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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2094709
Lina finds Taylor in the most unexpected places.
The warmth of the shower made it easy for Lina to relax, as the water sprayed down on her, pushing the cold away from the brisk fall morning. She hated mornings like these, where the chill would seep into her bones, leaving her body shivering and aching for his touch. Oh how she missed being in his arms, losing herself to all of the wonderful sensations he so easily stirred deep within her soul. She went through her usual shower routine, washing her hair, rinsing, adding a big glob of conditioner to her hair, and combing it through her long tresses with her fingers. She squeezed the bottle of body wash onto the loofah, and ran it under the water, building up a rich lather before pressing it to her chest.

Making circles over her neck, she moved it down and across her shoulders before trailing the soap over her breasts. Closing her eyes, she proceeded to wash her arms and the rest of her body, all of her thoughts drifting back to him, to the many showers they’d shared together over the years. She longed for those incredible showers where only the two of them existed, their minds, bodies and souls in complete unison, feeding off one another. She trembled, ducking under the sprayer, her hands moving over her body, remembering what his touch felt like gliding over her soapy skin, her fingers having a mind of their own as they sought out her breasts.

Lina cupped them both, her thumbs grazing over her nipples, making them pebble beneath her touch. She turned and pushed her back up against the wall of the shower stall, imagining Taylor in here with her, that his hands were the ones playing her body like a fine tuned musical instrument. Her mouth tingled, as if he stood before her, plundering her mouth with deep, erotic kisses. Lina gasped and her eyes flew open, looking around the small shower.

“Taylor,” she whispered. Her mind struggled to make sense of how she could feel him after he passed away a year earlier.

She closed her eyes, fighting back the burning tears, her heart aching for him to be here with her once more. Lina turned and buried her face into the wall, the heartache taking over as tears fell freely, sobs raking her body while loneliness settled in.

“I miss you so much. Everything hurts,” Lina cried, her voice echoing off the baby blue tile.

Taking a deep breath, she managed to stop the onslaught of grief, her tears slowing. Lina pressed her forehead into the ceramic tile, trying to calm down.

A cool blast of air hit her shoulders. She looked to her right, the door to the stall firmly closed. Puzzled, Lina took two steps to the door and opened it, looking to the window and bathroom door, finding them both closed. Shaking her head, she returned to the wall as memories began to play in her mind like a movie. She always loved the way his eyes would darken with desire, letting her know he wanted her right then it there. If she closed her eyes now she could picture him standing before her with that same smoldering look, just before his face would inch closer and his mouth captured hers. Lina swayed, lost to the past, her lips tingling before the sensation of his tongue dueling with hers took over. She didn’t want to move, longing to lose herself in the onslaught of memories that heightened all of her senses and had her body craving to be consumed by Taylor.

Lina raised her hand and reached out, imagining her palm resting against his five o’clock shadow and smiled. Touching him made her excited, being near him sent her pulse racing, and as her fingers slid to his lips a jolt of electricity raced up her arm. Her eyes flew open and grew wide. He was there! Her beloved Taylor stood before her smiling, but before she could utter a sound, his transparent figure disappeared. Her mind raced with questions of how and why, but more than anything, she wondered if she could do it again. Could she reach out and close the gap between them and be with the man she loved?

She faced the wall positioning herself near the corner and took a deep breath. She would stand there all day if necessary to bring him close to her again, to defy the boundaries time and distance. Resting her hands on the wall before her, she closed her eyes again, focusing on taking deep, steady breaths, waiting for magic to happen.

“Taylor, I’m here. I’m here waiting for you. Come back to me. I need you,” she said.

A cool breeze floated over her chest and she squeezed her eyes shut tighter, afraid that if she opened them he’d disappear. All she wanted, needed, was to share this precious moment with him.

“Oh, God, how I ache for you,” she whispered.

As if on cue, the tingling raced through her mouth making hunger burn through her entire body. Her breathing hitched as his ravenous mouth moved down her neck, over her chest and stopped at her breast. Lina pushed her chest forward, not wanting to wait a second longer for his hot mouth to suckle her nipple lavishing her with all the attention of his expert tongue. She moaned, unable to stop herself, her body throbbing with fierce desire. She wanted him still, even this way, for no other gave her the pleasure he did.

“Take me,” she said, her voice husky and filled with desire.

Lina widened her stance, envisioning him sitting before her, straddling him. The cool air turned warm, surrounding her as her body took flight. With a mind of its own, her body moved, seeking his, raising up and taking him into her core. She tossed her head back, pressing her hands into the wall for support as her entire body burned, awakened to something so familiar, yet more intense than anything she’d ever experienced before. Wave upon wave of burning desire crashed through her, sending her to the brink of climax, so close she could almost taste it.

“Please,” she begged, ready to go over, let go of everything and experience this sweet moment to the fullest.

The intensity built to a wild crescendo, her clitoris throbbing, reaching for release as she gasped, the orgasm rocketing through her body. Stars flashed all around them, the water pouring down, catapulting her right out of the bathroom to a magnificent waterfall. Lina gasped, the orgasm continuing as she became aware of her surroundings.

They sat together on a stone bench, her arms and legs wrapped around his body, underneath a secluded waterfall. The warmth of the water matched that of her body, as she gazed up, taking in the massive trees and greenery that surrounded them. The bright sunshine filtered through the branches in a kaleidoscope of colors, dancing all around them, playing against the water, leaves and rocks, their own private oasis.

Taylor rocked her in his arms, holding her so close she could hear the rhythm of his heartbeat matching time with hers. Oh if it were a dream she never wanted to wake up, never wanted to be parted from him again.

He held her face in his hands, and their mouths met again. Not the passionate kiss from earlier, this one was soft, sweet and filled with promise.

She needed to tell him she loved him, to hear him say the words back. As she opened her eyes to look at him, everything vanished. Lina wrapped her arms around her shaking body, her mind whirling in a rampant frenzy wondering if it had all been a deliciously sweet dream.

The water of the shower grew cold and made her shiver. She turned to the faucet and shut it off, biting her bottom lip. It had to be real she told herself. Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine something that spectacular.

She opened the shower door, grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her body, turning back to look inside the stall.

“If that was real, if I didn’t imagine it, then I expect to find you here waiting for me tomorrow, my beloved. I will be waiting for you.”

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