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Here I've written some words that run deep through me, my underlying emotions.
Time after time
You let us down
We wait for you
You never come

You chose your path
Many years ago
To leave us alone
How could you

Unconditional love
Abandoned in a moment
Your head turned
You set your standard

Two little people
Joyful with Love
Angels around them
It wasn't enough

You easily walked
No glancing back
Running away
A life in a bag

A year is lost
Lies escape lips
Apologies are extinct
Hurt you cannot see

A Super villains mask
Your character he wears
No attention paid
To people who care

Shame and self pity
Riddle you inside
How you treat those
Who have lived and now died

In denial you live
Shoulders are blameless
It was everyone else's
Not your own actions

Why do I bother
Tears roll down my cheeks
What did I do wrong
To deserve your absence

Life is heavy
On my shoulders
I will no longer carry
These heavy burdens
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