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this story is a work in progress. it's about a group of misfits.

A tale of unlikely beginnings

On one sunny day in the kingdom of king herald the 2nd in the capital city of cathlachol three questionable adventurers enter the city by boat for one purpose, that purpose being to deliver a small package of unknown contents; to a large observatory at the heart of the city. Our adventurers being, Grim wolf the half-orc barbarian, he's a 6 and a half foot tall green complexion of muscle with an iron battle axe slung over his shoulder wearing nothing but a loin cloth and a belt holding a rusty looking katana. On this back he holds a backpack with javelins peeping out of the side, rope tangled in his javelins there is also a bedroll tied to the back of the backpack, the backpack is over the top of his double headed great battle axe. His facial features contains a stubbed beard covering the majority of this jaw line, he has bushy dark brown eyebrows, his eyes were of a dark green and his mouth contained two small tusks but large enough to creep out of his mouth exposing them to the outside.

Next is Leonidus, he is a 2 foot tall gnome wizard with a medium length beard. He has a very distinguishable golden monocle and a top hat with a miniature chimney connected to it and occasionally there will be a puff of smoke pouring out of it. He wears a typical blue robe with red patches scattered over it in a variety of patterns; connected around his waist there is a small rope belt with a small leather pouch connected to it on the other side is a small but cute spell book. On his back is a backpack with some rope neatly rolled and placed onto the hook fitted for the rope there is also a bed roll like the other one neatly tied onto the back of the backpack.

Thirdly is Ember, she is a 5 foot drowelf with long jet black hair she wears a thick leather armour set. In her left ear is two golden ear rings placed near the bottom of her ear, her hair is tied into a ponytail. She carries around a whip tied firmly to her belt on her left and to her right is a rapier; on her back is a classic backpack it was almost completely empty due to her lacking any belongings.

Grim wolf

It felt like an eternity but we're finally here in this so called capital, it doesn't look half bad to say it was made to stand and not move from land to land; at least it's sunny outside I guess that's a bonus. However even with my pessimistic mind set I can't help but to smile at how my companions are scanning each and every nook and cranny of the place. Their eyes filled with excitement like a kid which just got their first short sword and mead on their 13th year; the worst part is their excitement is like a plague which even makes the coldest of hearts like I feel a little curious of what lies beyond. This godforsaken ship, in which we were stuck on for 20 days, and into this land of stone in where anything could happen; where a peasant can become a noble and where even a simple half-orc like myself could find some place to call home.

Not one moment has passed since we docked and my companions are all ready prepared to rush into Cathlachol, luckily I managed to stop them before I completely lost them in the flourishing docks. "Hey what do you think you're doing!" screamed ember "yeah if you don't let go I will thunder wave you" Leonidus said agreeing with embers last statement. That's when I decided to respond with "we have a job to do first, we can mess around in the market after where done" that's when they both came to the shocking realisation; that they were talking to me. There head's turning towards me as fast as a deer which heard twigs snapping, "So you're still here I would have thought you'd abandoned us at the first site of freedom" said ember with not two second between them leonidus follows with "I didn't see him for like 15 days so I thought he starved or something". Did they really have such little faith in me, "I didn't abandon you nor did I die, but have you forgot about the package" "oh yeah you mean this thing" at that point leonidus pulls out a small brown package about the size of his palm "and if I remember correctly the place is at the heart of the city".

He starts to point towards a fairly tall building which can only be described as a sort of observatory which towers over most buildings.

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