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Hey...check the windows
(Word Count 300)

Chester pulled himself quietly onto the roof. His clothes, stretch jeans and a black hoody, were perfect for this. Choosing tonight was bold. But, Chester is infamous for this kind of boldness.

He worked his way silently to the peak and looked down into the back yard. Tiki lamps were lit and people stood in groups chatting. He spotted the hosts of the dinner party, Mr. and Mrs Knightly, in a large group. A table was setup beside the pool and it was littered with fine China plates and empty wine bottles. Chester noted the wine bottles and with a smug grin decided this was going to be easy.

The only access to the house from the roof was through a second story bathroom window. Chester could see by the fluttering curtain that it was cracked open. He was nearly invisible thanks to his clothing and his stealth. Reaching the wall undetected, Chester raised the window, and slipped into the house.

At that moment, down at the party, Mrs Knightly laughed loudly at one of Fred Wilkerson's ancient jokes and broke herself from the group using the "check on the kids" excuse. She winked knowingly at her husband and turned toward the house. Since the party was outside, only the kitchen was lit. No matter, without additional light, she headed up the darkened stairs.

The second floor was silent. Passing the bathroom, she spotted the open window and made a note to close it. She entered the girls' room and placed a gentle kiss on each forehead. In the boys' room, she paused over her youngest. "Hey, baby." She said with a mother's sweetness. "You, Chester Knightly, are grounded for a month."

Smiling, she returned to the hallway. Where the uptown strangler, Chester Blaine Phillips, waited in the darkness.
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