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Is the new neighbour quite what she seems?

“Which witch is which?”
“That’s hardly fair;”
“I think we need to clear the air.”
“We’ll set it straight, without a hitch”
“Why, this new neighbour may be rich.”

“Invite her for a welcome meal.”
“She may live all alone.”
“I’m sure we won’t be turned to stone,”
“Let’s show her just how warm we feel.”
“We’ll be polite and make it real.”

“We don’t know if she’s into Wicca,”
“She has a gorgeous cat.”
“So no more mice – I’m glad of that.”
“Don’t let’s start to row and bicker,
“Just show we’re strong, that we’ve got ticker.”

“No, we don’t know this lady’s past,”
“She may be tired and old.”
“Let’s show we won’t be rude and cold “
“Invite her in, and make it fast”
“We can be friends, and make it last.”

“Good evening, Ma’am we live next door”
“So welcome to our street”
“I hope it works that we can meet;”
A flash of light, a thunderous roar
The neighbours will be seen no more.

“I wanted peace with time to spare”
“And magic worked for me.”
“They’ve disappeared, so now I’m free.”
“A juicy rat makes wondrous fare.
“Grimalkin, you will get your share.”

25 Lines
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