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by Regina
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One very special night.
Smell the beautiful birds in the spring
And listen as the flowers sing.
My love,
I believe it is time for you to try a different thing.
See the wind blowing in your hair
And feel the colors from the moonlight air.
Come now darling and you shall see
A beautiful fairy waiting for thee.
He tells tales of joy
And tales of pain.
Tales of love
And even shame.
At the end of each story
He will always proclaim
"So you see, my dear friend,
we are one and the same."
Follow along down this winding path
And we will glance at the aftermath
Of what we were and what we believed,
But now you can see that we were deceived.
For this is real,
And this we breathe.
Of the baby elf in the woods
Just learning to teethe.
Now you know
And now you see.
You don't have to be anything
That you don't wish to be.
Because we are the same,
You and me.
We are meant to fly
We are meant to see
Everything that people say couldn't possibly be.
So hear with your hands
And smell with your mind.
Pick up that burning, positive dream
That you left behind.
Whatever you do,
Know that it is up to you.
So if you happen to go outside one special night
Listen closely
And you may just see a sprite.
Then, my dear friend,
I hope you will remember me
And smile with the surest delight.

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