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by Whisky
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2093809
Seigi x Rentaro [Crossover between Black Bullet and Taboo Tattoo] I Foot Fetish Warning!
After Seigi came back from the strange room, he returned to his normal life and started training again. But after another trainingsession, the boy fell asleep in the dojo, everything changed...

Seigi: Heh?--What--where am I?
Rentaro: Oh you finally awoke?
Seigi: What?! No not again!

Seigi sat in a chair, bound to it with some kind of wire. Unable to see where he was, he tried to free himself...without success.

Rentaro: Ohh? Do you want to go so badly? Why don't you just sit and enjoy it like the last time?
Seigi: Last time? No way, do you speak of this room where I was captured with these other guys?
Rentaro: 100 points for you my dear Seigi. What I saw was just that you quite enjoyed it, or am I wrong?
Seigi: No you aren't, but how have you gained knowledge about this room?
Rentaro: How you ask? The answer is rather simple, the one who captured all of you was me. And can you imagine what I could want from you?
Seigi: You want my feet?
Rentaro: Again you're right, Seigi-kun. Now then, let's start.

And Rentaro reached out for Seigi's right foot. He felt his smooth hand touching his foot, giving it a small massage. Rentaro then moved his face to his feet, pushing his nose into the space between Seigi's toes.

Rentaro: Mhhh- Seigi, you really have some awesome feet. I can't imagine what they will taste like, let's find it out.

Seigi could feel the warm and slimy tongue of Rentaro, running across his bare sole. But instead of feeling disgusted, Seigi liked the sensation of his tongue touching his soft flesh. After a few more licks, Seigi let a little moan escape.

Seigi: [Shit! It just feels so good.]
Rentaro: Oh-ho? So you don't suppress your fetish anymore? Then I should go on and getting more excited too.

With these words, Rentaro began to suck on Seigi's toes. Letting them slip into his mouth one by one, he let his tongue play with them. He sucked on them like they were lollipops. Seigi was turned on by the tongue of Rentaro and got hard.

Rentaro: Now you really like it. Let me do something against your little "problem" down there.
Seigi: N-No! Wait!

Rentaro completely ignored him and pulled down his boxers, revealing his big cock. Seigi blushed as he saw the other boy stare. Rentaro then removed his socks and pushed one of his feet against Seigi's Palm. Seigi closed his eyes as Rentaro started to rub his foot against it. He moaned heavily and when Rentaro got his other foot up against his cock, it just got worse.

Seigi: Ah-Ah--I hate you--you know...
Rentaro: Yeah, I know...but as long as you enjoying it I won't stop.
Seigi: Moron!

And after a while Seigi exploded into Rentaro's smooth toes.


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