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We begin to write from our own viewpoint, but grow as writers, when more styles are used.
Why do I write the way I do?
Have you yet wondered this?
This is the view from my eyes through
this normal is my bliss.

Imagination pictures make,
though others may see prose,
I write the scenes, that my view takes,
and hope the whole world knows.

Some others take this picture view,
like Dr. Temple Grandin,
Who works so hard and writes it, too,
that we may put the hand in.

For what is writing if not for
the purpose we may bless
Our world to make an open door,
relieving others' stress.

I hope that others truly see
the grandeur of the thought,
like blazing sunsets giv'n by me
in gentle gift that's taught.

I smell the world in chocolate chips
and taste the wine, that flows,
That hurricane of words, it grips
the head down to the toes.

Like Franco Harris making dive
Immaculate Reception made,
I want my reader to derive
the picture I have bade.

Now honestly is my way best
to write and to be read?
The tale of Time is to be test,
To Eternity it's wed.

The reader is my latest chase!
I must write what is read!
To learn to write in each new case,
they'll speak the thoughts I've said!

So, you may learn the way I write,
if you would learn of me,
But if I learn the way you read,
then all the more I'll see.

Line Count: 40

by Jay O'Toole
on August 15, 2016
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