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I wrote a short story of the supernatual contest, but first time i have wrote in a while
It had all started innocently enough he thought, he always had been curious about necromancy but never really put any stock in it, after all you don't see people raising the dead or hear about it on the news these days do you. But as he looked down at the swirling vortex to hell, wind rustling his cloak, he couldn't help but wonder if he should have just stayed in bed on that fateful day.
He had woken up early after a really bad dream, which had put him in a slight mood as he had been up late playing a MMO as a warlock, but then he remembered about a strange conversation he'd had with a strange guy going by the name of N3cr0.
"Greetings believer" said N3cr0
"Erm hi" he'd said
"I see you follow the dark arts my friend"
"Yeah, it's more fun than any of the other characters you can play"
"But what if it was real? What would you choose to do?"
"Real? Yeah that would be cool, I'd choose Necromancy it seems interesting"
"That is a good choice friend, there is a bookshop just opened in Harrogate, off the main street, if you're interested look it up" (user has logged off)
"wait what? How did you know where I live? Mate that's a little creepy"
(message not sent)
(message not sent)
He'd thought nothing of it that morning till he found himself standing outside the bookshop at lunchtime, 'how the hell did I get here? he reasoned well might as well see what he meant', pushing the door open he stepped inside and then there was nothing, no bookshop, no traffic, no floor? 'That was a bit odd' he reflected, he appeared to be floating but felt like he had lost something, a weight off his mind? No it was something he couldn't quite but his finger on. Speaking off where WAS his fingers, hell where was his body? Am I dead? He could feel something pulling him down 'or was that up?' he contemplated, either way he seemed to be heading toward a table with something on top.
Suddenly he woke up gasping for air, but he couldn't feel his lungs expanding, he was looking out of his eyes but he couldn't seem to focus on his nose when he shut one eye 'this is very strange' he pondered, then looking down he saw two skeletons feet at the end of the table, he wiggled his feet - the feet wiggled at the same time 'what am I' he screamed in his head.
"Greeting disciple"
"Who's there?"
"you know me as N3cr0"
"what? What have you done to me?"
"I cured you"
"Cured? I was fine, cured me of what?"
"Your human condition"
"I didn't want to die" he starts to weep
"I don't really care; I only need your soul"
At this he fainted, only waking up when he could feel cold stone on his face, 'why am I feeling this' he pondered 'I'm dead - well a skeleton, but I shouldn't be able to feel anything', lifting himself up he stared at the row of grave stones leading away from him to a hill where N3cr0 was chanting.
"Where the hell am I?" he asked
"Your right where you need to be" snapped N3cr0
At this point all hell broke loose.
The vortex opened into a cemetery 'why is it always a cemetery' he wondered, it started with the wind blowing, then it felt like a tornado had landed with us in the eye, trees were straining, gravestones were lifted up and flung, and as suddenly as it had started the tornado dropped through the earth leaving a massive round hole.
"My lords I offer this unwilling sacrifice to show you the way" Bellowed N3cr0 standing on the edge
"You push him" a voice said in his head
"Pardon?" he said, not quite understanding what happened
"You push; he falls"
'Oh great I'm going to die, but I've gone crazy first' he lamented
He could feel himself being dragged toward the vortex, 'so this is how I die - well again' he sighed
"We push then" said the voice as I got level with N3cr0
His arms flew out, straight into the small of his back
"Nooooooooo" he screamed as he flew over the edge
"It done, but still not safe"
His body swayed as he could feel his soul disappearing, it felt violently cold to start with, then it seeps out slowly making everything colder as it goes till there's nothing left but a chill. His memories were fading thick and fast, falling to his knees he wondered how did this start? Why me? What's my name? the last one shook him, 'how can't I remember who I am? He thought, it made him want to... something', he'd forgotten the word already.
He could hear someone shouting a name, or what he thought was a name, he couldn't quite make it out, everything thing seemed so distant now, and he was so tired, was this tiredness? Or was it something else, the more he thought about it the better he felt, more importantly the more he thought about it the stronger he got.
He could feel the power flowing through him filling the void where his soul had been, but he remembered his name "Joey" he whispered smiling, rising up he could see what needed to be done, thrusting his hand forward he got a shock when all he saw were bones where his hands should have been.
'Oh yeah I died he thought, that was it, I was brought back as a lich, but if I close this vortex then will I die? Will I stay as I am?' Suddenly the voice pierced his thoughts
"NO!" it screamed
"No?" what sort of answer was that he thought "that was not helpful"
"Don't close, use power turn back time"
Is that even possible? He wondered? "how? And will I remember?"
"Use bones, make circle, you die but reborn"
"That doesn't sound like a good idea"
"Trust will work"
"Ok here goes nothing"
Focusing hard on channelling the power he stepped into the circle, called upon the bones to send the time back to, when exactly? a day? An hour? No Two weeks ago is when he had that creepy conversation, that's when he'd go back too.
He concentrated on the time, what he had been doing, and began to chant 'this isn't so bad' he thought, then he felt his body trying to rip itself apart 'I take it all back, this is not good' everything was getting foggy again, the more the pain intensified the more disoriented he got but in the same instant the more like himself he felt.
Realising that he had to just let go, he became one with the power, screaming in agony as his bones where getting ripped off one by one, he abruptly felt calm, he blinked 'this can't be good' and he exploded shattering the circle and destroying some nearby trees too...
"Told you would work"
"What would work?"
"You remember, you strong, will find again"
"I don't understand"
Joey had woken up early from a really strange dream about him having a conversation online which led to him being turned into a skeleton and having to kill himself to go back in time, which had put him in a slight mood as he had been up late playing a MMO as a warlock 'bloody subconscious' he thought, but then he remembered about a strange conversation he'd had with a strange guy going by the name of N3cr0..........

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