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by Sharon
Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2093357
Two young boys act out their pirate search for buried treasure.
Captain Kid's Search for Buried Treasure

         Bobby put his pirate hat on, stuck his plastic sword in his belt, adjusted his eye patch, and ran outside. His friend, Billy, was waiting for him in their pirate boat.

         Bobby yelled, “Ahoy, Matie! Are you ready to search for the buried treasure?”

         “Aye, Captain Kid,” Billy replied with a salute.

         Bobby climbed into the boat and yelled, “Raise the sails and shove off, Matie!”

         “Aye, aye, Captain,” Billy replied. “We have a strong wind and should be at the island very soon.”

         As they reached the island, Captain Kid heard a ticking noise. He looked over the railing and saw the ugly, stinky alligator he remembered all too well.

         “Ahoy, Matie. Me thinks that ugly, stinky alligator is following us. He still has that missing shoe in his mouth and that ticking clock in his belly.”

         “Aye, Captain. I hear him and I sure do smell him. Should we drop anchor here and make camp on the island?”

         “Aye, Matie, drop anchor,” Captain Kid ordered. “We’ll pitch a tent and keep an eye out for the ugly, stinky alligator. Get that shovel and pail and we’ll start looking for the buried treasure.”

         “Aye, aye, Captain,” Billy replied with a salute. He picked up the pail and shovel and he and the Captain got out of the boat.

         Just then they heard a familiar voice.

         “Bobby, you need to get out of your dad's boat and come in now. It’s time for lunch,” his mother yelled. “Tell Billy he can have lunch with us and you can both search for buried treasure after you eat. And tell Buster to come in so I can get my shoe back. And take that annoying clock off his collar!”

Word Count: 292
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