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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2094240
My story for the Daily Flash Challenge
"Where did you find these cookies" asked Bartemus "They look like they have seen better days"
"We are in this place and you ask about the food?" Rickard said surprised at his partner's ease
"What's wrong with it?"
"What's Wrong? It's a pig sty! There is a dead body in the corner, bent weapons everywhere and we don't even know if it was inhabited before we stumbled in!"
"It's fine, we had to get out of the storm" and while nodding at the horses "they don't seem to mind either"
At that moment there was a crash of thunder and flash of lighting that lit up the cave entrance, the horses whinnied in discomfort and Rickard could have sworn he saw someone or something outside
Venturing toward the mouth, he drew his sword "I saw something out there"
"saw what?" Bartemus queried lazily from his roll, yawning afterwards as if to punctuate is non-interest
"I'm not sure, was something strange, too tall for a man, yet too thin for a bear"
"maybe the bear had a shave?"
"Screw you"
"ahahaha I'm sorry, now what did the message say?"
"humpf, it said 'meet at the western crossroads, noon on the fifth moon of summer"
"that's fine, we are right next to it and we meet tomorrow, now let's get some rest"
Sitting down by the entrance Rickard looked over "I'll keep first watch, I'll wake you in a few hours"
And with that Bartemus rolled over and went to sleep.

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