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A nutritional candy bar from the future.

This is the Black Hole Cow,
candy bar full
of nutritional goodness,
sent back in time
through a wormhole
by beings on planet Antares.
Chocolate, caramel strong
for the taste buds aware
in us humans,
packed with the galaxy’s
vitamins top notch—a store
of nutrition.
Wrapped in a foil not unlike
mere aluminum,
Cow quells appetite,
lifts one from depths dark
and cold, and provides
a needed spark for the weary.
Gooey is Cow, but a doctor’s
delight, and a dentist’s
Things can go better with
Black Hole Cow…coffee,
tea, milk chilled right…
knowing, of course, that the
sensual melt of a Cow
in one’s maw might
lead to a healthier you…
therefore masticate Cow,
eat it freely.
Cosmos says health rules;
simple yet effective
the message is today.
This is the Black Hole Cow
health in a bar, kind offer
from tomorrow.

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