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by Laddy
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A star faces a friend from her past.
Meteor shower~

And at that moment I wondered if he remembered me.
If he even thought about me.
Did he even remember me?
Were there any memories of me still going through his mind?

"Thank you,and good night!" I yelled to the cheering crowd as the lights dimmed. I stood there a while,waving to the ecstatic faces below the stage. Then with a final bow I finally headed backstage, and to my dressing room.
It was a great night and I loved my fans,but at the moment I needed a break. I needed to get out of this dress. What was the frilly part made out of,sandpaper?

When I was in a more relaxed state it was time to greet some of the fans,make small talk,sign some autographs. It was the least I could do for them.
I greeted everyone with a bright smile,signing there picture and being sure to find something I liked about all of them. It was humbling,so many people being made happy by just being in your presence. However there was one person I noticed in particular,my eyes widening as he approached. And a small part of me feared why he was here,and if he knew who I was. I smiled up at his familiar face and quietly signed my autograph as he watched me excitedly. As he went to leave I paused,noticing I forgot to say something to him. "I like your hair!" I called out,causing him to turn and smile before running out the room to catch up with his friends. ' I like your hair ' why was that what I said?
That was what I had said when we first met,all those years ago in high school when I was just a meek ninth grader. It almost made me wonder if I could have been with that group of friends was with if we hadn't have grown apart. If he knew that shy little girl he encouraged years ago was the same girl he was fanning about today.
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