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Melisa's grandmother predicted she would marry a man named Rafael. So she waited for him.
Chapter 1
Rafael. Just wait for Rafael.
That’s what her grandmother told her. Melisa Rodimeo has been waiting for Rafael. Her Rafael. Once upon a time, her grandmother had been the town psychic. Grandmother had been known as Nay Beng Beng, a street corner predictor. Of course, most people dismissed her claims as flights of fancy from an old woman. In this modern day, who would believe albularios and manghuhulas (Faith healers and fortune-teller)? No, the modern world believes in weather and stock predictions. There was no room for cultural vomit. People like Nay Beng Beng faded from existence.
But Melisa loved Nay Beng Beng. She hung on to every word the old woman said. She knew that those who believed got what they wanted. She had predicted for her, back when Melisa was just a preteen, that Melisa would find the love of her life. Others would scoff and probably not take heed to some silly prediction from an old woman, but Melisa had witnessed the abilities first-hand. To those who believed in Nay Beng Beng, they avoided tragedy and heartaches.
So the wait continues…

“So, where is this Rafael your Nay Beng Beng always said you’d marry?” Her best friend Anna, kept asking her. She asked that every year. Tonight was no different. It was Melisa’s thirty-second birthday.
“I guess he’s not here yet,” Melisa sighed. She was beginning to lose heart. It’s been ten years since Nay Beng Beng died. She couldn’t even ask her for more details.
“May you would pull a J.Lo or a Madonna and this Rafael guy would be something like an eighteen year old when you’re fifty,” Anna snickered.
“Get out!”
“I’m serious! I mean, Nay Beng Beng hasn’t really been detail-oriented when she told you this. Maybe we can get a Ouija board and contact Nay Beng Beng from the other side.” Anna laughed.
“You’re one to talk. May I remind you that you are single as well?” Melisa hated to point it out but she was in the same boat. The two of them were at a high end bar having a bit of drink before they met a friend. This bar was quiet and cozy.
“Well, I had three serious relationships in my resume. You are the typical NBSB.” NBSB or No boyfriend since birth described her pretty much. As for Anna, Nay Beng Beng had told her to find a great cook and it will make her happy. Anna has dated three chefs already but they didn’t work. Perhaps she needed to downgrade.
Melisa sighed. “Nay Beng Beng only said that I’d find my one true love in an unexpected place and in an unexpected way. His name is Rafael.”
“Would he be an amnesia patient? Let’s scour the hospitals,” Anna joked. One of the most endearing qualities Anna had was her sense of humor. Without it, Jess didn’t know how she’d manage her ADHD friend. “I’m just kidding! But you know, I think I know what the problem is. Nay Beng Beng said it’s going to be unexpected right?”
Melisa frowned but agreed. “Yes…”
“Melisa, you’ve been expecting this Rafael from the start. Perhaps you shouldn’t,” was her brilliant suggestion.
“Huh? I think I lost you there.” There were times Anna didn’t make sense.
“Don’t expect him to magically appear at every corner. It’s time to go out and date other men. If this Rafael person appears, he appears. Until then, you need to practice dating.” Then there were times when Anna made a lot of sense.
“Anna, I love you! I think I shall try what you suggest. I am getting older. If I never find this Rafael, the least I can do is date some hot Latin Lover.” They giggled like two school girl. Melisa looked at the time. It was half past seven already. “We’re late! We promised Darcy we would be at her art opening!”
They arrived at the gallery, which was only a block away from the bar. People were just coming in. This was Darcy’s big night. Her painting exhibit would be on display for only two weeks in this prestigious gallery.
“Darcy!” They greeted their friend. The three of them were super friends. Their friendship dated back to high school thus they called themselves super friends because they were more than just best friends.
“Melisa! Happy Birthday! I have a gift for you!” Darcy announced. “You can get it after two weeks. For now, I want to display it with the rest of the exhibit!”
“Oh Darcy, that’s so sweet! Which one it is?” Jess has never received a painting before. Darcy was so talented. There were so many media people here.
“It’s that red one over there, part of my Archangel Series,” Darcy pointed. “So, go mingle! I have to talk to the press!”
Anna and Melisa went to mingle and look at each of Darcy’s paintings. She clearly had talent. Anna was in corporate while Melisa pursued a career in fashion design. Darcy went her way and became an artist.
Melisa went to the Archangel Series. Each Archangel was assigned a different color and attribute. She got to the red one with the warrior angel. It was breathtaking. The reds were so vivid and the strong colors conveyed the emotions Darcy was feeling while painting the picture. She stared at the painting, appreciating it. People behind her came and gone but then she noticed somebody standing beside her. He’d been standing there longer than her.
“Lovely painting, right?” She tried to make conversation.
He merely grunted, still staring at the painting. Finally, he formed a reply. “It’s lovely. I’m hoping to buy it but the price isn’t declared.”
All the paintings had a small card beside it. The card had the title, description and price. This one didn’t have a price. “Oh, the painting is mine.”
He turned to her, finally noticing it was a human being talking to him. “You bought it? How much did you pay for it?”
“Darcy is giving me this painting. It’s my birthday,” Melisa said.
“I’ll buy it from you. How much?”
Melisa was taken aback. The man was so abrupt. “What? No, I’m not selling it. It’s gift! Buy another angel.”
“No, it has to be this one. The colors and the form are just right.” The man was insistent.
She slowly backed away. “Sorry, mister. This painting is my birthday gift. Good night.”
At least Mr. Creepy didn’t follow her. She edged her way into the crowd and near the buffet table where some comestibles were served. She picked on some sandwiches and cakes.
“Look, sorry. I didn’t mean to come off as rude,” Mr. Creepy said. Melisa nearly jumped out of her skin. “Sorry, again. I’m really awkward at social situations. It’s been a while since I actually left office and house.”
“N-no biggie.”
Mr. Creepy was tall dark and gloomy but he had nice features. He had long lashed over that brooding eyes of his. “My name is Angelo Benson.” He put out his hands for a shake. “Let’s start over?”
“Melisa Rodimeo.” She shook his hands. “So, you are an art collector?”
He shook his head. “Yoga instructor. I operate a gym near the Fort. I really like your friend’s painting. When I saw her poster on the internet, I knew I had to be here.”
“Darcy is very talented,” Melisa affirmed.
“Listen, I just want to say sorry and as a way of apologizing, I’ll give you and your friends free lessons this week.”
“That’s nice of you. I might take you up on that offer.”

Monday afternoon, the three friends went to Angelo’s gym. They were all inspired by the quaint but very cozy vibe of the gym. Named Body Arch Gym, it was a very modern and classy gym and studio. It not only had the basic exercise equipment in one room, it also had a large studio for yoga and other classes. Angelo owned and managed the gym. He also taught some of the classes.
Melisa brought Darcy and Anna with her. The girls had a half hour beginner’s yoga class. After the workout, Angelo invited them to have coffee in his office.
Darcy looked around the red, maroon and burgundy office. There was dark wood furniture to match. Angelo has great taste, she whispered to Melisa. The bold colors were exactly his taste.
“I wish I bought that painting. I’d put it just behind this desk,” Angelo said. The size was just right for the area he wanted to hang it on.
Melisa smiled. “Perhaps you can bribe Darcy into painting another one for you,” she suggested.
Darcy gasped. “The Archangel Paintings are unique. I won't replicate them. If I replicate it, it would seriously undervalue the other paintings that I have sold.”
“So, would you ladies like to try some Latin Dances? I can slot you in tomorrow at six o'clock,” he offered.
“That would be really nice. Fine, count me in,” Melisa said. She’d like to try a new dance.
“Sorry dinner with the folks,” Anna declined.
Darcy shook her head. “I have to pass too, sorry. I have a painting to finishing. It’s commissioned and paid for. Gotta finish it as soon as I can.”
Angelo smiled. “It’s date then.”

Chapter 2

It was indeed a date. In fact, she was the only student in class. Melisa frowned. “Let me guess, you teach Latin Dances too?”
Angelo smiled. “I actually teach half the classes here. It’s how I started with low capital. Now, I teach because it gives me pleasure when very small things in life do.”
“Oh?” She was in her fitted yoga pants and jazz shoes. Although she didn’t have a model’s stature, Melisa was proud of her curves.
He handed her a ruffled wraparound skirt. “First, you need to dress the part. Next, you need to feel the part.” Melisa put on the skirt. Angelo put his warm hands on her waist. She felt it burn through her thin shirt. He glided her around the gym floor. She looked at the mirror. They glided and danced. What a pair they made. She smiled. They danced until well over eight in the evening.
“Time ran out on us. I’d like to treat you to dinner,” he smiled.
“Is that a date-date?”
Angelo smiled. “So was this.” He held her in his arms, bending her backwards in a dancer’s pose. He kissed her ever so lightly on the lips.
Melisa blushed. This was her first kiss and it was very unexpected. She liked it, she decided. Here in this studio, alone with Angelo, she felt it was just right for the moment. She smiled at him and let him guide her around once more.
He took her to dinner nearby. There was a posh Italian restaurant. Over dinner the two of them got talking. Angelo was able to share his struggles in opening a gym. “It’s my dream. I guess I used to be a gym rat and thought to turn it into a business. I never expected to struggle.”
“I guess I can relate. I’m a fashion designer. I have my own brand but I do sell my designs to other brands for added income,” Melisa said. “So, why the art collecting?”
Angelo smiled. “I’m not really an art collector but I do like to have a great office. It would speak of my achievements. That night, I saw the poster to Darcy’s opening. That painting just spoke to me.”
“You should tell that to Darcy.”
“One day I will.” Angelo was looking at her intently. “I really like to see you again.”
Melisa nearly choked. He did? But he was not Rafael! Nay Beng Beng’s words rang in her head but at the same time Anna’s words too. Should she start dating someone else?
“Too fast, huh?” He took her silence as shock. All Melisa could do was nod. “I really like you and if you’d let me, I’d like to get to know you.”
“I guess we can take this slowly,” Melisa said. Sorry Nay Beng Beng, she said in her head. I can wait for Rafael later. For now, Angelo had captured her heart.

Over the course of two months, Angelo and Melisa dated. She still took classes in Angelo’s gym. She gave up Latin Dances but continued with yoga. She got to know Angelo more. He had a brother named Angelo Mikael but goes by Mik. Mik works for a security agency. He used to be in the army. Melisa opened up about her family. Although she was not close to her two sisters, she was close to her grandmother.
Now, she was feeling a little lost in life. She wished Nay Beng Beng would still be here. She wished her grandmother would give her a sign. There were a million things Melisa wanted to ask her but it was too late now. She was alone Nay Beng Beng was long gone from the world.
Melisa was torn. She liked Angelo. He turned out really nice. They were dating and soon, he’d be asking them to go steady and exclusive. Then what would come next? She was nervous if that ever happen. Nay Beng Beng’s words rang in her head. Would she ever find this Rafael?
If she didn’t, should she go with Angelo instead?

Angelo wanted to ask Melisa out again. She was a smart girl, witty and very beautiful. He knew they were a perfect fit but there was this invisible wall somewhere. He didn’t know what it was. There was chemistry between them. There was attraction, he was sure of it. She was keeping her distance. He needed to know why.

Melisa was busy arranging things backstage. This was the night of her fashion show. Her friends were in the audience and so was Angelo. Here she was, looking so haggard backstage. Her thirty models were made-up and ready for the show.
The music started. Her heart raced. Adrenaline pumped into her system. The models started to strut the runway. This was her comfort zone. As each model walked the length of the runway, she saw her art come to life. When the last walk was done, she came out and did a short bow. After the show, there were cocktails served. Melisa had time to come and talk to clients and her friends.
“Hey!” Anna and Darcy hugged her.
“I can’t help but notice the colors and theme,” Darcy pointed out.
“You know it! You girls always inspire me!” Melisa’s collection was inspired from the painting of the Archangel that Darcy gifted her on her birthday. It was now hanging in her design studio. Her current collection had the same theme colors of burgundy, red, maroon and gold. Some of the models wore wing and toga-like dresses.
“I recognized the colors,” Angelo greeted. “And the wings.” He carried a bouquet of roses and handed them to her.
“Hi. Glad you can make it,” she greeted back. “Thank you,” she said when she accepted the bouquet.
“Don’t let me keep you. I know this night is important to you. Go mingle with your clients.”
“I’m really glad you came,” she thanked him and went to see some clients.
The point of the cocktail was not just to reconnect with clients but to be introduced to new ones. She was able to meet new people interested in her work and perhaps buying her designs. One of the introductions led her to what she’d been waiting for.
“Ms. Rodimeo, I’d like to introduce you to Rafael Jaena, our international buyer,” one of her clients introduced.
Melisa’s eyes went wide. This man was very handsome, a great mix of features. He smiled at her and she all but melted on the floor.
“Hello, miss. I’d very much love to know your work and you.” And she was very happy to arrange it.

Angelo frowned at the text he received. Melisa couldn’t make it tonight. She had other plans for the evening. Perhaps it was work. She said she was busy. He brushed it off and thought to see her soon.
Two weeks later, she still hasn’t shown up. He wondered if she started to see somebody else. It was confirmed when he saw her somewhere in the Fort having dinner with another man. His jealous streak rose to the surface but he knew there was nothing he could do. They were not fully committed yet.
Making up his mind, he sought out her friend Darcy and Anna. Fortunately for him, they were near the area. He texted them if they could meet for coffee. They replied that they would meet at a café the next day.
Angelo met them. He was glad the two of them were willing to meet her. He wanted to know more about Melisa but she had a wall around her. He needed to know if there was a chance between them or was she searching for somebody else.
“Well… it’s not you, it’s just…” Anna didn’t know what to say to him. “It’s not you.”
“Oh, Anna, don’t tell me she still believes in that crap Nay Beng Beng sprouted to her years ago!” Darcy gasped midway between sips.
“She does! She says it’s her destiny,” Anna said.
“What are you two talking about?” He was confused.
Anna and Darcy looked at each other then to Rafael. “Look, you seem to be such a nice guy but you are not destined to be her other half, her soul mate,” Anna said.
“What do you mean?”
“Melisa’s grandmother was a local fortuneteller. She predicted a lot of things. One of her predictions was that Melisa would find her soul mate and his name would be Rafael,” Darcy explained.
“What?!” Angelo was incredulous. “She believes this?”
“Very much. Nay Beng Beng had some pretty wicked predictions and they came true!” Anna was adamant. “She’s dating that foreign guy named Rafael hoping he’d be the one.”
Angelo stood up abruptly. “He can’t be! There was a connection between us. At least, I thought there was.”
“Angelo, do you love her?” Darcy asked him.
“Yes, I do,” he affirmed.
Anna stood up. “Then you better go and tell her! Her flight is leaving in a couple of hours! She’s going with that Rafael dude to Spain!”
Panicked, Angelo ran out and into the parking lot. He had to rush to the airport and find her. Anna texted Angelo the terminal and flight details. He prayed that there wouldn’t be traffic hindering him.

Chapter 3

Angelo rushed from the parking to the connecting area of Terminal 3. He had to reach the other end of the airport and find her. If she reaches the boarding gate, he would never be able to find her.
Terminal 3 was always busy and quite slugging in the check in. Searching the crowd, he prayed to all the saints and her Nay Beng Beng to guide him. He just can’t lose her. There were multiple flights at the check-in area. There! He saw her just walking towards the boarding gate.
“Melisa!” He called with all his might. As if he was a raging bull, the crowds parted for him.
She turned and saw him. Shocked! “Angelo?” Melisa turned to her companion, Rafael and told him to go ahead.
Angelo raced to her. “Don’t go! I love you!”
She gasped. “Y-you do?”
“Yes. I should have told you earlier. I love you. Please stay and say we have a chance to be together.” Angelo held her hands.
“Angelo, I really like you too but--”
“Is it that destiny Nay Beng Beng predicted?”
She shook her head. “I’m not waiting for that anymore.” Then, she frowned. “Who told you about Nay Beng Beng’s predictions.”
“Your friends Anna and Darcy,” he explained. “Is he that Rafael you were waiting for? So, you’re going with him and running off to Spain and fulfill your destiny?”
She frowned. “God! You sound like Anna! I am not running away with Rafael to Spain. Where did that come from? I’m going to Singapore for a couple of days to pitch my collection to Rafael’s clients.”
Angelo felt stupid but he laughed in relief. “I really love you, you know.”
“Yes, Angelo, you said it already,” she smiled. “I love you too but I didn’t know how to say it. I have to admit that I was really waiting for this dream Rafael that Nay Beng Beng said I’d meet. I guess, I can’t wait for him forever. I choose you!”
Delighted, he kissed her full on the lips. “I am so glad! I thought I was going to lose you and you are the best thing that ever happened to me.”
“I’ll be back in a couple of day and then we could talk. Okay?” She tugged at her hands. “I really have to go. I’m about to board now.”
He held her tighter, afraid to let her disappear. “Before you go, I want to tell you something!”
She looked at him and waited, allowing him to say what he wanted.
“My name, it’s not Angelo.”
“I mean it’s not just Angelo. My full name is Angelo Rafael E. Benson. Darcy’s painting attracted me not because of the colors but also because it was of the Archangel Rafael.”
“Why don’t you use Rafael?” She asked.
“Well, I had an older cousin named Rafa so my parents used Angelo so we won’t get confused,” he explained. “But you can call me anything.” He smiled as he kissed her fingers.
This time, it was Melisa who laughed. She kissed him full on the lips. “Nay Beng Beng was right!” They had to part ways but promised to be in constant communication. Melisa knew Nay Beng Beng was not wrong. She sent a prayer of thanks to her.

Two days later, Melisa returned from Singapore. She was happy. Her venture in Singapore was successful and she was not dating the man Nay Beng Beng said was her destiny.
She was having dinner with Angelo, Darcy and Anna. They were celebrating her return, her numerous orders from Singapore and Angelo’s commitment. She felt so blessed.
“So,” she said. “Who told you I was running away to Spain with Rafael?”
Anna raced her hand. “I needed to see if he really did love you. He sprang up and ran to the airport. I thought the man would jog his way there.”
Angelo laughed. “I almost did and I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to see her again.”
“Awww, see? He’s so sweet! It all worked out in the end!” Anna sang.
“One day, Anna, Nay Beng Beng will be visiting you,” Melisa joked.
“I hope so! I’ll tell her that I’ve dated three douche-bag chefs and I still can’t find the one!” She pointed out.
“Date a cook not a chef. She said cook!”
Darcy groaned. “Nay Beng Beng said I’d date a rival.”
“To Nay Beng Beng!” Melisa raised her glass.
Everyone raised their glasses too. “To Nay Beng Beng!”

The End.
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