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simple thoughts defining the real prpose to work and to give time to our loved ones.
Life is a journey with a definite end. May be good or bad, but it has an end. No-one in this world is out of the vicious cycle of life and death. But most of us forget the truth that one day we all will walk out of this world with bare hands. Either we will be buried down under the soil or be getting blown away with fire. Then gradually we will be forgotten by everyone. The only thing remains in this world will be ours KARMAs or right Work.
Sometimes, I get astonished by the fact that how people are running behind the materialistic world and ignoring the fact that nothing lasts forever. But as per my recent traveling experience, I realized that watching a clean sky with millions and trillions of stars in the night and drinking pure water from the natural source without the fear of contamination is worth than having a million dollars in your bank account. I Know, that you people might find my statement as mere exaggeration, but I am sure after experiencing those things you all will agree with me.
i am not advocating that we all should leave our work and take refuge in high mountains, but we all have to set a limit that at what extent we have to work. Work is necessary, and no one can deny this fact. But what if the work becomes our addiction? And what Exactly is the definition of work?
"Any kind of act which brings money is working." This is the new age definition of work. I am Not targeting anyone but just suggesting to some workaholics that Earn to give happiness to your families rather than giving up your family's happiness for the sake of work. Life is too short and there are many things to be attended in Life. Take some time out, give the time with your family, do some childish things, make paper boats and get wet in the rain, and after all this I am sure you all will find a justification to your jobs as well.
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