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A voice whispers within the choking smoke.
The Cinder's Eye

Down at the bottom of that pit; despair,
my understanding came; flickering flare.
I looked down deep into the Cinders Eye.
Twas at that point my mind began to fly.
Their was no way to tell; would live or die.
It was the burdens carried it would spare,
to me somehow it seemed to be unfair.
What flame told me seemed very special, rare.
It spoke; the smoke sprang up to greet and share.
“Freely it is given, you just cannot buy.”
Once the flame had finished, I was left to cry.
It was not long my soul could see the lie.
The fire was ablaze, I was here nor there,
That saddened feeling locked me in a stare.
It whispered,
"Carry heavy heart, open mind to see,
this is the only path to find your bliss,
the only way out of endless abyss,
please heed my words and listen, sanity."
I answered,
" There’s only one true place to wait for thee,
i’ll suffer here from loves poisonous kiss,
while Cupids arrow flies by heart to miss,
Yet; I shall not but I will never flee. "

(Dante Variation 2)
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