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Dreams are my Inspiration in Writing... I would like to think of it as a gift from God

Dream Sprite

You think about them every time you see them.

You view them as guiding form of light…

Like dream whispers in a mighty chasm,

Their lives flicker through the ebon night.

A perfect miracle of nature;

They even nurture second sight…

A mystery, a marvel, and a beacon,

That guides you through the darkness

of your fright.

They point you to another realm of seeing,

as you ponder the enigma of their being;

A metaphor of your growing hunger,

That draws you onward to the shining light.

Like the subtle thoughts of a conjured lover;

but driven by a knowing, growing lust…

You chase them through the final days of Summer;

You follow them unto the dusty dusk.

Andrew DeWitte

I started writing this poem three times in my dream… Before I actually woke up and wrote it in life…

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