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by maryam
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Mental health is also important and support the ones who are suffering from it
& they asked her if she is OK? and she smiled and replied "yes" and they believed ....
No one ever understood that hopelessness in her eyes. No one ever notices that shine in her eyes is getting vanished. No one understands the meaning behind her "yes" to everything but she continue to pretend in a more casual way. People stopped noticing and she was getting more and more alone.
That wasn't sadness definitely, nor over-sensitivity and not over-possessiveness at all. It was a persistent feeling of being sad, depressed, artificial and lonely. A feeling of being empty inside as if nothing left of you and you are just done with your life and above all no one NO ONE understands the state you are in. The feeling of deprivation eats you alive. You feel deprived of everything, deprived of care, love and affection and hope.
She was living a miserable life. Sometimes there is a time when she is not willing to open her eyes to next morning . She wanted to Sleep, Sleep and sleep for so long until everything gets fine, The way she wanted!. She wasn't able to tolerate this world for next day. She was not ready for next day. She had lost stamina to fight with this cruel world.
A fresh morning carries all the beautiful colors and fragrances with it. With the best possible shine in her eyes she wakes up the next morning with new hope, new ideas and new adventures. she smiled and smiled until the echo of her laughter echoes the surrounding around her and the whole environment got soaked in this medley of her laughter and she got infinite. YES! that was her a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile and full of life. She was full of life kind of person. She loved her life and everyone else loved her for who she was but then the evil eyes followed her and she lost her smile.
It didn't happen at once. People gave her a reason not to be too good and negativity started surrounding her and she started becoming a bad person. The mean world drained all the good from her. She lost her glasses in hurricane and couldn't find a way out of it. She was going deeper and deeper in this ocean of hate and pain. she felt paralyzed at time she wasn't able to think anymore. Her brain feels like an empty balloon moving here and there and in the last it blasts
For now
she is just trying all by herself...

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