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• Chapter One –The Vision that Inspire the Christian Revolution

• Chapter One –The Vision that Inspire the Christian Revolution
The modern world began with a dream. Rev. Jones, the prophet, the founder of the Christian Republican States of North America, had fallen asleep on Saturday night and had the dream that changed the fate of nations and history. The modern world began that night. Rev. Jones knew form the moment that the dream began that he had been called by God to become the next prophetic leader of the Christian faithful.
The dream kicked started the revolution that led to the civil war and the breakup of America into ten competing republics and to the founding of the Christian States of America, and the breakup of the world into the modern world order. This is the true story of the founding of the Modern world.
This is how it all began. I was there from the beginning and saw it all.
Reverend Williams Jones the 111 was my great grandfather. Grandfather was a tall, giant man with a command presence that lit up a room. He had grown up in upper middle class white Scot-Irish family in North Little Rock. His father was a prominent lawyer and man about town. He was a football player for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. After college he played football in the NFL, in the Atlanta Falcons as a star running back for a few years until he had a horrific accident after a drunken drug filled night of wild partying including drugs, alcohol and participation in an orgy. He had gone out to a drive-in restaurant for breakfast and ended up in a car accident that almost killed him. When he recovered from his multiple injuries, he discovered God and went to the seminary and became a preacher.
He avoided going to prison because his father was an influential man and pulled all the strings he could and his being a start football player helped a lot in convincing the judge to grant him mercy and compassion, and of course it helped that he was a White Football player. It is hard to remember how much race played a role in things in those days and still does in the Christian Republican States of America.
He had become a rising star on the fundamentalist circuit, with a mixture of the standard “prepare for the end of days as they were upon us” sermons. He was anti-gay, pro-life and surprisingly anti-white supremacy which made him unique among the white Christian fundamentalists many of who were flirting with the white nationalist set. Once he became the Leader of the Christian States he embraced the White Nationalist cause which led eventually to the nuclear war that almost killed the planet.
One night he had the dream that kick started the revolution that led to the foundation of the modern world. He and his followers called it the “Vision” and saw it as God’s call to arms. His distracters thought it was a sign of mental illness but victors write history as they say so throughout the Christian States and their allies abroad the vision became the accepted truth. Who am I to argue otherwise?
I am just his discredited grandson living in the heathen California. All I know is that the vision seemed terrifyingly real to my grandfather and all who heard his telling of it. Was my grandfather mad? I think so, I think he was certifiably mad but then I think anyone who says God spoke to him is crazy. But my grandfather turned out to be crazy as a fox as they used to say.
The only thing that made me and others believe in the vision is that others had the same or similar vision. Many people forget that the Christian States started out as part of a great religious awaking around the world as various religious leaders peached similar visions that God had called them to unite their part of the world in their own holly wars – that have so defined the modern world. So there was something that had happened to my Grandfather and the other leaders of the founding generation. But I still think that they were all mad as hatters.
That night Grandfather had fallen asleep after working on a new sermon. He found himself in a large white room filled with people mostly white middle age men milling around sitting at desks working on computers. The people were all dressed in dark black business suits with standard corporate ties, and black shoes. They all looked like twins same suit, tie, shoes and expression. One of the men came up to him, and asked him his name. They all looked like the character Mr. Smith from the Matrix movies.
“Reverend William Jones the 111. Where are I and what is this place?”
“This is the antechamber for the judgment room. You’ve been called to take on a mission for God. Do you accept the mission?”
“What’s the mission?”
“All will be explained by Gabriel. You must follow me. Remember that this is the antechamber of the Lord so behave yourself. Follow me. “
“You did not answer my questions.”
“All will be explained. My name is Mr. Smith but I am not cleared to know. It is a military matter and I am just a lowly clerk angel. No one tells me anything. It is my fate.” And with that the angel walked down the hall beckoning Reverend Jones to follow.
And the Reverend walked through the halls of God’s judgment hall. He asked who everyone was and what they were doing.
Mr Smith said,
“They are all angels of the lord carrying out the lord’s mission. That is all you need to know. Please follow me. Your fellow generals are waiting as you are the last to arrive. Please hurry. Gabriel does not like to be kept waiting.”
They entered a large room where there was a throne with a giant figure sitting on the throne. He was dressed in white robes and had a long white beard and long white hair and looked like the Christian depictions of God or Jesus. He looked up and beckoned Reverend William Jones forward.
“Reverend William Robert Jones the 111.. Welcome. I am Gabriel, the Archangel speaking for God. No human can speak directly with God as that would destroy their minds and souls so I am God’s mouth piece.
You’ve been chosen to lead my army to reclaim America for Christ. You will be working with my fellow generals who will reclaim their lands for Islam, for Judaism, for Hinduism and for Buddhism, and for Shintoism, and China will rediscover Confucius principles, Russia and Brazil will follow their own version of Christianity. The others are here so please sit down and we’ll get together.
Reverend Jones, meet your fellow generals: Sheik Ahmed Muhammad from Riyadh who will unified the Muslim world. Reverend Lowenstein who will lead the Jews in a new Israel, Rev. Nyguen from Vietnam who will unify the Buddhist world. Reverend Watanabe who will lead the Japanese people to God through the Shinto way, Pundit Patel who will unify the Hindu world to God through restoring faith in the Hindu gods, Rev. Gonzalez who will unite Latin America through restoring true Catholicism, and Rev. Dostoevsky who will lead a revival of the Russian Orthodox church. Rev Lee will lead a revival of Confucianism in China to replace the discredited anti-God communism. The rest of the world will be divided between your respective region, with Africa being split between the Muslim world and the Christian world.
Each of you will work together and you will form an international coalition – with a political arm and an army as well. The army will be the army of God. You will be the generals in charge. You will divide up the world into your spheres of influence and after doing so, each province will be governed by a council of church elders who will oversee the civil administration.
You will ban evil activities as un- godly. That includes sex outside of marriage, homosexual behavior, pornography, abortion, contraception, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, research into stem cell technology, research into cloning, and anti-god sentiment among the people. The penalties for all these heinous crimes will be death. They will be tried in special religious tribunals. Something like the Shari a law that the Muslims have. Except you will adopt it to local circumstances, in Rev. Jone’s case, it will be a Christian court and the bible and Christian writings will be the basis of the decisions. Normal civil law would not be applied in these cases. Each of you will have your own version. The people will be called to come to God and you will smite the many enemies of God. “
Rev. Jones spoke up,
“Gabriel, I don’t understand. I’ve been told that there is only one way to God and that’s through the Christian church. How can I work with Muslims, Jews and heathens?”
Sheik Mohammed spoke up, “ Rev. Jones, we are people of the book. If you promise to have an open mind, I am sure that Gabriel will ease your fears.”
Gabriel continued,
“Rev. Jones, each religious tradition was given to the people at a time and a place in a way that they could understand. They are all different paths to God. It is only you humans who found that they were exclusive paths. That was never God’s intention. So you are going to bring the world back to God, but each civilization will do it in their own ways and you all will work together. Once you have achieved your goals, you will all peacefully co-exist, each in their land and will resume trade and commerce across the world. But God’s will will prevail and you will be God’s enforcer. Does that help?”
Rev. Jones said, “As God wills it, so be it,” and sat down. He knew that once he had unified the Christian world that they would have to destroy the Muslim world and the Hindu world as well. Then the Buddhist, The Shintoism, Russian Orthodox, Latin Catholics, Confucianism and Jews, would have to be destroyed as well. He knew that there could only be one true religion and that God will reveal to him alone the time to destroy the other false religions. But for now he will follow Gabriel and God’s will.
Gabriel continued,
“You will start small by working community by community using the tools of the devil against him. You will take advantage of modern communication to raise your troops. And you will master the use of the national security state to conduct constant surveillance against your enemies monitoring everyone and keeping everyone in line with God’s will. So be it.
You will preach a simple message. God has spoken to each of you. Each of you will remember this vision and tomorrow contact each other. Within a few weeks you will meet in the U.S. to form an international coalition to fight for God’s vision. You will announce that you will form separate territories for God according to each other’s traditions and you will respect the other religious beliefs, but your territory will only be for your people. Muslims will be called home to the Muslim world, Christians to the Christian states of America, Jews to Israel proper, as the Jews and Palestinians will settle their differences once and for all, Hindus will return to India, Japanese to Japan, Buddhists to traditional Buddhist lands. I hope that Europe will join the Christian revolution, but I am afraid it may have to be destroyed. Russia will follow their own version of the Christian revival. China will remain Confucian, but I am sure that they will eventually learn to co-exist with the rest of the new world. Latin America will rejoin the Catholic faith which will also reconquer Italy, Spain and France – I hope. Africa will fall into chaos and there is nothing I can do to save them.
In your territories you will call upon people to repent, attend religious services and abstain from the evils that you are determined to wipe out.
Finally you should be aware of a few simple facts. The anti-Christ is born and will rise up soon unless you can stop him by restoring God’s kingdom on earth within ten years. That is my vision and that is your mission.
You are dismissed.”
Reverend Jones raised his hand,
“Gabriel, I am sorry I still don’t understand these instructions. And I for sure don’t understand why I should be working with enemies of Christianity. I have nothing against the people here today, but I thought that Christianity was the only way forward. What are we supposed to do?”
Gabrielle snarled,
“Earthlings. You are the most stubborn, ornery creatures of the 35 million intelligent races in the universe. God has a special love for you, why I don’t know. If it were up to me, God would let you destroy your planet as a lesson to us all. But, he has a plan for you all. So be it. I am not one to question the will of God the all mighty.
I will make it clear. You are to work together to conquer the world in your respective areas, and then after you have banished the evil ways that plague mankind, God will reveal the rest of the plans to you. But I warn you – many of you will be tempted by power and many of you will betray your leaders. You must remain true to your faith in God’s mission and you must work together. If you fail, the anti-Christ will be unleashed and ten thousand years of evil will follow. So you are dismissed.”
Reverend Jones was introduced to his fellow conspirators and each of them promised to work together to achieve this ecumenical vision.
Reverend Jones woke up from his vision with a start. It was so vivid, so real. He knew it was not a dream and that he had been called to action.
His account of the dream has of course become legend as has the story that the others had the same dream.
That afternoon he received e-mails from each of the other participants who all told him that they had this vision and wanted to get together per their instructions.
Rev. Lowenstein was the first to reach grandfather. Grandfather read his email account of the vision while having his breakfast. Shortly thereafter others began chiming in. Grandfather was easy to track down apparently because his mega church had a big following and many people were able to contact him. On a normal day he received hundreds of emails and his secretary responds to each email and alerts him of anything personnel or interesting. She forwarded all the emails that contained the word vision per his instructions.
Grandfather called us in for a family chat. He recounted the vision and the emails he had received from his fellow participants in the vision. We were all astounded at the emails – all of which recounted the same vision in great detail.
Rev. Lowenstein offered to lead a delegation to Little Rock to meet with Grandfather and offered to invite the others.
Grandfather responded to them in mass and in person.
It is clear to me that we have all been called together to work together to cleanse the world of immorality and bring the world back to God and each of us has his own sphere of influence to work with.
I would like you all to join me in a revival meeting in Little Rock.
We will discuss the vision and what it means for the world and pledge to work together to clean up the world and dedicate the world to God as we see fit.
I know that I have at times made intemperate remarks about the Muslim faith. I wish to apologize for those hurtful remake and pledge to work with you to advanced this great commission. Please join us in Little Rock.
Rev. Jones,
How delightful to hear from you. I felt that we were called together to unite the world’s people following Allah’s plan. So of course I will join you in Little Rock and I accept your apology and offer an apology of mine own on behalf of my misguided Muslim brothers who commit violence in the name of Jihad. The Muslim religion I preach calls for peace co-existence among the people of the book and I even call for Israel to be given the right to own their own country in the Mideast and I look forward to working with Rev. Lowenstein. He and I agree it is time to end the Arab-Israeli feud.
And that is how it all started 60 years ago.

Chapter Two Using the Devil’s Technology?
After he received the email from the others, Rev. Jones sat down and began to ponder what it all meant. He was worried that he was to work with the Muslims, the Jews, the Hindus and Buddhists and divide up the world, but on the other hand who was he to question God’s will. He turned on his computer and did a search on recent religious history in the world. He read all day and got himself up to speed on the various religious faiths of the world. He found that there was a lot to be said among some of the essential elements of the major faiths, and that they all seem to be calling on mankind to forsake the false materialism of the modern world with its constant sensation, pleasure seeking behavior and come back to a spiritual understanding with God. And he agreed that women needed to be put back in the kitchen and kept out of the work place. God wanted man and women to be together and raise families that would place a premium on worshiping God, or Allah or whatever billion names of God you wished to honor. They were all followers of the same God in the end, he concluded. He also knew that the Gabriel had called them all together for a purpose and he knew he had been called as well and would play a leading role in ushering in God’s vision for the new world.
Funny world, thought Rev. Jones. First rock music, then rap, then social networking sites all high jacked by the pornographers, the drug dealers, and the hate mongers. And good Christian values were harder and harder to preach through the din of modern life.
Rev. Jones summoned his family and top advisors to a meeting and outlined the vision and what he thought it meant. His first order of business was to figure out what to do with the commandment to work with the enemies of true Christianity.
But, he wondered, what does “using the tools of the devil against the devil” meant? He called up his old college friend, Wilbur Smith. Wilbur Smith, was a genius who had founded one of the first data collection agencies and later repented of his creation and became a born again Christian who was warning the Christian faithful of the evils of Facebook, social networking sites as they were all tools of the corporate world to keep people consuming rather than worshiping God.
Wilber was delighted to hear from his old college friend. He came over that very day. He had been working on a new idea he said over the phone. One that might help Rev. Jones deal with the modern technology and use it for good rather than evil.
“Look, Bill, it’s like this. The government, and the corporations have all sorts of data on us. They use it to control us. What if we used it against them? I mean, I can create a data base that will allow me to find every American who would be disposed to be favorable to our cause. We create a social network site for the Christian community, but at the same time, we prowl the data base for info on our opponents, creating a massive enemies list. The enemies list will include their criminal records, and such things as what movies they watch, including what porno they rented. I can find that out through my previous company. I still have a secret account that allows me unlimited access. My old company does not know half of what the data base can do and they were nervous about where I was taking it. The government also was fearful that someone could tap into the data base and use it for nefarious reasons. We are going to prove them right.”
“Will, I still don’t quite get it.”
“Bill, get together with you co-visionaries. I’ll explain it to them all, and we will have customized versions available for each market. It is the ultimate marketing tool. We create an enemies list, and use the powers of the surveillance state to control everyone in society. Those against us will be destroyed. Our allies will prosper. We will start small, with a campaign for decency. 80% of the public would support us. Even many liberals feel that the sex drenched culture has become too sick and want to restore common decency. We demand that the U.S take the lead in cleaning up the cultural pollution in the U.S. and stop exporting our pornography and corrupt values to other societies.
Then we move to take over the corrupt old state institutions state by state and with our control of the media, and the national security state, we will take it all over and reclaim the world for God in furtherance of the visions that you all shared.
Dividing up the world into different spheres of influence according to Gabriel’s plan but we know in the end only Christianity will prevail. It is all God’s will as written in the book of revelations as you and I have discussed many a time.
Any one who stands in the way will be called terrorists and will be absolutely wiped out. Nothing can stop us as we take over the power of the state and use the power of the devil to control the world and free the world for God.
Let’s talk further later today, assemble your top people and I will bring some of my guys as well. “
Wilbur’s guys arrived about 5 pm and after dinner we all sat down to talk it through. Wilber, as usual, was hyper, jumpy, jittery and talkative. He was floored by Reverend Jone’s vision and said that he had no doubt that Reverend Jones had received the calling from God himself. Wilber had kept himself in good shape. He was 45 years old and looked like he was an movie star – he had that look and he also had lots of friends in the entertainment and business world, many of whom shared his views that modern technology was leading the world to move away from Godly values and must be reclaimed to help lead mankind back to God.
Assembled around the living table were the leaders of his Church, the New Hope Mega Church of Little Rock, which became the nerve center of the Christian Revolution, his wife, my father, and my brother and me. All told about 20 people were there that evening, the day after the vision, and what many people called Day One of the Revolution.
Several of the participants from the vision participated in the meeting via conference call and over the course of the evening they all checked in and participated in the discussion and planning.
My father, Robert Jones, spoke up to start the discussion after Grandfather had outlined the vision.
“Dad, write to them, saying that you don’t mind that they work to unify their respective parts of the world and that you share their desire to implement God’s vision but you have to unify the US and Canada under Christian rules and therefore you will be part of their coalition, but will primary focus your efforts on reclaiming North America for Christ. And you can send me to meet them and work out an operational plan of action.”
Grandfather smiled, and said, “Son, let’s do that. You set up the meeting. We will make it a grand revival meeting and televise it around the world and announce the vision. Our visitors will all get a chance to speak as well then we summon the leaders of the Christian flock for a summit in Little Rock where we will figure out how to put God’s vision to work.
Our first order of business will be to reclaim towns and communities for God. Our first target will be Little Rock, then we will target small towns throughout the bible belt, and then gradually tackle larger cities.
We will descend upon a town and show everyone in town who is watching porno, who is buying it, who is making it and how it is corroding our Christian values. We hire experts who will prove that pornography, prostitution, and drug dealing are all interlinked and controlled by evil people. We will demand an end to such godless behavior.
Then town by town we kick out the porno industry and the adult entertainment industry. We will shut down bars and shut down cannabis clubs. We will make sure our opponents don’t get a chance to fight back.
We will shut down the sin joints by force and overwhelm the town.
We will form an armed wing called the Army of God who will be our enforcers, our black shirts so to speak. And Wilbur will lead a team of cyber warriors assembling a data base on every one in America which we will use to destroy our enemies. We at the same time go national and international. Our allies do the same, showing them and us that we can work together on common enemies.
As we gather success, we all point to the world the vision. I’ll leave it to you all whether you start with the vision first, then a call to action. But I hope you get my point - we will use the power of the web and technology to mobilize our forces and then dominate the conversation across the country.
Once we have solved the first crisis, then we move on to the rest of the list. Always start with a huge push to seize the agenda before the enemy can counteract. Act as if we are following God’s path and the enemy is following Satan.”
Wilbur led the discussion with the leaders of the New Hope Church and visitors via conference call and they discuss it all night and by dawn they have the beginning of a master plan. Rev. Jones would bring together his co-religious leaders to the US for a Values Conference. At the conference each of the religious leaders will announce that they had meet at the meeting with Gabriel and as proof, Rev. Jones will show a video that had mysteriously arrived at his and his co-religious leaders. The video will be a reenactment of the alleged meeting. The co-religious leaders will all watch the video the week before and tweak it so it is as good as it can get and represents what they all remembered hearing.
Then Rev. Jones will talk about their common ground. Rev. Jones and the Umma Mohamed would agree to announce that if the U.S. helped the Muslim world become united in a new Caliph that the Muslim would continue to supply the West with oil, renounce terrorism and work with the West to develop new energy technologies. The Muslim world just wanted to be left alone to pursue their vision of what God wanted. And God wanted the Christian world to be united, as well as the Hindus etc. Each of them would announce that they are joining forces to make peaceful change and bring about an end to the evil modern world.
This message will be broadcast around the world. The Muslim leader will meet secretly with the U.S. military, and with industry leaders, who will all be persuaded to go along and the U.S. will withdraw its troops from the Mideast. And in return will get guarantees of continued access to oil as well as access to other resources in the Muslim world. But he will have to agree to let Israel alone in peace.
Rev. Lowenstein will announce a grand bargain for peace in the Middle East. The Hindus, and Buddhists and Shintoists will announce their plans as well. And then Rev. Jones will outline what it means for America.
The US would be subverted from within all in the name of God. The same thing will go on all over the world. As they gained strength, more and more people will flock to the winning team. That was the theory and it worked for a while.
It seemed that the enemy was far smarter than they had predicted and they did not want to give up their stranglehold on power that they had spent decades amassing.
Rev. Jones and Wilbur worked weeks on putting together the details of the plan. Rev. Jones spoke to each of his co-religious conspiracies. They had all had the same vision at the same time and were convinced that they were called to do God’s will in their respective arenas.
Rev. Jones spent the most of his time talking to Sheik Ahmed Mohammed and Reverend Lowenstein. Their support was essential to Rev. Jone’s vision. He would unite the Christian world and the Jewish world in a new Christian States of America. He would run for President as the leader of the Christian Republican Party. He would pull out of the Muslim world as long as Sheik continued to allow the Western world to get oil from them at a decent price. If the Sheik was able to unite the Muslim world and Rev. Jones unite the Christian world then they could jointly move on to conquering the rest of the world. The US would unite the European states and Latin America. Sheik Mohammed would take Africa back and Central Asia. China and India would be left to their own devices as long as they did not become hostile. Same thing with Korea, Japan and South Asia, particularly if their leaders did their part. They would all share their ideas, and technologies for social control.
The success of their endeavor was to keep the focus on the common enemies of God – pornographers, drug pushers, alcohol pushers, tobacco pushers, liberals and social welfare states, and their enablers, anti- life forces of all sorts and anyone who questioned the word of God as revealed in his latest vision.
The military will be brought under God’s will and become an army of God that will be deployed against God’s enemies.
A separate body would be created. The Army of God who will have two missions – taking over the military and security forces and turning them to God’s will and using the power of the military to impose their will on the rest of the world, once the time came for the final battle between God’s army and the dwindling humanist secularists who were the cause of the evil of the modern world.
In the meantime, the army of god would be a terrorist group that would be deployed to intimidate anyone who opposed the new world they were creating.
Rev. Jones invited his co-religious leaders to attend a world summit of social conservatives that would be billed as the bringing together of God’s flock for a special summit.
At the summit, Rev. Jones will introduce his co-religious leaders, play the video, (that will be streamed in real time all over the world) and announced the formation of the Christian Republican party, with his as the Candidate to bring America to Christ. Each of his co-religious leaders will announce the formation of their own parties and their own vision. The problem of Israel will be solved by the grand bargain that would make Jersueulum the capital of a new Israeli-Palestinian Federation.
Then Wilbur suggested that they announce the platform – worldwide renunciation of the evils of the modern world and a call to purify the world. They will call upon the U.S. to enact a national morality law and bring America back to Christian values. They would start with a campaign against pornography, and wanton sexual immorality.
The very next day they will descend on Little Rock to march on the government to demand that the government there ban pornography. They will release the names of every government official in the State that had rented porno in the last year, including teachers, police men, and every prominent person in the State. They will surround the government offices, chanting “why are you protecting the filth vendors who are poising us?” Similar campaigns would be staged around the world, in a spontaneous up pouring of hate against the filth vendors.
Wilbur assured Bill that he the means to get that information and would reveal it soon. He also had a secret weapon of his own – a virus that would go through and cleanse the date base of incriminating evidence against the leaders. Thus the government and their agents when they wake up and try to find dirt to use against the Christian Republicans will find nothing, provided that the Christian Republican leaders remain clean and pure. The virus to clean up the data bases will not be easy to reinstall.
The key to this would be to organize on the new Christian sites that are proliferating on the internet. Rev. Jones would contact allies in the Christian Identity movement and get their support. The other co-religious leaders will do the same on their end.
Wilbur thought it would take six months to start. Rev. Jones told him,
“Will, we’ve wasted all day talking about this. I know what needs to be done and my co-religious leaders and I are in agreement. We launch in one month. All the Christian stations are on board as are the Muslim stations here and in the Mideast. The Jewish stations are on board. They will all cover the conference and simulcast it on the internet. Your job is to put together the plan of attack together –the co-religious leaders will come together here one week before the conference. We are going to hold it in Little Rock.
We are declaring that once The Christian Republicans win the White House and Congress we will move the Capital to Little Rock as Washington DC needs to be destroyed so we can start over again. We are also going to declare war on California – all of us are going to stand united saying that America will reclaim America for Christ, the Muslim World will be united, Israel will be reborn and the war against the enemies of God starts the next day in Little Rock.”
Will and Bill talk about it for another day but Will knew he had run out of time to delay them, so be it. He would use the opportunity given him.
Will had decided a few years ago that he saw a great opportunity to take over the world with his data base but he needed a government that he could control and manipulate the world into demanding total security through coming back to God. He did not really believe in the vision but if that is what it took, he would take it. His goal was simple – through control of information he could control the world’s economy. He would be the man in charge, but let the Christian Republicans, the Muslim Caliphs and their ilk control the public but he would control them.
That was a lot easier to deal with than multiple competing governments and corporations. United the world into five or six huge regions, and then control the currency, the trading and through controlling the government the people. They could continue to fight the battle against social evils by creating new social evils. In the meantime, everyone will buy his products, and everyone will be linked into his social networks. And everyone will have secrets to hide that only he knew.
And he also knew that a call for destruction of God’s enemies will require using the military and he knew a few generals who were anxious to see an end to the current government’s drift towards socialism and peace overseas. They would be persuaded to bring the troops home to use them to conquer Latin America after a new civil war. Destruction was good, as reconstruction made lots of money. He and his corporate friends would hijack the revolution and use it to enslave mankind forever.
He would let the Muslims think that they were going to get away with taking back the Middle East and Africa. When the U.S. was strong, and united, the prophet will reveal that God new message was that Christians must destroy the Muslim world. And the world would race to another world war. And afterwards, in the chaos and misery, they would all be comforted by the new Christian Republican party as he and his other Masters of the Universe cleaned up cleaning up the failed states of the Middle East.
Wilbur knew that the key was long term thinking. He also knew that they to reach out to China, Russia and India in a joint maneuver against the Muslims. Once that was done, they would be in position to implement a global government, with his group behind the politicians.
Wilbur also knew that the key to success was to get the business community behind the revolution. He outlined his plans to Rev. Jones and assembled together leaders of many large corporations and many generals and military leaders as well as political leaders on the right.
They held their secret committee meeting one week before the big conference.
The assembled business, military and political leaders all agreed to form a committee – the committee that does not exist as they called themselves and pledged to work with Rev. Jones to achieve his vision.
The committee that did not exist would be chaired by Rev Jone’s son, my father. They would meet secretly using secure communications provided by Wilbur’s firm.
Rev. Jones began the conversation outlying their goals and calling for their support. In return for their support, Rev. Jones assured them that his movement would carry out their goals as well which they shared.
Besides the social issues which were paramount important to all, they would follow free market principles and dismantle most of the Federal government and state governments as well. They would privatize most of the Federal Government, turn all the parks and other federal lands to the states. The states could continue to operate them as parks or could open them up development.
The U.S. would withdraw from the UN and all international agreements. All US troops would come home and be stationed along the southern border and serve as adjunct border control agents and first responders for emergencies. The draft will be reinstated.
The federal government will pay room and board and medical care while in service and 1,000 a month stipend. After two years of service, the government will pay for four years of college. The draft will apply to both men and women who will be called to service between their 18 and 22 birthday.
Two years will be required, with an optional two more years of service plus up to one year of training for a total commitment of three to five years.
At the end of a second enlistment, those who wish to do so can compete to become NCO’s or officers. NCO’s will then get an AA degree and NCO training, officers will get a BA degree while doing ROTC or will go to the service academies. The Service academies will only take candidates who served their initial two years of service.
Military service obligation will be 30 years plus the three to five years service as an enlisted person.
The Federal government would enact a national morality act. Sex outside of marriage will be illegal. Homosexuality will be illegal. Abortion will be illegal except to save the life of the Mother. Contraception will be illegal. Drugs will be illegal as will alcohol and gambling. Hotels and apartments would be forbidden from renting rooms to unmarried couples of either gender.
Christianity will be the only legal religion in the U.S. Non-Christians will have to register but will be allowed to stay for the time being. Muslims will have one year to convert to Christianity or be deported. Atheist will also have one year to convert or be deported.
The federal government would require all federal government employees to pass a morality test as well as a security test. Those who are judged to be immoral will be denied employment or fired. Those fired will lose pension rights. A national data base of those who failed either test will be on line so other employers can determine their moral and security fitness.
States and local governments will be required to have similar policies in place.
The media will be under government supervision. Broadcasting of anti-American, Anti-Christian or anti-Government views will be banned. All entertainment will have to pass a censor’s approval. Excessive violence or sexual content will be illegal.
Cable TV and Satellite services will not be allowed to broadcast foreign television news programs.
The NSA will block objectionable sites on the internet and will also shut down all porn sites. The NSA will though keep track of all porn users and visitors to banned sites.
The NSA will maintain a secret dossier on all Americans. Everyone will be rated as follows:
A totally loyal and a Good Christian
B mostly loyal and a Christian
C suspected loyalty and suspected moral behavior
D disloyal, immoral behavior
E homosexual, bisexual or transgendered, or not Christian
F Muslim or Atheist, and open opponents of the government and party.
Only those with an A or B rating will be able to work for the government or for major corporations.
All government social welfare programs will be eliminated. Obamacare and Medicare will be abolished. Corporations and governments will receive tax breaks if they offer health insurance and we assume the larger corporations and the government will all offer health benefits.
Schools will be abolished and the Churches will take over running the school systems.
Corporations would be offered a deal – support the Christian Republican party and if the party takes over they would rescind all Federal and State regulations regarding businesses, enact tort reform, and abolish unions and the minimum wage and set corporate taxes at 10 percent, 5% if they offer health insurance benefits.
In return the corporations would have to get out of the sin business and would have to respect the national morality laws and the calls for the U.S. to be a Christian country.
Most of the major corporations agreed to join the committee, a few refused to join but also refused to oppose the Christian Republicans.
Finally we would anticipate that when we take over we will have to imprison millions of people. So all federal prisoners and state prisoners will be required to work. Corporations and agribusinesses will be allowed to hire prison labor provided they pay room and board, and minimal medical care and provide transportation to and from prison or provide dormitory like accommodations if off prison site. The Prisoners will not be paid. Forced labor will be a large part of their punishment.
At the end of the meeting most of the corporations signed up for the revolution and most of them remained loyal to the revolution. Thus the corrupt bargain that lay at the heart of the Christian Revolution was sealed.
None of this every happened as they had envisioned it, as least as far as I can tell. But some think that they had succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and that everything we see and think we sees is manipulated by them, who are now proto-humans are living in secret compounds, manipulating the world’s government’s and people. I always thought that was pure craziness but now I have been wondering.



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