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Understand your future may require a few hasty decisions and bumps along the the way
Upon reflection I knew it was coming. I could see myself rising more and more to the occasion-I kept catching myself ahead of making an 'epic mistake' which was basically my way of telling myself-this is the way it needs to be.

Too often we all think we know our paths-we know the future direction of our journeys on this planet, and too often we figure that actually we didn't get it right. And that's ok.

We're not meant to get it right every time. The key to it is catching yourself at just the right moment and telling yourself-your life is worth more than this.

Your life is not defined by what you consider moments of failure, but instead by the strength it took to get you there. The respect you gained, the inspiration you incited, the futures you have informed.

Every step we take on this planet leaves a mark for others to follow, for others to admire, for others to gauge. They make their own decisions, but the decisions we took inform those that are taken in future years by those who surround us.

And by those who follow us.

I love walking around a graveyard and admiring the beautiful messages of love on the gravestones around me. They remind me that I'm human, they remind me that we have limited time and they remind me that we all have our stories to tell.

So tell your story, plan your own journey, but don't be afraid of making some hasty decisions along the way. If you're listening to your heart, and you need to make a change, then you're doing the right thing no matter what they say.
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