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That first sweetest kiss is quickly remembered, whether it was yesterday or 30 years ago.
What bonnie lass do my eyes see,
across the lunchroom there?
Attractive eyes and smile for me
a sight so truly fair!

I walked right by and said, "Good day!"
You smiled in sweet response
You took my breath, no more to say,
great times all more than once.

I played your song upon the keys,
your smile was filled with tears,
I drew you to my side with seas
of love so crystal clear.

We skated all throughout the eve,
around the rink we'd go,
But when it came our time to leave,
I wanted more to know!

O, bonnie lass, we'd go to eat,
but never would I taste
The food as served at present seat,
since tastebuds were misplaced.

What wondrous bliss to love like this!
How often I have tried
To find someone, whose sweetest kiss
would melt all parts of pride!

The taste of honey on your lips,
the smell of rose about,
The darkest night cannot eclipse
your charming face, no doubt.

They said I was entranced, 'tis true,
your youthful light of day,
From locks so lovely, all of you
is daily on display.

Your father gave your hand to me,
but made me take you all,
"No problem is request, you see,
in love I have made fall."

The pretty curves of timeless grace,
I could so much describe,
But other eyes are out of place,
where intimate love abides.

Some seventeen years of marriage bliss
in joy we walked alone,
But Joy of every married kiss,
a daughter came to home!

The sweetest kiss each day we give
to teach our Joy to love,
That when she grows in love she'll live,
from here to Heav'n above.

The years have writ graffiti on
my aging face, I know,
But teenaged beauty you have won
as wisdom only grows.

You are desirable, My Love!
Your features only glow!
Your place in heart with me, My Dove,
your lasting beauties show!

This bonnie lass in timeless youth
doth cause my heart to soar,
When Time hath ended be this Truth,
"I'll love Thee o'er and o'er!"

Line Count: 60

by Jay O'Toole
on August 22, 2016

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