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A young woman and the crystals that appear our of seemingly nowhere
I have them near me now. Is that where this needs to start? With the five crystals I found nearly 35 years ago? I have kept them with me through the years and have always wondered why they were gifted to me. Seems like there is something I need to do with them or through them. Perhaps if I start out with the story from the beginning.

I was with my first husband and we lived in a little town in upstate New York. We owned the five acres we lived on and put up a modular type home as this was inexpensive at the time. Lovely place out in the country with hardly any neighbors near except for the farmer who lived up the road about a quarter mile and his wife. We bought the land from them and became friends over time. Lovely couple and very hard working people as farmers at that time had to be, but I digress. We were surrounded by woods of oak and pine and cedar. A lot of cedar. The scent of it would draw me onto the paths at times. Such a soft, cooling, peaceful scent . There were about 25 acres adjacent to our five acres and when troubled, as I often was in those days, I would go out and wander through the paths. I would think about the ordinary things of the day that upset me but then after a while my mind would get tired and I would think about the beauty surrounding me then find myself going off into a trance state of sorts.

And as I walked about I would always be drawn to this one area in the woods. It was on a small rise near an open field where the cows would graze. But always to this one area. And this went on for a number of years. I want to say maybe five or six though the exact length of time eludes me right now. I found this strange sense of peace there. There was a great deal of moss about as the sun did not get through to the ground with the trees so thick. Some had fallen down from the weight of the snow in the winters so there were old logs strewn here and there. After about the six year mark we bought the land from the farmer as he was getting ready to retire and no longer needed the acreage. So now we had thirty acres and it was such a great feeling to own that much land. We were able to get horses now which was something I had always dreamed of doing. But back to the crystals.

Now it was a couple of years into owning the land and I found myself one day drifting in a trance walking to that spot in the woods that always drew me. And for some reason I just bent down to the earth and moved a couple of leaves from the ground and there they were. Five beautiful quartz crystals. I immediately came out of the trance and was very excited. I have always loved rocks and minerals and to find the crystals like that was nothing short of amazing. And the other interesting sidenote is that after I found them I was no longer drawn to that area of the woods. It is like they were calling to me.

A friend said they were a gift from Source. I have no doubt of that. I have kept them with me all these years. I have meditated with them and held them close to my heart and third eye. I cannot say that anything incredible happened after that. I do feel their energy but I am not sure anything dramatic has ever happened with them. Perhaps I just needed them with me to travel through this space and time with and their very existence in my life have helped me even though I don’t know specifically how.

Could it be I placed them there in another lifetime to help guide me through the days ahead I knew I would be facing? My husband and I eventually split and I would go on to meet the love of my life soon after. I can say my life didn’t really start until I met Ivan and I told him that often. With Ivan I traveled and danced and drank and sailed and had one adventure after another. I can now say, I lived now where before I felt I was only just existing. So did the crystals perhaps guide me to meeting Ivan? Will I ever find an answer to that or do I really need one at this point. Perhaps the crystals will help to link me to another place as once again I feel I am only just existing since Ivan had to leave.

Perhaps the story of our time together in England, staying in the B&B 17th Century house and the cats and spirits that visited in the nighttime would be a place to take the story up.
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