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A Man Who Transcends The Gods Script
The Narrator said “A legend, a protector of truth, a revolutionary of morals, and a lover of many and all organism. An inspiration of young and

old alike.

This legend will have, like all others, adversaries to beat whether from power, jealousy, misunderstanding, or revenge. (Note: This part

comes with the first prototype first page)

To defeat the antagonists and to surpass infinity.

Can he accomplish this legacy?”

An establishing shot of the ancient Japan and Dea traveling to it. It will hint at Dea’s magic ability.

Then he landed.

“Hello Japan!!!” Dea said.

“Wow this looks amazing I can’t believe it!” Dea continued. “Let see where to go next?”

Dea is then passed a kid who is running.

The establishing shot of the kid. Panting, the kid kept on running until he bump into a bald, buff swordsman. His face is concealed.

“Ha?!” The kid said, shocked.

The man showed the bottom half of his face.

Then man’s face is finally shown.

“Kirishima-sama!!!” The kid shouted.

Kirishima then grabbed the kid.

“Where the hell are you looking at?!” Kirishima yelled.

There is a shot of the kid’s face.

They get interrupted by a woman voice that shouted “Wait!!!”

An establishing shot of the woman

“Mom!!!” The kid shouted back.

The mother then embraced her kid.

“Heh, heh, heh,” said Kirishima.

Kirishima grabbed his sword and then a shot of the mother and the kid.

He slashed the mother’s kimono and shows her cleavage. She then covered it with her arms.

“If you want to pay for what that brat did, then I know a way you can help,” Kirishima said.

A shot of the mother’s scared face.

“Heh, heh, heh!” Kirishima said “I’ll be back for you, okay?” Then he left.

Kirishima then enters a tavern and sit down. “A sake please.” A shot of Kirishima spotting something.

Establishing shot of Dea with a funny face staring down at Kirishima. “What the hell are you looking at?!”

“Huh,” said Dea with another funny face. “You give me one more…” Kirishima started but interrupted by a cup hitting the back of his head.

“Oww…!” Kirishima shouted as he turned to see who threw it before getting hit by another cup on his head.

Kirishima then spotted Dea and noticed that he threw the second cup. “Y…you’re the one who did this?!!!”

Dea is then grabbed by Kirishima. “You, me, outside… NOW!!!” Kirishima then yelled.

Outside a group of people gathered around Dea and Kirishima muttering to each other.

“Are you ready to die?” Kirishima gloated. “Sure,” Dea said lazily and then yawned. “Bastard, I’ll kill you!” Kirishima shouted while drawing

his sword. “Die!!!” Kirishima shouted while he slashes diagonally at Dea.

“Yes, I killed him!!!” Kirishima declared. “W… wait!!! Where is he?!”

Kirishima now felt something heavy on his head. Kirishima then looked and see Dea on his head. Everybody laughed at him. “Grrrr…”

Kirishima growled. “Die!!!” Kirishima then slash upward at Dea.

Dea jumped and dashed in from of Kirishima. Then he punched Kirishima in the stomach. “Gahh…” Kirishima said. The crowd awed in


“Stop humiliating me!” Kirishima shouted. Kirishima then rapidly swings at Dea. Dea swiftly and easily dodges them.

“What… the…” Kirishima stammered awestruck. “Let me see the sword!” Dea said. Dea then touch the blade side and got cut. “Youch!!!”

Dea screamed and slapped the sword out of the way, frowning.

“Bitch!!!” Kirishima yelled out. “Never touched my swooooooorrrrrrrrrddddd!!!” Kirishima prepared to swing until, he noticed, the blade broke


“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!” Kirishima screamed. “How the hell you did it? A…are you human?”

“Are you ready to pay?” Dea asked coolly, but smiling. “Huh… What?” Kirishima said.

“For messing with this village.” Dea said, not smiling this time. “Wait!!! I wouldn’t do it again!!! I swear!!!” Kirishima begged.

“Ready?” Dea asked. “Three… two…” Kirishima then ran.

Dea suddenly appeared in front of Kirishima. “One!!!” Dea said grinning. He then palm-thrust Kirishima’s stomach. “Gaaaaaaahhhh!!!”

Kirishima screamed out.

Kirishima then looked up at Dea and cowered. “You can leave now, okay?” Dea said coolly smiling. Kirishima then fled.

The kid and the mother then ran up to Dea, both grinning ear to ear. “You’re awesome, mister!” the kid said. “I want to be a warrior like you!”

“Thank you!” said Dea. “With enough training you can become strong. Anyways, excuse me. I have a place I need to be at.”

The Narrator finishes with “So our hero, after being interrupted by a rogue terrorizing a village, continues on his journey. What is it, we’ll

figure out next time.”
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