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by Whisky
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2093470
Chars: Nagisa [Free!], Seigi [Taboo Tattoo], Allen [D.Gray-Man], Natsu [Fairy Tail]
Another group of boys, arrived in the strange room...

Seigi: My head hurts--what's going on? Where am I?
Nagisa: Wh-Who the hell a-are you guys?!
Allen: Mhh? Where am I?....HÄHHHHH?! What's going on?!!?

Another voice stepped in...

Natsu: Finally! I thought you might sleep forever. Was quite the lamer here...so alone.
Allen: How long are you awake? And how long have we slept in here?
Seigi: And when I might ask, where are your shoes?
Nagisa: Didn't even noticed there were gone :I
Natsu: Just wait, I will explain everything to you. Let's begin with the: how long. You lay here since an hour or so and I'm awake also since an hour. The question that you might ask now is, why. It's rather simple. You all noticed that sweet sent in the air? I don't know what it is exactly, but I think it's something that stimulates your sexual willingless.

Allen: Stimulate it...for what reason?
Natsu: For sexual or rather fetish based interaction, dummy.
Nagisa: fetish based interaction? What kind fetish do we speak about here?
Natsu: A nice and heavy foot fetish! And don't try to hide it...you all have one.
Allen: Wha-What..I mean no! I don't have a fetish!
Natsu: Oh really? [Slips out of his shoes] Don't you want to touch these?
Allen: Hell No! I have better to do, than to massage your feet ,bastard!
Natsu: What about you two? Interested or just shy? If you want come and touch them as you want.
Seigi: Re-really?
Natsu: Sure, do you want to touch them? Then try to convince the other White haired boy, how nice my feet are.
Nagisa: Can I touch them too?
Allen: Guys! What the...?!
Natsu: Yeah! By the way, my name is Natsu.
Seigi: Mine is Seigi, nice to meet you.
Nagisa: You can call me Nagisa.
Natsu: And what's your name?
Allen: Like hell I would tell you!
Seigi: Oh come, don't be so mean. he haven't done anything bad. He just offered you his feet.
Allen: Pff--Okay. My name is Allen, satisfied?

Natsu: Not until you come over here and give my foot a big lick over the sole.
Allen: Never, damn pervert!
Natsu: Look Allen, we are three against one. If I want you to lick them, I will make you lick them. I just want to be nice to you.
Allen: Fuck off.
Natsu: Alright then. Nagisa, Seigi I'll let you worship my feet from the heel to the toes, when you drag Allen to my feet and press his nose into my toes.
Allen: Like they would fall for something like-- guys?!

Nagisa and Seigi, each grabbed one arm of Allen and dragged him to Natsu's feet. Arrived, they pushed his face into the pink haired boys feet. He struggled but was it was hopeless as Natsu rubbed his toes against his mouth. One part of Allen wanted it to end...but another strange part wanted to just do what Natsu wants and lick his feet. After a few minutes that Allen's face was pushed into his feet, Natsu could feel that the resistant Allen made up was weakening.

Natsu: Oh, does the Toxin start to work? What about now Allen, want to let this toe slide into your mouth?
Allen: Natsu...I-I'm sorry. I lied as I said I had no fetish...I have one. Would you forgive me this time?
Natsu: Sure Allen, just let my toes enter your mouth and I forget about that.

Allen opened his mouth and sucked immediately on Natsu's soft toes. Natsu stroked his head and wiggled his toes as Allen's tongue licked between them. The other boys were suprised about Allen's sudden change of mind. Allen then moved onto Natsu's warm sole and began to lick it. Natsu leaned back and enjoyed the young boys tongue, massaging his sweaty foot all the way down to his heel. Allen looked more like a slave than something else, the other boys now understood what would happen if they don't do what Natsu wants.

Seigi: What about us Natsu?
Natsu: Yeah right...take my other foot and do your stuff.
Seigi: Great! Thank's Natsu-san!

Seigi took his foot and started to lick his sole, up and down many times, until he focused on his big toe and sucked on it. He sucked on Natsu's toes heavy and his tongue danced between them. Licking all over his tiny toes, Seigi then licked a path down to his heel. Seigi first licked and then sucked on the heel of Natsu. It was like he had to lick and suck more of his smelly foot.

Nagisa: And what's with me?
Natsu: What about me worshipping your feet?
Nagisa: You would do that?
Natsu: Sure! Just give them to me and I will lick them clean.

And so took Natsu a foot of Nagisa and started to lick him, pressing his hot Dragontongue deep into the soft flesh. After some time he changed foot and did it again. In the meantime, Nagisa started to worship Seigi's pale sole, licking it up and down, letting no spot without saliva. Seigi slapped his feet together and gave Nagisa more sole to lick.

Natsu: Alright boys, you worshipped my feet so much now. Let me lick yours! I can't await to feel, smell and lick your feet Allen, Nagisa and Seigi.

Allen, Nagisa and Seigi, then showed there feet, wiggling with there toes and rubbing them onto eachother. Natsu closed his eyes and picked one of them. He then opened them again and found himself laying infront of Allen's bare soles.

Natsu: Ohh? That has to be destiny my dear Allen! Why don't you wiggle with your toes a bit, to get me even more excited?

Allen started to wiggle his cute toes right in front of Natsu's eyes, pressing them onto his nose. With a small moan, Natsu began to lick Allen's soles. The right one first then down to his heel and up again. He enjoyed his feet, never had he tasted so delicious feet in his life. He rubbed his face into both soles and while licking the sole of the right one, he deeply smelled his left foot. He began to kiss Allen's soles and moaned from them. Once he finished with his soles, he wandered to the toes and smelled them deeply. Enjoying the smell, he then started to lick between the White haired boys toes, letting Allen moan. As he then began to suck on his big toe he nearly deepthroted him. Starting with that, he goes to the other toes one by one, enjoying them as much as he does the big toe. Natsu then couldn't hold it anymore and begged Allen to fuck his feet. He agreed and Natsu let hus cock jump right into Allen's smooth soles. He first slowly rubbed his tip against his sole. Later, he rubbed his tip into Allen's toes. Like his moaning, also his cock grow bigger and he managed it to get him between the boys feet. After slight rubbing he began to fuck Allen's feet without grace. He breathed heavy and moaned loud as he shot into Allen's soles. As the cum dropped down from Allen's sole, Natsu fell into Allen's lap.

Nagisa: Natsu are you ok?
Allen: Sure...he is okay. [He said in a dizzy voice]
Seigi: Allen, are you alright? You look a bit pale.
Allen: I'm ok...I just love feet so much.

With that said, Allen grabbed Seigi's wrist and pulled his foot to his face. Pressing his nose into the nice soles, Allen moaned and started to lick there. Nagisa pulled down Allen's pants, exposing his cock.

Nagisa: I hope your cock also loves feet Allen.

Nagisa rubbed Allens hard cock into his smooth soles, letting Allen moan again. Allen got even more dizzy and started to lick Seigi's feet harder. Allen then spread his legs, grabbed Nagisa's wrist and rubbed his cock deeper into the soft toes of him. The boys were amazed to see Allen, licking and fucking there feet out of pure love to them. Seigi took the foot of the sleeping Natsu and rubbed it against Allen's tongue. He then started to kiss and lick his foot too, moaning every few seconds. Seigi then stood up, pushing one of his feet into Allen's cock.

Allen: Ahh-AHHH!
Seigi: Allen, now open your mouth for me.

And as he did, Seigi grabbed Natsu's foot and placed him infront of his cock. Then he took tape and taped Natsu's foot to Allen's mouth, so that he could still lick a bit of sole and all of Natsu's toes. Seigi then pushed his cock into the space between his toes and began to fuck them. As he fucked the pinked haired toes, Allen also licked and sucked on his cock at the same time, making it the best feeling he ever had.
He moaned as Allen's closed his mouth, covering all of Natsu's toes and Seigi's cock. He was fucking and was sucked at the same time. After a short time Seigi moaned and shot into the boys mouth. After then, he also fall asleep. Now it was Nagisa's turn by trying to make the boy cum.

Allen: MHH-AHH More!
Nagisa: I want you to come into my toes, then you have to lick them clean!

And it started again...

Allen, exhausted from worshipping two boys at the same time, breathed heavy as he felt Nagisa's smooth sole rubbing against his cum-covered cock. Nagisa took his other foot and moved it to Allen's mouth. Allen lapped his tongue against his toes, cleaning them, removing all the cum from them. Nagisa spread his toes so that Allen could lick them more easily. The blonde haired Boy smiled while giving Allen a grateful massage.

Nagisa: Don't you want to cum Allen? Where do you want to? Perhaps my feet, my mouth or my ass, your choice.
Allen: I want to cum in your and everyones feet, but I don't think I can cum into all of them. So I will take yours, Nagisa.

And Allen started to fuck Nagisa's soles, having problems to hold back to not cum. Nagisa let a lick run across his feet and rubbed them against his cock again. Nagisa placed Allens feet at his cock and began to lick his toes. As he rubbed his cock into Allen's toes Nagisa exploded alongside with Allen. After they came, both of them fell asleep into Seigis soles once again...

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