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A song I wrote on the same day of the 9/11 Disaster
It happened in September,
A month I'll always remember,
When there came a big explosion
One that caused a lot of emotion.

They searched through the debris,
To see if they could find any bodies
All cause they see us as the enemy
They think killing us is a remedy.

I Don't Know Why
they think we all should die
What have we done
that is so wrong?
That on this earth we don't belong

I think there is no excuse,
For mass murder has no use,
And I see no reason for such hate,
For a new millennia provides a clean slate.

We are about to go to war,
But what is it all for?
No one deserves to have to die,
For a man who lives in a lie,
And I will hate him until I die.
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