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Forgotten trauma can influence life, yet can be conquered.
Long forgotten memories regrow,
My attention is swept clean away,
It was sixteen years ago,
Exactly on this day.

My ears are stolen by voices cracked.
Sounds conjured up by specters bold,
The rhythmic swaying tunes mingled,
With dying leaves that turned to gold.

Clouds tangoed over a wicked moon,
Like black-feathered boas swirling,
Distant wolf-like howls in tune,
Deep amidst the twilight drifting.

Chased through the darkened streets,
Angels, freaks, and beasts appeared,
In shadows did all evil meet,
The vile donned their fearful gear.

Pools of languid sorrow did abound,
Oozing like morbid yellow gleet,
In every sought out shelter was found,
Only the absence of a safe retreat.

When the eerie night had passed,
When aroused from where I slept,
The troubling visions that had amassed,
Into blind corners of my brain crept.

For sixteen tormented years since,
Those worries remained hidden unseen,
In whispers soft, to secretly convince,
Of the uselessness of life serene.

Now, after sixteen years, today,
I've found love's bright shining light,
It has chased all dark evil away,
And allows me peaceful sleep at night.

(32 Lines)

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