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what is the most you can do in life like to you?

IDEAS LIFE is not perfect there is nothing absolute people are not alone people are so many people are different the absolute is one the absolute is perfect people are not perfect because they don't know how they came into being and when they stop being

Because people are not perfect, they neither get enough with what they have, nor they are satisfied as to who they are, so they are inwardly, unconsciously perfection seeking- driven, something they have been looking for ever since they were brought into life from nowhere to being , so how could they be though? The point is that no matter your dream is, be sure that once achieved, you are only to find another to get busy with or die in emptiness without. You must have experienced this before. When you wanted something so bad that you thought of it as a final gate for happiness, however; when you got it and were overjoyed with, soon later you realized that it is not but something you have been missing which you deserved and needed. Then you felt like you were not much different even then with it, and it was all over again the same feeling of emptiness you had before it ever happened that you wanted to achieve what you did. It keeps driving people till their last day in which, if they realize what they have been striving for, it will be too late by then. On the verge of dying, people will know that the happiness they were after, in fact, never existed on earth, but they had an ounce of it left in themselves to strive unconsciously for it, and that is how life keeps going on.

Even when we are sometimes on the verge of dying, a little bit of hope suddenly shines into our hearts only to say 'not yet ,it is not too late, and even if , it is not worth what you are thinking of '

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