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This is something I wrote due to an escalation of events in the past few years.
I do not pretend to be able to answer these questions as some who think they are more scholarly would do. But…Why are only one people mourned throughout periods in history? Did it begin with man subjugating man in pre-history?
Is there an underlying difference in the essence of the soul?
Is there a difference between the subjugated and those who choose to subjugate?

What is it that puts one race that persecutes above the persecuted?
What brings it to the forefront?
Is it documentation? Is it the power of the written word? The incredible power of the photograph?
Is it the weapons that they were and are slaughtered with?

Are not we all humans?
Under the skin are we not all equal to all others?
What does make one human more important than the other? Is it the intensity at which we are forced into submission?
Is it the fear that we all have that if we don’t submit to the strong we will die?
And once the strong has the upper hand why do they then try to bring down the other?
Why do they try to force the other into submission?
Is it lack of intelligence?

Does it all boil down to our basic instinct of survival?
Is it the terrifying fact that death is at the doorstep if one does not submit?
Is it simply those who think they are strong trying to force their intentions on those they perceive as weak?
Are they simply trying to build their own courage?

The only answer I know is that there are no answers.
Anger, fear and the basic instinct for survival halt intelligent thought.
Beneath all the languages and technologies we are still, savages.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2094447-A-Question-to-Humanity