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by Jacky
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Making it Right

“Check again, is he still there?” asked Gwen

“Yeah, he’s still sitting on the swing, nothing’s happened.” said Basie

“I must have used a wrong ingredient… the dandelion?”

“I don’t think there is a ‘wrong’ dandelion. Who’d you get this spell from?”


“Well, no wonder! Did you tell her who you were using it on?”

“Yes… why would that matter?”

“You have got to start paying attention to things! She’s not going to help you get rid of Juno, Eldrith has a thing for Juno!”

“Ewew, really? Yuk… but she took my money!”

“Well, she couldn’t not give you a spell for money, but… she could easily lie about the spell… Of course! She probably gave you a real spell, but like a get Juno to fall for Eldrith spell, one she couldn’t do for herself and that no self-respecting witch would do for her, not knowingly anyway….”

“So you’re saying Juno’s probably sitting on that swing with the hots for Eldrith right now? Crap, he’ll never leave! … Wait, I have an idea!”

She rummaged in her cupboard, then did another quick spell and sat back smiling.

“What did you do?”

“Well, if Juno is going to still be here, panting over Eldrith, I just had to make sure he couldn’t cause me any more trouble while he’s doing it, right?”

Basie looked back out the window. There on the swing sat a large, scruffy, somewhat confused looking, brown rat.

“Win, win!” said Gwen, smiling.
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