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There are reasons and not all of them are about men.
“Why are you so angry all the time? Did your boyfriend cheat on you? Did a man reject you because you're so sullen and never smile?” He struggled to catch his breath before her foot made contact with his stomach again.

“Who said a man had to be the reason I am the way I am? Who says I’m doing this as revenge and not just for fun?” She pulled her gun from her holster and aimed it at his chest.

“You don’t have to complete the mission you know. You could drop the gun and we could disappear.”

“If I don’t complete the mission I don’t get to go home to my family. I can’t leave my wife home alone with the kids to long, she’ll go crazy.” With that she pulled the trigger and the bullet went straight through his heart.

She watched him fall backwards off the building and fall down the 42 stories to the sidewalk. She returned to the hovercopter and radioed command center to come and retrieve the body. It was time to go home.
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