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We often worry what others think, when consistent agreement with Truth cures all ills.
Line Count: 40

The way of life is interesting,
we live from day to day,
We hope we matter in each thing,
we think and do and say.

How gratifying it can be
to find agreement here
to know we speak and others see
to be in all things clear!

Yet, is that really possible?
Can others know my heart?
Can "liked by all" be probable?
Can sadness never start?

There are some humans, who'd confess,
a great desire to be
A liked one all their words would stress,
a great soul each would be.

This I confess is my desire,
that truly I do know,
that often less I do inspire,
that great my need to grow.

It makes me sad, that try full well,
I often let folks down,
I often have thoughts, clear as bell,
I often look like clown.

There comes a time to step aside
from natural feelings, yet,
From natural thoughts so full of pride,
from natural hope to get.

The time will come to think outside
my own life and its needs,
My own wants, that do stay a-stride
my own desire, that feeds.

Yes! On that day I will make note
of others and their lives,
Of hopes, that poets often quote,
of hearts, that hope revives.

I need not strive to please all souls
for life will better be,
When young and old have been made whole
by Truth for you and me.

by Jay O'Toole
on August 13, 2016

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