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Tim wonders if crime fighting comes with sweaty feet. Set in the Arkhamverse.
Nightwing returned to the Bat cave after a long, hard night of crime fighting. A thin layer of sweat coated his whole body and he was breathing heavy as he collapsed into a nearby sofa. Tim, who didn't even look away from the Batcomputer when Nightwing walked in, asked; 'long night Dick?'

Nightwing replied 'if it had been a long night I would have been grateful, tonight was just one robbery, mugging and underground fight club after another.'

'sounds like a drag' Robin said, smiling, which quickly faded when heard a pained noise coming from Nightwing's direction. Tim turned around and asked 'are you okay?' with a look of concern. 'yeah it's just...my feet are killing me' Dick replied as he pulled off his big boot and began to rub his sweaty looking bare foot.

Robin looked away quickly, and tried to collect himself, no-one knew it but Tim had a huge foot fetish, starting from the day Bane had kidnapped him and, instead of tying him up, kept him pinned under his huge, dirty, boot. Tim had loved being in this position and almost wished that Batman hadn't come to save him.

back in the present Nightwing now had bot his boots off and was rubbing his left bare foot.

'Hey Robin, I'll give you my bike for a foot massage.' he joked.

before Robin knew what he was saying he heard himself reply; 'Okay'

Nightwing froze, and then laughed 'it was just a joke but what the hell, I need a new bike anyway.' and with that he propped his big, bare, sweaty feet on the table and looked at Tim expectantly, Tim sighed and got up, musing whether or not all crime fighters got sweaty feet. he knew that he did, sometimes he'd come home and think 'did I go swimming today?' as his socks would be completely drenched in his stinky foot sweat.

Tim had made it to the sofa and fought the urge to hold his nose at the sour stench of feet that Nightwing had spread throughout the cave.

'alright' Nightwing said 'get to work' he flexed his long toes and put his hands behind his head, relaxing and waiting for his pleasurable foot massage.

Tim steeled himself and took off his gloves, he sat cross-legged next to the table and brought his hands to Nightwing's steaming hot, size 12 feet.

his hands were wet with foot sweat within seconds of rubbing and it took all his willpower not to gag on the sour stench, but Dick didn't notice his discomfort as he had closed his eyes and was beginning to drift of.

Robin kneaded Dick's soles and toes, before rubbing on his soft heel, Tim wondered how someone who spent a lot of time kicking criminals and sparring partners alike in the face could have such soft feet. of course they didn't feel soft when they made contact with someone's face
as Tim had found out in one particularly painful sparring session.

while Robin was musing about Dick's feet, Nightwing fell asleep, Robin realised that this could be his only chance.

he brought his face close to Dick's feet and inhaled deeply, before quickly recoiling and bringing his gag reflex under control.

Tim then came up close again and stuck out his tongue, licking Nightwing's right sole once and checking his reaction; nothing.

Robin lost himself in a flurry of licks and relished the taste of sweat and salt on his tongue, before gently starting to suck on dicks big toe, swirling his tongue around it like a....big toe...

then he dragged his tongue all in-between Dick's toes and cleaned out all the gunk that had found its way there.

Robin was abuts to start sucking on Nightwing's heel before Dick asked 'having fun?'

to be continued...?


thanks for reading, please feel free to request your own story, I specialize in video games and animated characters, but I can also write about real life celebs and OC's
I write exclusively about male x male feet fetishism though I'm not above writing about sexual encounters, I will always at least attempt a request (if it fits my criteria) and it usually only takes me a day to write so please email me with story ideas and I will respond as quick as I can.

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