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Magic (Black) in the real world...
The Theory of the Manipulation
of Energy/Matter
by Andrew DeWitte

Matter and energy can be manipulated by the mind. The more minds working together,
the better. This is the basic theory of magic.

Matter and energy are manipulated to achieve a material end. To use this method is most often considered to be "Black Magic". meaning that the methods are utilized to achieve a selfish material means.

Wealth, fame, success, are all in the end selfish means. Murder and destruction are the most extreme ends of black magic.

To achieve a material effect requires a release and manipulation of energy in the cosmic
material realm. Biological entities possess an excess of (required) energy. That is why a "sacrifice" is often required to achieve an end result. The energy released by the sacrifice of biological entity is almost immeasurable. In fact multiple subject can benefit from a 'consecrated" sacrifice.

To assure the optimum release of sacrificial energy, certain forms and methods are essential. Wicca, Voodoo, Santeria, all follow basic material forms that have been passed down over time.

In fact, it is most probable that magic began with physical entities that possessed a dual nature; spiritual as well as physical. it is believed that these entities descended into matter by the power of limited creation. Some have called them the sons of god, the fallen, the Nephilim. their negative legacy has scares the physical world, even unto the present.

Even those who deny the existence of a true God attempt to utilize the forces which these beings have harnessed. In many any most ways the methods utilized by these beings could be considered to be a science... A dark science for sure.

To achieve a limited material ends, in matter requires a price. A price that (eventually) must be paid. This would conceivably be a great incentive to prolong one's lifespan...
So that the the time of payment for the negative manipulation of cosmic energy can be postponed.

I know this, because I have seen this, and I have felt this.
Look carefully around you and I am sure you will begin to view the world; physical reality
in a new and different way.

By our minds we create our own reality... for good.. or for evil.

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