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Writer's block prompt. An attempt to see what will come of that topic.
Writer s Block

“Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me …” Yes it’s me. Time and again but what part of me is it I have to ask? Danny said there are many parts to us and through our sessions together I came to realize she was right. So what do I need to do. There is that part of me that is a writer for sure so do I just close my eyes, relax and call upon that part?

Ok, let’s give it a go. What do I call you the part of me that is a writer so I don’t just call you “that part”. All of my other parts have had names so what is yours? The word that comes to mind is Jamus. Ok then, I shall call you Jamus. So Jamus, do you have something right now you would like to write about?

“Well yes I do and thank you for asking” Jamus said

“Let’s see now, where was I”

“No no now I hear those thoughts and you are not hungry” “That always happens and this time we will not give in to it” “Just bare with me a minute here”.

Ok, She was sitting by the water looking out over the bay. It was a beautiful spring day. Warm breeze in the air and soft blue sky above. To soon in the season to be uncomfortably hot so she planned to stay awhile. Her thoughts wandered over the past couple of weeks. There really was no place else to go now and the continuously travelling from place to place didn’t seem to be helping anyway. If she stayed in place this time and just confronted the ghosts and demons that seemed to follow her no matter where she went then maybe, just maybe she could find a solution to this mess she had seem to make of it all.

Birds were flying overhead singing to each other. It was also mating season and the fervor of activity was a good distraction to help ease her mind a bit. If only life could be as simple as it seemed to be for the birds and wildlife around her. Though nature’s creatures didn’t have the intelligence of man, the innate intelligence nature did have really seemed to be an advantage. Just living in the moment and not thinking about the past or future, that was the answer to a lot of problems she had. After all, the past was over and done and the future, well the future would come no matter what so just focusing on this moment, what a blessing and relief that would be. She knew she tended to make things worse than they really were just by thinking to much, overanalyzing everything too much. But there had to be a trick of some sort on how to do that. How to just live in this moment and not fret about everything else. She closed her eyes and felt herself drift away a bit. Felt the energies come up from the earth and envelope her so that she felt the oneness of it all. She was floating away on the warm summer's breeze and finally relaxing her spirit and soul.

The castle was to the South. Why did there always have to be a castle. Why did she find such peace and contentment around those ancient structures. Life at the times the castles were operational would really have been hard unless you were highborn and of the privileged class and maybe even then compared to life now. But yet there was this peacefulness that would calm her soul and make her feel all was well with the world after all. She could get in the car and drive to the castle and see if he was still there. But then what would she say to him if he was? She needed to figure out in her own mind first what she wanted and how things should go forward.

“So there” Jamus said to me. “Is that a good start do you think? Will give me something to think about while we go make dinner”.

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