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She wants so much to let go but she can't. The weight of her thoughts were plummeting her towards the reality of her situation and the scales were tipping less and less in her favour. Strolling through the midnight streets, she took a minute to appreciate her new home. She had seen the scene hundreds of times before but never looked close enough to see the view. Tens of people spread across the centre of town in their worn out jackets and beaten up trainers, getting settled for the night. Some of them were bundled in groups, looking around cautiously at the rest. She felt a fight could break out at any minute, like a wildfire sweeping through the desert. Her heart was beating fast and her hands were noticeably trembling. She was unsure at this point if it was due to anxiety or the freezing temperatures but she didn't care. Survival was paramount and she couldn't be seen as weak.

Suddenly, a young woman, no older than 20, was standing right in front of her staring into her soul. She felt her body jump and before she knew it, she was lying on the concrete. The young woman helped her up, her hands were rough and her long ginger hair tickled her arm as she rose to stand.
"You alright?" The young woman asked in a shy tone. Maybe she is a newbie like me.
"My pride is bruised but that's all." She replied, lying.
"Pride? Honey, are you kidding?! Do any of us look like we have that?"
Unsure of what would be an appropriate response, she bowed her head and placed a hand over her stomach, blinking awat the tears beore they could be noticed.
"I'm Lyn. You look new. Never seen you before. That right?"
She nodded.
"Been looking for one of you for a while. Come. I'll see to you."
Alarms were ringing loudly, telling her not to go but she didn't have a vast amount of options so she slowly followed. Maybe it would be alright, she kept telling herself. Its only temporary. She prayed everyday that something would change, that she would find a place to call home. That day was not today so she walked into the night, ready to face her first night without a home.
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