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A poem of water falling off leaves.
The lonely Dew Drop
appearing on its leaf:
hanging on for dear life
in disbelief.
That one day it must
let go.
Even if it means
a great deal of pain and sorrow.
Thinking and wondering
are there others like me?
And if so where, how and
who could they be?
Suddenly, something rolls
down the leaf.
It settled next to him
quiet and soft.
And the drop looked upon
it with a distant cheek.
Then he took a good look
and to curiosity did give in.
But to his surprise
what did he find?
'Another Dew Drop' was
the thought in his mind.
'I cannot believe that
this can be!
There is another Dew Drop
in this tree, just like me!'
Alas the tree started to sway
and the drops became more afraid
But how could the world
show such cruelty
and take away the one moment
they were truly happy.
The leaf in the wind became
as a tilting lever:
And the two drops became
as one, together.
But the two as one pull
heavy on the leaf,
and both realize that their
moment as one will be brief.
The drop start to fall away
but they both want to
love and to stay.
No longer able to hold on,
they fall; knowing
this is the end and that is all.
Then it is the end, it's over,
they've stopped now.
Just a thousand pieces
soaked into the ground.
A short life he liked her,
just a short time did meet
dying in each others arms
at the hands of defeat.
To face life's strife and pain,
To always love
never to love in vain.

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