of her gut, achingly huge and painfully swollen. Her plump face twisted in abject horror—she hadn't been this fat when she went to bed last night!

Without even realizing it, she must have woken up Sam and Ronnie. Her two roommates came charging into her bedroom without a moment's hesitation, the former armed with a baseball bat, as they poured into her room.

Sam was the youngest out of all three of them, and happened to have been the thinnest (regardless of whatever size Megan happened to wake up at on a particular morning). Aside from a prominent pot-belly, Sam was otherwise very average in weight. Her short black hair was tussled, and she had come piling in without a top on. Her belly flopped over the waistband of her pajama bottoms as she swung the bat wildly, hoping to intimidate a target that wasn't there.

"You alright, Meg?" Sam hollered loudly, looking around the bedroom, "What happened?"

"S-Sam!" Megan gasped, more shocked by her own dilemma than whether or not her lamp would ever work again, "I-I..."

"What happened, sweetie?" Ronnie came pouring in behind Sam, scooching the skinnier roommate over with a nudge of her elbow. For a girl of a certain size, Ronnie sure could move when she wanted to, "Is everything okay?"

Ronnie had always been the plumper one between the three of them. It probably came with the territory of being the one with the most talent behind the oven. She was never particularly skinny, even back when they were in school together, but if Megan had been paying attention to the sliver of a swell creeping out underneath her tank top, she might have noticed that Ronnie's late-night confection courses weren't only affecting her. Her long brown hair was pulled up in a messy ponytail, her belly bouncing as she ushered herself inside to check on her longtime friend.

"N-No Ronnie, i-it's not..." Megan was hyperventalating, "I'm... look at me!"

Ronnie and Sam both did as they were instructed, giving the engorged ginger a cursory glance. Apparently they found nothing wrong, given the confused glances they exchanged.

"We are looking at you, Meggy." Ronnie said, her tone lowering and softening slightly, "What's wrong? We both heard you scream, so we... we rushed right in but..."

"R-Ronnie, look at me!" Megan held her doughy arms out for emphasis, "I'm huge!"

At this, Sam lowered her bat in anguish as she let out a groan.

"Oh my gawwwd not this again." she rolled her eyes as she dragged the bat across the floor, "Meg, if you want to have body issues at three in the morning, wait until I start working 3rd."

"W-What?" Megan gasped, dumbfounded

"Megan, sweetie..." Ronnie began gently, the great frustration in her tone poorly hidden "This is, um... not a new thing."

Ronnie punctuated her statement with an idle, open-handed pat to Megan's bloated belly. It sloshed at the touch, much to Megan's horror. Not a new thing? How could this not have been a new thing?!

"Look, Meg, it's real simple." Sam started as she passed by the two tubbier roommates, "If you want to stop having these nightmares, stop eating brownies before bed. Seriously, I don't know what Ronnie puts in them, but it's a guaranteed sweet-dream pitstop if you just eat them at dinner like the rest of us."

"N-Nightmares?!" Megan turned completely to Ronnie as the door clicked behind Sam, "Ronnie what... I don't know what's going on here!"

"Well... I mean they're not nightmares I guess..." Ronnie led with a yawn, "You've been telling us about how you keep having these dreams where you're skinny—"

"I am skinny, Ronnie!" Megan said with a petulant stamp of her foot, making her big body bounce slightly, "Just... I just woke up like this!"

"Pff. Okay. I'll remember that next time you pop a button and beg me to sew it back on for you." Ronnie said with a dismissive hug of her best friend, "Now get back to bed. I need you to open for me at the bakery tomorrow."

Megan stood, wide-eyed, as her best friend just... just left her there! All alone in her room, three hundred pounds of petrified porker!

"Oh, and Megan?" Ronnie turned around, "This time, don't eat all the day-olds. It's bad for business."

- - -

- - -


Every story needs a villain. Whether you love them or hate them, not everyone can be the good guy! Or girl in this case...

We love these ladies because they're nasty and mean, but what do you think would happen if...

- - -

Hannah Hammond...succeeded in her nefarious plot?!


The hallways of Buttercombe Academy had never been a tighter squeeze.

With every passing day, it seemed as if the tiles were ready to give underneath the cumulative weight of countless pampered pounds. Weights kept rising and rising, but nobody knew for sure why. As knick-knacks and baubles trembled timorously on the shelves, rattling right off the shelves in some cases, students and faculty alike became moderately aware that they were expanding... even more than usual. Women and girls from every corner of the school were blowing up faster than they ever had before, but nobody seemed to be able to curb the mysterious expansion that had gripped them all so fiercely!

Teachers were snacking incessantly between and during their classes, scarfing down sweets at record rates. Students were binging at breakfast lunch and dinner, staying for seconds thirds and fourths at every course. The Headmistress had officially been forced to widen her doorway some months ago while the Walker sisters waged waistline war against the World's Fattest Twins. Coach Knight could barely make it a lap around her own track at a liesurely pace, and some of her students were losing mobility alltogether! Even the freshmen were fattening at unprecedented rates, putting on the freshman fifteen, thirty, forty-five, all the way up to one hundred pounds in their first two semesters... or more!

But nobody could understand why.

Certainly not Hannah Hammond, no. She had no clue why everyone around her was getting to be so plump.

She was just talking about this to Ms. Polluck the other day as she ordered lunch for her headmistress. They were awfully close; Hannah had done such a wonderful job as her TA for the past three years. They were already discussing ways to keep her on as a permanent fixture in the Academy!

As much as Hannah hated to admit it, she had to concede that Ms. Polluck had grown a little... dependent on her.

But hey, that came with the job territory right?

"Hrmm..." Ms. Polluck growled huskily, wedged behind her desk, "Candace says Ms. Espanosa's stuck again."

"Stuck where?" Hannah interjected coyly as she put her hands on her hips, "In her desk"

"In the doorway." the heaving headmistress huffed, her swathing jowls pooling on her chest, "Would you be a dear and -?"

"On it." Hannah beamed as she head out the door.

She waved goodbye to the hippo headmistress crammed behind her desk, and reentered the hallways that were filled with huffing hiefers of all ages. It was so much easier for everyone now that Hannah had persuaded the headmistress into allowing free student access to the snack machines. And since partnering with Yeng, Buttercombe Academy had never been more prosperous!

Hannah brushed against and weaved through more blubber than she had in ages. Everyone around her was just so big, and she was just oh-so-painfully skinny. It was hard not to bump against Cerys Porter's colossal keister as she eclipsed one of the many vending machines. Or accidentally elbow Megan Mahoney in one of her titanic titties while she tried to give her some breathing room as she tried in vain to catch her breath. Or linger against the big old belly of Zahara Stevens as she chatted it up with an equally fat friend.

It wasn't her fault, after all...

As Hannah came upon her designated target, she clearly saw the issue. A big cinnamon brown ball of blubber had wedged itself from the inside out of Ms. Espanosa's classroom. It had the floral trimmings of one of her clingy dresses.

"Aye, is that you Hannah?!" a distressed voice came from the other side, three dark chins quivering in sconfusion as she failed to percieve anything beyond her obstructive obesity, "I think I'm stuck!"

No kidding, Hannah thought to herself as she drummed her fingers against the tautness of her upper belly roll as it bulged out from the doorway. Hannah could clearly see poor Ms. Espanosa popping chocolates into her mouth at record pace. The poor dear was so distraught over this whole thing, she just couldn't stop herself from comfort eating!

"Mm... yeah, this is gonna take a little lube..." Hannah said thoughtfully as she stroked her chin, touching and feeling the soft pliable pudge as it yielded to her fingers, "We might need to butter you up if we ever wanna get you out of there..."

Ms. Espanosa let out a nasal whine, still sucking down chocolates as Hannah got to work...


Grace Sawyer...got a taste of her own medicine?


"I'll show them..."

Grace had never been so humiliated in her entire life. It had been one thing when her friends decided that they didn't like her bossing them around. That was cool, y'know? Who liked being bossed around? Grace sure didn't - that's why she did it to others, so she didn't have to deal with that shit herself - but still. Point is, she could deal with that. She couldn't live well with that, but whatever.

It was another animal entirely when her friends stopped hanging out with her alltogether. She had known Autumn, Katrina, and Olivia ever since they were Freshmen. They practically ran this stupid place, and it was because they all worked so intimdatingly well as a team. They watched each other's backs! That was the whole point of calling themselves the Brat Pack - they were brats, they ran in a pack. The name didn't make any sense if there was only one brat, because all of the other ones decided that they didn't fucking like dealing with her shit anymore.

Even when they had started hanging out with someone else. Someone new, even. Grace wasn't hurt. As hurt. She wasn't hurt as hurt. Whoever this Carlyle bitch was, she had balls. She couldn't fault her bully brigade for sticking with the biggest bitch on campus. She'd taught them well, after all.

But nobody, nobody makes fun of Grace Sawyer.

"Hey princess, mind if I take that? You're clearly not gonna put it to good use."

Grace could still see Mel's fat gut as it poured out of her triple-x-l uniform, taut and firm after a day's worth of indulgences. Her friends (former friends) cackled behind their new top bitch, their big bellies bouncing as they watched the display of power as their new queen toppled the old. Grace had been given no choice in the matter. It was either give in to Mel's authority, or face the wrath of everything she'd ever taught her former cohorts. Or worse.

"Maybe one day you'll be big enough to take me on." Mel had sneered as she backed Grace into a wall, the vast overhang of her stomach squishing against her own, "If you start eatin' about a month ago, Skinny. Ha!"

The chairs beneath Grace buckled as she quickly made her way through the fridge. She had been steeped in hatred for that fat bitch for months now, allowing her frustration to fester so that she might cultivate it into an even more agitated eating cycle. She was unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with. Grace ate with more gusto than she had ever put into anything else in her life. Her grades stalled, her social life plumetted, and her attendance fell through the floor as she focused all of her excess energy on excess.

So by the last month mark of her last year at Buttercombe, Grace decided to call her old friends out. She wanted to challenge Mel Carlyle right here, right now!

With her enormous stomach swaying to and fro, her fat face quivering with her every slow pathetic step, Grace had eaten herself huge! And she was ready to call that little bitch out and... and sit on her! Or something...

Admittedly, Grace hadn't thought this one through.

Then again, it had been a lot quieter without her idiot friends around. She had finally gotten enough to eat too! She'd never gone hungry. No more whining about what they were going to do, or who they were going to prank. She didn't have to worry about Autumn trying to Starscream her way into the chain of command, or Olivia's incessant insistance that they not get in trouble. And Katrina's stupid accent...

And her new roommate was pretty cool too! She was always so willing to do whatever Grace asked - newbees were pretty cool like that...

...On second thought, let Mel keep her old friends! Those guys sucked anyway!


Fukuda Hinamizawa...had her plans backfire and blow up in her face?


Fukuda watched from high above, behind her two-way mirror, as the latest batch of subjects fell into line.

Their growing dependence on Yeng products yielded useful information as to how the American population would react to the extra precautions that they had undergone to ensure customer reliance. Both Subject Johnson and Subject Black had become increasingly malleable in recent sessions. While they were only the newest batch of "hires" for the Yeng Corporation's R&D department, their reactions to the new technologies from the lab were invaluable. Such young, typical teenagers proved essential in tailoring Yeng’s marketing. They had been measuring their reactions to various stimuli for months now, watching as continual exposure to the subliminal messages and not-entirely-legal chemicals that they’d laced their foods with increased both the need and desire for further consumption of their products.

But this, their reactions to the Yeng maids, would be a major turning point in Fukuda’s career. She had long proposed a sort of robotic aide designed to make the user’s life more efficient. Cleaning around the house, cooking meals, taking care of any household pets. The Y-Maids were hardly so advanced (yet!) but they were very capable of performing simple basic functions. Fukuda’s own experience had taught her that multiple maids were required to keep a household running efficiently; one for cooking, one for cleaning, one for washing clothes, and so on.

But these were the newer models—Fukuda could barely recognize Dr. Azigawa’s original skeletal system beneath the layers of simulated (if still somewhat offputting) flesh. Other than the fact that they were slate gray and bald, Fukuda would have been remiss if she mistook them for people!

She made a mental note to trade in her current models once things went over smoothly with the Subjects down below. Once she made sure they wouldn’t rip off anyone’s head or anything, Fukuda didn’t see any particular reason that she shouldn’t trade in the crew that she had been supplied with. Perhaps all but Nezumi, she had been such an attentive servant…

They all had, as a matter of fact. Dr. Hinamizawa was a busy woman, after all. She had no time for menial things like cooking and cleaning. Certainly not laundry—not with all the important work she was doing in R&D.

Perhaps it would have been… educational to keep Nezumi around at the office. For comparison purposes of course…

“More?” the first gen Y-maid asked simply

“Oh, I couldn’t…” Fukuda placed a hand on her puffy cheek, “I’ve already indulged enough today, Nezumi.”

There was a soft whirring as Nezumi’s sensory detectors shone a soft red. She froze mid-sentence, her polite posture stuck in an arch until the scan was complete.

“Sensors indicate that you are not full.” Nezumi said in a strictly monotone voice, “Would you like more, Doctor?”

“Well… I suppose…” Fukuda shrugged her shoulders, sinking into her seat at the desk, “Perhaps something sweet this time?”

“Of course.”

Nezumi was such a reliable assistant. Certainly more than any of the other interns that Yeng had hired in the past. She was just so willing and compliant to do whatever she asked of her. A trait sorely lacking in many of those who had worked underneath her in the past. The care with which she paid attention to detail; Fukuda never went without!

Fukuda took one last longing look as the two American girls gorged their way through Yeng-brand products and soaked up as many subliminal messages as they could fit into their tiny minds, all at the insistence of their 2nd gen Y-Maids. They were like children, being corralled into doing what they were told by doting mothers.

Fukuda chuckled throatily, her belly bouncing with enough fervor to send a button rolling across the tiled floor of her office.

Some people were so easy to manipulate.

- - -

- - -


Young and Hungry has been getting a lot of attention lately, which is super awesome! It stars two unlikely lovers, Zack and Alice from Daven's Port and Buttercombe Academy respectively, as they move to a(n incredibly fat-friendly) town called Abercrombie to start a new life together. But I can't help but wonder... what if, instead of Zack and Alice, the story started a bit differently?

What would it be like if...

- - -

What would it be like if Dakota Johnson was Alice's girlfriend, and supported her while she went to college?

“Honey, I’m home!”

Dakota shut the door behind her as she walked into the apartment, throwing her keys into the bowl beside her.

She looked around for a second. It was odd whenever Alice wasn’t literally right there to greet her. Usually she could find her on the couch or something. At least hear the shower going. Had she gone out without telling her? No, that didn’t seem like her.

“Al?” Dakota called out a little louder, cupping her hand over her mouth, “You home?”

Admittedly, this was still a new change for them. Ever since she’d made the move to Abercrombie Dakota had been working midshifts. Working first was a nice change, if somewhat inconveniencing now that she and Alice had finally settled into a nice groove of seeing each other late at night and in the mornings before she went to class. It had only been a week or so… maybe Alice had just stepped out without thinking too much about it?

As Dakota neared the bedroom door, she could make out the faint sounds of rustling and crinkling. Plus, something else in the background. The TV, maybe? It sounded like the TV…

Dakota cut her eyes devilishly. So much for staying up late to work on homework, huh Al? A sneaky little cowgirl grin crawled up between her cheeks as Dakota reached for the door handle. As quietly as possible, she turned the knob and pushed ever so slightly on the surface of the door. The sounds of the television and the now familiar rustling of wrappers became louder as Dakota eeked her head into their bedroom.

There, sprawled out on the mattress like a duvet, was a wild girlfriend in her natural habitat.

Dressed in her jammies, as she’d probably been since she came home, Alice lay sprawled out on her tummy like a tuckered animal, relaxing in the sun with her booty raised high in the air. Alice was big enough to cover the entire bed when she sprawled out like that, her belly pooling beneath her and bulging out from under her arms and legs as her big butt bubbled out behind and above her, swinging merrily as she munch munch munched the day away. Her long blonde hair was up in a pony-tail that sat on top of her soft, squishy back rolls. On the bed, and off the bed and around the bed, were empty containers and packagings and wrappers otherwise associated with their latest grocery run.

Alice had spent all day snacking in front of the TV again!

Dakota stepped a little more inside, her girlfriend was so engrossed in reruns of the Marni Blake Show that she didn’t seem to register the intrusion. Dakota put her hands on her wide, womanly hips and put on a playful scowl.

Dakota cleared her throat, and watched as Alice immediately went into a spasm.

“D-Dakota!” Alice practically threw herself off the bed, very nearly rolling onto the floor. At her weight, surprising was really a gambit. Alice was getting so tubby lately, and she was just so bottom heavy, that she couldn’t really control where she landed if she rolled over in surprise. Thankfully Alice’s shelf-ass managed to roll against the mattress with enough space (and not enough momentum) that she could recover the landing. The doughy denoument of her physique, that big belly of hers, probably helped to weigh it down. What with all the Oreos, potato chips, and chocolate bars she’d smuggled into it.

“I-I-I thought—“

“Studying, huh?” Dakota crossed her arms over her chest, “Studying what? Day Time Television addiction?”

“I-I was just about to… to—“ Alice was still winded from being scared. God she was out of shape. Maybe it was time to start inviting her on her walks… especially if this was how she spent her afternoons. No wonder she was getting so big!

“Uh-huh, sure you were sweetie.” Dakota laughed as she slunk over to her girlfriend of the past few years and laid down beside her, “You’re the worlds okay-est student. I swear.”

“Stop teasing me…” Alice whimpered, her face disgruntled in embarrassment, “I know I said I’d try to do better this semester, but…”

“Hey, no sweat.” Dakota smiled expertly as she sat down next to Alice, “It’s not like this is how you’ve spent every afternoon since we moved here, right?”

“R-Right!” Alice chuckled awkwardly, her double chins quivering, “D-Definitely not…”


What if Piper Black was Alice’s girlfriend, who stayed at home while she worked full time?

“Honey, I’m home!”

Alice wrestled with the door, her hands full. In one hand, Alice had her briefcase and the keys to their apartment. In the other, a dozen donuts. It was awfully hard work juggling three things with two hands, especially since one of those things required turning, but Alice managed to get inside well enough. She placed the items down on a table nearby, and removed her blazer. Her cute little pixie-bob—still salon-fresh—had gotten a little mussed by the wind on her way up. She took a moment, vainly, to smooth it out before continuing inside with the donuts in hand.

The living room was certainly more lively than the office had been. The volume was up on the television, and the tell-tale sounds of explosions and gunfire peppered the whole flat. Alice wasn’t much of a fan, but it was nice that at least one of them was having a good day.

“Piper?!” Alice shouted over the battlefield, “Piper? Hey! I’m home!”

There was no response as her girlfriend continued to shift and grind on the couch, grunting and wincing whenever she felt appropriate. Alice stood in the doorway for a generous minute before she tried again, this time a little louder. Instinctively, Piper paused her campaign and turned to face the breadwinner of the house.

“Hey babe!” Piper said happily as her eyes narrowed on the box of donuts Alice carried waiter-style into the living room, “Cool, you got my text.”

Alice sauntered over to the couch and sat down next to Piper. Not that there was much “next to Piper” to go around. A few more office lunch meets, and Alice might have had to invest in a bigger couch if she wanted to sit next to her girlfriend. Assuming, of course, Piper didn’t just grow to fill that space herself…

Oh, why was Alice complaining? It wasn’t like she cared that Piper had gotten a bit bigger since they’d made the move. Piper had found her attractive through her chubby phase; why would it bother Alice that her girlfriend was going through one of her own?

Alice sort’ve figured that there would be some comfort weight involved. When two people move in together, it just sort’ve happens. But Piper had been porking out for some time now, and it didn’t look like she was ready to stop any time soon.

Alice could help but watch as Piper instinctively grabbed for a donut, pumping her flabby arms as she lifted one of the ridiculously customized confections to her awaiting mouth. Off-white cream bulged out of the sides of her chocolate-covered, glazed-and-sprinkled treat and onto the corners of her mouth. Her pink tongue quickly lapped it up, a small noise of approval escaping her.

“So how’d the job hunt go today?” Alice asked as she settled into the tight crevice between Piper and the couch, “You find anything good?”

“Fuggin no.” Piper snorted, reaching for another, “Finding a graphic design job in this town is like trying to find water in the Sahara.”

Alice smiled to herself. It didn’t look like Piper had done much hunting since she’d left this morning. She’d changed into a different set of sweatpants, and she’d put on a bra, but that was about it. Piper’s big tan tummy was even out of the waistband, pouring between her legs and onto her lap. She’d probably done a few searches on Monster.com or something before calling it a day…

Not that Alice minded.

Piper, like this… it made her feel useful!


“I’m sorry sweetie.” Alice cooed as she plucked a donut from the box and lowered it in front of her girlfriend’s face, “I-It’s not like you need to work though. I can take care of us.”

Piper took an eager bite from the hovering donut and sunk back into her spot, the couch groaning beneath her. She had this contented, happy look on her face as the menagerie of flavors danced across her taste buds. She held her mouth open expectantly, to which Alice was more than ready to comply. Piper slowly finished off her second donut, and then continued.

“I know, but I feel bad.” She said with a whine, “You work so hard and all I do is sit on my butt.”

“I like your butt!”

“You would, wouldn’t you?” Piper’s fat face twisted into one of wicked amusement, “It’s where all those donuts go, you chubby chaser.”

“I’m not a chubby chaser.” Alice said with a playful sternness, “I love you. And if you just so happen to be a little plump—“

“Plump like a landwhale.” Piper said, grabbing the outermost swell of her flanks with both hands

“—then so be it.” Alice said with a smile as she grabbed Piper’s chubby hand, “I don’t care if you ever get a job. I just want you to be happy.”

There was a pause as the genuine emotion overwhelmed the two of them. They weren’t a very sweet and romantic couple, so moments like these were somewhat sparse. But even Piper knew when to appreciate what she’d just been told. Alice wasn’t exactly in-touch with her feelings most of the time. So something so bold to have come out of her mouth… well, it was awfully effective to say the least.

“You’re so fuckin’ sweet!” Piper suddenly erupted, throwing herself onto Alice and smothering her in an avalanche of suffocating armenian fluff, “C’mere and kiss my fat face, you romantic little twat!”

“Piper!” Alice gasped, “Can’t breathe… Piper!”


What if Megan Mahoney was Alice’s girlfriend, and they were both quickly going native?

“Hun, I think we’re finally home.”

Lumbering through the doorway together would have been downright impossible. Even with the specifications that had led them to choose this particular complex, there wouldn’t be any of that nonsense. Thankfully though, Megan noted with no small amount of wonder, she didn’t have to turn sideway just to get inside anymore. Her tits no longer brushed against the doorframe, nor did her belly or her lovehandles. Alice neither; the Queensbury Apartment complex had officially passed the first of Megan’s many needs.

Toddling in behind her, Alice was clearly taken by the same realization that she actually fit through the doors comfortably. They had spent their first few years in Abercrombie crammed into that tiny little apartment for so long, they had forgotten what it was like to not have to struggle through doorways!

It was a huge place. Wide open living room, big kitchen with an industrial sized fridge. All of the furniture had been reinforced by the previous tenants, which meant they wouldn’t have to cough up a small fortune just to be able to sit. There was a great view of the city along the wall. They could even see campus from here!

Two titanic, tubby legs hauled their mighty load over just a couple steps. Miraculously, the floor did not creak beneath Megan as she waddled over to her girlfriend. Placing an arm around her, the topheavy redhead ushered her buddha-bellied belle over just enough to look at the view. The two of them together, side by side, was enough to fill a large portion of even this room.

“What do you think, hun?” Megan held out a doughy arm, stretching out dramatically, “Just think about how fat we’re gonna get here.”

“I-I don’t know…” Alice tried to grab at her arm, but her belly had grown far too big and her arms were far too thick to make the trip across the top of her tummy. So instead, Alice’s hand fell nervously to caress the swell of her stomach, “Do we really need a place where it’s so… easy for us? I mean, I think… I-I don’t know…”

Megan made a face.

Ever since she and Alice had moved to Abercrombie, they had been gaining weight at a breakneck pace. It was kind’ve hard not to. Megan had thought that they were over this whole “holding back” thing a while ago. She, personally, had been indulging as much as possible and as often as possible. Alice had too, or so she’d been thinking. They both had so much fun eating! And fucking! And eating and fucking! Megan was so turned on by Alice’s body that sometimes they just plum didn’t go to class! Megan had been having the time of her life ever since she’d awakened to her particular tastes.

So why not Alice?

“I-I just… I don’t know if I’m ready…”

“Baby...” Megan purred as she held her arms out in Alice’s direction, “Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts…”

Using her deceptively nimble fingers, Megan began to roll up the hem of her barely-fitted t-shirt. With every inch gone, another roll of pudge was exposed; another inch to pinch had been revealed. Her belly poured forward, freckled and stretchmarked as it oozed over her sex and hung towards her knees.

“You don’t like this?” Megan whimpered, clutching at her belly and letting it pour between her fingers, “You don’t want me to get bigger?”

Alice’s round face had turned bright red. Megan could practically see the gears turning behind her beady blue eyes. She was frozen—so Meg decided to help her out a little.

The freckled fatty inched away at Alice’s blouse, unbuttoning it slowly as she pressed herself up against Alice’s slowly revealing softness. Once uncovered, Megan made sure to press herself belly-first against her girlfriend, watching as the big blonde bit her bottom lip in frustration.

“You don’t like how it feels when our tummies touch?” Megan asked sensually, “I know I do. I like it when your belly presses up against mine. It makes me feel… mmmm…”

Megan grabbed one of Alice’s side rolls and squeeze, eliciting a yelp from the reluctant roommate,.

“I-I do…” Alice gasped, her breath hot and heavy, “B-B-But…”

“Shh… stop talking.”

Megan turned Alice. It was a difficult process, considering how big around the belt she was. Alice’s gut was the source of many problems in their own apartment—Megan was sure that she felt Alice’s trepidation and surprise at successfully performing a 180 in their new apartment. Spreading her hands wide, Megan pressed herself deeply against Alice’s back. The bottom of her belly squeezed against Alice’s couch-crushing ass as Megan grabbed whatever amount of Alice’s exposed enormousness she could reach, and began to rub.

“Look out the window, baby.” Megan whispered, “How does this apartment make you feel?”

Alice’s brain was on overload. Ever since she and Megan had started getting fat together, it had been like this. She’d get flustered, unable to think. With Megan stroking and coaxing her like this, Alice began to feel a familiar sensation deep within her loins.

“i… I feel…” Alice gasped, “Hungry…”



As you know, characters have a definitive past, present, and sometimes even a fixed future. Their past shapes them and the hardships they face while we read about them. The present is now, and their troubles that seem to lurk just around the corner. And their future is what lies just ahead, waiting to be dictated. But what if things got a little twisted? What if certain things were changed. How would that effect them? Would they still be the same? How would they change? What if...


What if Aunt Rhonda had been born and raised in Abercrombie?

You know, I don't think I'll ever understand what my Mom wanted to accomplish when she sent me to live with my Aunt Rhonda.

I mean, I admit it, I was a little demanding. A little bit of a brat. You know, you don’t get to weigh five hundred pounds without stepping on (metaphorically and literally) some toes. At the time, I just thought she was being a bitch about my weight—and a hypocrite at that. No one in our whole family tree weighed anything less than couch-crushing levels of fatassitude. I was just the only one who really revelled in it. Or so I thought. At least, before I was sent to live with our Aunt Rhonda.

And, you know, at first I was pretty psyched! No rules, no one hounding me about staying out late or posting pictures of myself on the internet. Alice was pretty stoked too once she figured out that she’d be getting my share of dinner. That cute little chub ball couldn’t have been happier to see me go! But after just a few days of living with my Aunt, I understood completely that my Mom wasn’t trying to teach me about managing my weight (considering we weren’t too far off from sharing a wardrobe, I should’ve figured that one out sooner!). What she was trying to teach me though... I guess I'd never understand...

“Melly!” my Aunt Sally called out, “Could you c’mere a minute?”

I rolled my eyes and got the ball rolling. It took so much effort for me to get up on my feet without the help. My aunts sure did her best to keep me mobile, but it was a losing battle! As I rounded the corner, I came into the living room—a room that doubled as my Aunt Rhonda’s main dwelling.

I never got used to seeing my Aunt Rhonda like this. She had always been pretty fat (coming from me, that’s saying something!) but her condition silently explained why it had been so long since I’d last seen her. Since she’d gotten married to Aunt Sally, she’d really let herself go! And with a woman of Aunt Sally’s wealth, she could let herself go further and further than anyone else in Abercrombie…

Rhonda may as well have been a fixture in the house. She barely moved, and all of her functions were taken care of for her by maids and machinery. She was usually covered up with a makeshift ensemble made of bedsheets, and today was no exception. Her big blobby body rested heavily on the floor, her arms hanging loosely at her sides as she was fed like some sort of Hutt by overly eager maids. Her face was set deep in chins, but I could still see the smile on her face. I’ll admit, I was jealous. Getting to eat like that, all day, being waited on hand and foot? It was more than a little exciting…

“You know Melly, your family is probably one of the biggest in Abercrombie.” My Aunt Sally, a svelte redhead, said with a smile as she pat her wife’s gelatinous globe of a gut, “It’s… hereditary, you know.”

“You mean…?”

“Well, your mother wouldn’t have sent you to me if she hadn’t seen your potential, now would she?”


What if Parker Black ran into a future version of herself, who was incredibly overweight?

“So… you dragged me all the way out here to tell me… awhat some convoluted story?” Parker pressed her hands against the table and stood in impertinence, “It just doesn’t add up—namely because, I don’t care if I got locked in a bakery for ten years, I could never in a million years turn into a fatass like you!”

Seated across from Parker was… Parker. Albeit a vastly different, vastly vast Parker. They looked more or less the same in the face, but that’s where the similarities ended. This woman had to have been at least ten years older than her, and with a much different figure. She claimed to be from the future, but unless she came from a world where diets, exercise, or bulimia were foreign concepts, Parker couldn’t be bothered to peer further to see the similarities.

Parker… the other Parker… had wedged herself in the booth end of a table at D’s Donuts & Malts. Her immense olive-colored corpulence poured liberally out from underneath her top. Her breasts, more massive than Parker could have ever thought possible, laid rest on top of this swaddling, enormous belly that took perch not only on the seat, but on top of her massive tanned thighs, and even on the table. Her fat arms quivered with every pump of her flabby fists, wobbling and shaking as she fought the losing fight against her fat, food-addicted self. God she was so disgusting! Parker could never have turned into her, not in a million years! Let alone ten!

“Look, I’m just saying, if you take that job at Gilbert & Heil, you’re gonna regret it!” Future Parker said, her voice thicker with either age or weight, “If you get a job now, Mom won’t kick you out and you won’t wind up… like this.”

To illustrate her point, Future Parker picked up a heavy sum of her stomach and let it drop heavily in front of her. Her whole body seemed to ripple in response to the sudden impact. Parker shivered quietly to herself, and made her choice. If it meant not turning into this wide-load, she supposed that she could be motivated to accept that job offer…

“Hi, Dr. Hinamizawa?” Parker said into her phone, “Yes, this is Parker Black calling back about that application… yes, I’d love to come see you for an interview. Of course. Tomorrow at noon—thanks a bunch!”

No sooner had Parker looked up from her phone did she see an immediate effect of her actions… if only they’d have been more to her liking!

What had once been a merely disconcerting vision of a future yet to come had become downright mortifying! The other woman sitting in front of her, Future Parker, had vanished! And in her place was a woman nearly doubled in size! How had such a sow managed to even get into this booth? She took up the whole bench!

“Good call, kid.” Future Piper burped, softball-sized cheeks rippling with the boom of her belch, “Best decision of my life.”


What if Ashley Knight woke up in a world where everyone was fat?

Something didn’t seem… right.

Sure, Ashley had always felt like she was a fish out of water. Especially around here, given her fitness freak reputation. But surely there was something off? Everyone around her seemed so… different than she seemed to remember them. Just as early as last night, even. Sure they were all huge hulking fatasses, but what else was new? An extra hundred pounds wouldn’t change the fact that Courtney was her subservient little assistant, nor would it make any of her students start treating her any different? So what was it? Why was everyone acting so weird towards her…?

Ashley would finally get her answer.

She should have known to evacuate as soon as she heard the floors shaking. But around here, when didn’t the halls rattle with the thunderous footsteps of its faculty and staff? Nevermind the fact that it was the Walker sisters of all people. Ashley remembered them as the most placid, most docile cows in Ms. Polluck’s fat farm. But something was… wrong. The way they moved, the way they walked. With purpose and determination—without the sense that they were being led by their stomachs. Which of course they still were, but only in the technical sense. Women that big still needed to eat, after all.

“Well look what we have here, Jenny-Benny!” Sarah Walker said with a smirk, her fat face bunching into itself, “Little Miss Ashley Knight, trying to put some meat on her bones!”

“Aww, isn’t that cute?” Jennifer Walker smiled maliciously as she took Ashley’s plate right out of her hands, “At least she’s trying to fill out a little, don’t you think so Sarah? At least it’s not that sad.”

The two titanic Walker sister closed in on her, taking slow steps forward until they were pressing deeply into either side of her with their pendulous, swinging guts. Had they always been this fat? Sure they had been fat before, but… how were these women even walking? Let alone ganging up on her?!

“From now on, I think your bony butt might be a little more useful if you just start jogging your food over to me.” Jennifer commanded with a particularly poignant thrust of her stomach, jostling the skinny gym coach and bouncing her onto the smaller sister’s own globular gut, “At least you’d get to sniff it a little before it went to someone who could really appreciate it.”

“Hey, it’s going to us, Jenny.” Sarah said with a push back, knocking Ashley back into Jennifer’s belly as the two whalish Walkers took steps closer, and closer, and closer until she could barely move, “Why should you get a skinny and I don’t?”

“Oh fine.” Jennifer said as she stretched her arms out to pluck Ashley’s tray right from between her hands, “After all, it’s not like Ashley’s ever gonna be big enough to throw her weight around, is she?”

The two torturing trotters threw their heads back and laughed—Ashley finally understood why everyone was acting so weird towards her…

The bigger the better, and in this world, she was at the bottom of the food chain!

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