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Month Two Questionaire for A Whole New World Activity/Contest. Story coming soon.

Month Two Questionaire
Word Count = 1,492

1. Is this a Utopian, Dystopian, or something in between kind of world?

I’m not exactly sure what kind of world this was. I looked up both of these words and neither one means my world. If I had to choice one it would have to be Utopian. Pasina was a pretty advanced planet when whatever happened to it happened.

Pasina was about five hundred years behind Earth time wise, but around two hundred advanced wise. That’s one theory about what happened to them. A lot of GraveDiggers who have studied them think it was their advances that destroyed them.

2. What is the transportation system like? This includes things like roads, paths, vehicles, systems (like subways, trains, etc.). (Maybe you can add to your map!)

They didn’t have a transportation system like most worlds have. Pasina didn’t have vehicles or roads, they had a moving sidewalk that wasn’t used for walking and paths. The individual residences and the family ones all faced the business center, literally, of Hicta.

There were ten rows of twenty-five family residences per row. Five sections in each row. The same was true about the individual residences too, but there were fifty per row and ten sections. In between the rows and sections, was where the two sidewalks were. One going in each direction.

On those sidewalks were chairs, and they were about five feet from each other so that you could put things in front of you on your way home. All you had to do was sit in the chair and use the controls on the arms of it to tell the chair where you wanted to go. Depending on where you were going it took anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

3. What businesses/jobs/trades are there?

The residences of Hicta didn’t have to work to make a living, but some of them did. Not to make a living but because they wanted to do it. That lack of working some GraveDiggers think was what ended up destroying them. The Hictans who didn’t work didn’t have to because their technology was so advanced everything they wanted or needed they could have instantly. If they wanted it that way. Which most of them did.

Those who choose to work had businesses that surrounded the business center of Hicta. Each side had the same businesses, like food stores, clothing stores, eating places, etc. and they pretty much catered to their side of Hicta. The Hictans could go to wherever they wanted to go, but most of them stayed on their sides. Unless they were going to the entertainment part of Hicta.

4. What kind of government is in place? What political entities exist? How does it function? Is it effective?

There was no real government in Hicta. The Leader had his or her own residence in the center of the business center, and it rotated around from one side to the next every hour so that the residences who choose them would be facing them. In front of that residence, on each side of it, was where a large building stood that was used for the Advisors, the Law Makers, and the Law Enforcers. Like the business, each side pretty much took care of their side, but they weren’t limited to just their side.

At this time, we don’t know exactly how the individual Leaders were selected or how long they were Leaders, but from what we have discovered so far was that they were chosen. How exactly they were chosen we don’t know. We think it was some kind of an election. What we don’t know was how that election took place. Was there voting? Who decided who ran for The Leader? How old did you have to be to take part in the election? Maybe we will discover that once we get to Pasina.

5. What is the economic system like? What is the currency (or possibly there is a barter system)?

When the surface of Pasina was liveable they might have been some kind of currency, but there wasn’t one now. If they did have one it was probably either Credits or Units. That’s what it was on most planets. The Hictans didn’t need currency. Whatever they wanted, like food or clothing, they could get through technology. Depending on what you wanted or needed it was a Food Replicator, a Clothing Replicator, etc.

Some, probably most of the Hictans, didn’t rely on the Replicators only. The main reason why they did it was that they just wanted to visit, shop, at the different businesses. At the very least it got them out of their residences for a while. Like on most planets if you sit around all day you get lazy, and lazy can get you killed. It’s like a barter system without the bartering. After all, they didn’t pay for their business merchandise. The businesses make their products with Replicators too, but theirs were a lot better.

6. What is the education system like?

Yes, there was an educational system in Hicta. On each side of the business center, there was a Learning Center where the children of Hicta went. Each side catered to their side of Hicta. There was social and competition among the sides, but the learning was dedicated to that side.

What that learning process was exactly was still unknown, but what we have found out so far was that there was some kind of a structure. Whether they were called grades, sections, age groups, etc. was still unknown. That’s something else we were hoping you young GraveDiggers would discover once we get there.

7. What societies are there? What social classes?

Getting together (dating), becoming one (marriage) and involvement or togetherness (sex) was a part of everyday life for most Pasinans. Especially among the young when it came to getting together and involvement or togetherness. Getting together started around ten and involvement or togetherness began about age fifteen. We haven’t found any indication that adults were involved in either getting together or involvement or togetherness.

From what we have found so far becoming one started about age twenty-five. We still don’t know how those becoming ones happened. It could have been arranged or it might have been individualized. How did they become one? Was there some kind of a ceremony? If so what kind was it? What was said?

The family Pasinans were considered better than the individuals were. They weren’t wealthier than the individuals. All Pasinans lived pretty much the same way. It was because they were a family. They had the children. Individuals could have children too, but it made them look bad. So there wasn’t too many of them. At least that’s what we think we have found out from images and writings. We could be wrong about that. In fact, we could be wrong about a lot of things.

8. What trade system is in place (between societies, countries, planets, etc.)?

Between societies, there really wasn’t any trading going on. That’s because it wasn’t needed. If the Pasinans wanted or needed something they either create it themselves or just took it. Sometimes out of kindness or friendship a Hictan would make an exchange, but it didn’t happen very often.

Hicta wasn’t really a country. It’s a city. Actually, it’s a cave city. There were about two hundred of them within Pasina. Each one was about the same size and infrastructure. Like Hicta, they were also independently run and traded. There wasn’t any trading between cities.

Pasina knew there were other planets in the universe. Whether they believed those planets were populated, and if they had space travel, or not was still unknown. It was a pretty advanced planet when it was made inhabitable, but there hasn’t been anything found to indicate that they had space travel.

9. What religions are there?

There wasn’t any religion in Hicta. At least, we haven’t found anything that says that there was. We still don’t know if they had it on Pasina or not, but since they didn’t have it in Hicta we don’t think they did. Maybe you can prove that wrong once we get there too.

As you, all know most planets do have some kind of religious beliefs. Some of them have more than one, and a lot have several. There are even a few that are pure religion. It doesn’t look like Pasina fell into any of those planets.

10. Anything else you can think of that falls into this category.

A lot of questions, and theories, have come up in this month two questionnaire. Those questions, and theories, will be answered, but they won’t be until the sixth, and final, month of this activity/contest. This month is an unofficial continuation of month one. It’s a separate story, or it will be once I finally get around to writing it, but it’s also a continuation too.

Like the question above about the Trade System, Pasina might not have known about other planets having space travel capabilities, but they did once the population went underground. That’s because Pasina had been visited quite a few times over the centuries they lived in their cave cities. The visitors didn’t stay long once they discovered the planet was dead.

Hicta knew this because of the invisible surveillance satellites they had in orbit around Pasina. They had them there before Pasina became dead. Is that the reason why it did? That’s another question you will have to wait until month six to find out. Hicta still used them until whatever happened to them happened. Was that the reason for their destruction? All this, and so much more, will be revealed in month six.

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