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Heckle and Jeckle discuss the Flash Fiction Writing Contest
Heckle: "Hey Jeckle, what'cha doin"
Jeckle: "Writing an entry for the Flash Fiction Contest on Writing.com"
Heckle: "What's that?"
Jeckle: "Come up with a story in less than 300 words that contains the three prompt words."
Heckle: "Oh, I know about that. I've entered a few times."
Heckle: "What are today's words?
Jeckle: "Nail, Window, Silver"
Heckle: "Well, It don't matter."
Jeckle: "I think I have a theme."
Heckle: "It don't matter."
Jeckle: "I think I have a great hook."
Heckle: "It don't matter."
Jeckle: "I think I have a super surprise ending."
Heckle: "It don't matter."
Jeckle: "Wow. I am right at 299 words!"
Heckle: "It don't matter."
Jeckle: "Heckle, why you keep saying 'It don't matter'?"
Heckle: "because the same person wins almost every day."
Jeckle: "Really?"
Heckle: "Check the record."
Heckle: "Why do you keep posting entries?"
Jeckle: "because I like the exercise and because I get good reviews from other people."
Heckle: "you know after today, you're sure to never win."
Jeckle: "It don't matter."

Word Count: 169
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